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#BAL A code you can dial from your mobile phone to check the current balance on your Verizon Wireless account. The call is free and doesn’t use any minutes from your allowance.

#DATA A code you can dial from your mobile phone to check your data usage information. The call is free and doesn’t use any minutes from your allowance.

#GIFT A code you can dial from your mobile phone to check the balance on a Verizon Wireless gift card. The call is free and doesn’t use any minutes from your allowance.

#MIN A code you can dial from your mobile phone to check minute usage information. The call is free and doesn’t use any minutes from your allowance.

#PAY A code you can dial from your prepaid mobile device to make a payment on your Verizon Wireless prepaid account. The call is free and doesn’t use any minutes from your allowance.

#PMT A code you can dial from your mobile phone to make a payment on your Verizon Wireless account. The call is free and doesn’t use any minutes from your allowance.

#ROAD A code you can dial from your phone to access Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance for towing, jump start, etc. The call is airtime free and you must be enrolled in Roadside Assistance to use this service.

#TEC A code you can dial from your mobile phone to ensure your phone is working after completing an Electronic Serial Number (ESN) change or new activation. The call is free and doesn’t use any minutes from your allowance.

#UPG A code you can dial from your phone to find out when your upgrade eligibility date is.

Me (StarStar Me) An add-on mobile service that lets you use your name or nickname, when available, as your number. People can call you from their mobile phones by simply entering and then a unique word or phrase that you choose. StarStar numbers aren't supported by Verizon Wireless anymore; however, you can still call StarStar numbers.

611 On-Screen A feature of the My Verizon Mobile app that appears when you dial 611 on an Android™ device. When this feature is enabled and you call 611, a screen with account management options launches on your device. At a quick glance, you’ll see all of the options you’d normally hear on the phone when calling 611. You can view your usage, view and pay your bill, change your plan, change your features and more, right from your device.


1x A wireless technology for transferring data.

3-Way Calling A feature available to all Verizon Wireless customers that allows you to call two phone numbers and speak with both parties simultaneously.

3G (Third Generation) The third step of technology after analog cellular phones and digital phones. 3G generally includes high data speeds, always-on data access and greater voice capacity than previous generations.

3G Multimedia Phone Device capable of light Internet browsing, checking email, storing music and/or other high-end services, along with standard capabilities such as calling, messaging, Bluetooth® headset support and picture-taking capabilities.

3G Smartphones Devices with an operating system for downloading and using apps, browsing the Internet, emailing and updating social media, along with standard services like messaging and picture-taking.

411 Search A directory assistance service available to all Verizon Wireless customers. You can call 411 on your mobile device to ask an operator for phone numbers, directions and other general information (e.g., movie times, the nearest coffee shop, etc.). You may choose to have the operator connect you to the number immediately, or you can have the information sent to you in a text message to view at your convenience.

4G LTE The fourth generation of wireless network technology featuring greater bandwidth and faster speeds than previous wireless networks, such as 3G.

4G LTE Router A router for your home or office that connects you to our 4G LTE network. It offers high-speed access to the Internet for multiple users, via firewall-protected wireless and Ethernet connections.

4G SIM Card The Verizon Wireless 4G SIM card houses your subscriber profile and information that is needed to authenticate your services on our network. These 4G SIM cards are compatible only with Verizon Wireless-certified 4G LTE devices and are equipped with PIN (Personal Identification Number) and PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) codes to protect against unauthorized use.


Accessibility Options on a device meant to aid those who are hearing and vision impaired.

Accessories Equipment for your mobile device that you can purchase separately, including chargers, batteries, cases, headsets and memory cards.

Account Manager In My Verizon, a person granted permission by the Account Owner to make changes to the account.

Account Member An account role in My Verizon that gives the user limited access to their own mobile number information and functions, like managing personal preferences and checking usage, but doesn't provide access to sensitive billing information. All mobile numbers on the account are eligible to register as an Account Member.

Account Owner In My Verizon, the person with legal authority and financial responsibility for an account.

Account Security Code A 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) for prepaid accounts that you choose when you activate a device. You need this PIN when you call Prepaid Customer Service and when you use My Verizon or My Verizon Mobile.

Activate a Device A My Verizon transaction that allows you to connect a new or different device on an existing line of service on your account. A device must be activated before it can send and receive voice calls, text messages and data.

Activation Fee A one-time fee for initiating service on a mobile device.

Active Notifications A feature that displays the time and if you have recent notifications anytime you touch your phone while it’s in sleep mode. It's a quick way to check for new text messages, emails and other notifications without having to unlock your phone.

ActiveSync® The synchronization program by Microsoft® for Windows Mobile® and other Windows CE-based devices. Use it to sync your calendar, contacts, tasks and email between your mobile device and your computer.

Add a Line See Add a New Device.

Add a New Device A My Verizon transaction enabling you to add a new device to new line of service on your account.

Adobe® Reader An application designed by Adobe that lets you view PDF files.

Air Command A feature available on select Samsung devices that gives you quick access to five useful S Pen features: Action Memo, Scrapbooker, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window. Use these features to draw or write on a screenshot, open an app or widget on top of another app, search the web and more.

Air View™ A feature available on some Samsung devices that lets you preview content without having to open it or wait for screen transitions. For example, you can hover the S Pen over an email to preview its contents immediately instead of opening it.

Airplane Mode A mode allowing access to a device’s non-wireless functions (e.g., music, games, etc.), while disabling its wireless radio functions that are banned on airplanes during flight.

Airtime The time spent making or receiving calls on a mobile phone. Minutes are rounded up to the nearest whole minute. Also referred to as voice minutes.

Alerts A service allowing you to choose to receive periodic text and picture messages about entertainment, sports, news and weather.

Allowance The amount of minutes, messaging or data included in your plan each month.

ALLSET PLANS Prepaid plans available for both smartphones and basic phones that let you pay a set monthly access fee in advance to use your phone. You’ll have an allowance of minutes, texts and data that you can use during that monthly cycle for no additional charge. To renew your plan for another month, you simply pay the next access fee prior to your monthly renewal date.

AllShare® A content sharing service that allows you to search for and wirelessly stream content between DLNA-compliant devices. Use your Smartphone to access content (e.g., videos, photos, music) stored on your computer, or wirelessly share content with friends who have compatible devices.

Alphanumeric A format that allows both letters and numbers to be entered. It can refer to text messages, user IDs, passwords, etc.

Amazon® App Suite A widget that comes preinstalled on select Verizon Android™ devices. It provides access to all of Amazon’s digital content and shopping right from your device's Home screen.

Amazon® Kindle™ App An online library containing over 700,000 ebooks to purchase and read, including thousands for free.

AMBER Alert A notification of an abducted child issued by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and distributed through authorized channels including broadcasters and wireless service providers.

AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) Display A type of display that has a transistor next to each pixel, allowing faster response time and video display.

Android Beam™ A wireless technology you can use to share content with other compatible devices near you. Simply touch two devices together to share contacts, websites, apps, maps, video and more.

Android Market™ See Google Play™ Store.

Android™ An operating system created by Google™ for use on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It’s an OS that’s available on devices made by a variety of manufacturers, giving you more choices of device style and pricing. Also, with the Android OS, you can customize your device in many ways.

Anytime Minutes Allowance minutes available for calls that are not covered by any Night & Weekend, Mobile to Mobile, Friends & Family or any other allowance.

App (Application) Software that you can download to a mobile device for added functionality, such as games, email apps, bar code scanners and more. Some apps are already on your device, and more can be downloaded from your device's app store.

App Store℠ An online software store offering apps that you can purchase and download to any device with an Apple® operating system, such as iPhone®.

App World™ An online software store offering apps that you can purchase and download to any device with the BlackBerry® operating system. You can personalize your BlackBerry with games and apps for social networking, personal productivity and more.

Appluvr A social recommendation app that lets you see what apps your Facebook® friends use and also provides personalized app recommendations based on what apps are installed on your device and your interests.

Apps (Android™) Software that you can download to a mobile device for added functionality, such as games, email apps, bar code scanners and more. Some apps are already on your device, and more can be downloaded from Google Play™.

Apps (BlackBerry®) Software that you can download to a mobile device for added functionality, such as games, email apps, bar code scanners and more. Some apps are already on your device, and more can be downloaded from BlackBerry World.

Apps (Windows® Phone) Software that you can download to a mobile device for added functionality, such as games, email apps, bar code scanners and more. Some apps are already on your device, and more can be downloaded from the Windows® Phone Store.

Area Code A 3-digit number assigned to each telephone area in the US.

Area Code Split When a region assigned to an area code is split into multiple area codes.

Ask Verizon An automated virtual chat service, available 24/7 to answer questions about your Verizon Wireless service, plans, features and more. You can access Ask Verizon on various Support pages and the Contact Us page.

Assisted GPS (Global Positioning System) A location services setting that uses other data, like cellular towers and Wi-Fi signals, in addition to satellite GPS to more accurately determine your location. See also Standalone GPS.

Attach Adding a file, or attachment, to a message to send it to someone. Attachments can be added to email, texts and other types of messages. See also Attachment.

Attachment A file that’s been sent or received through email, text or other types of messages. Pictures, documents and videos are all common types of attachments. Harmful files, like viruses and malware, can also be added as attachments to messages. Only open attachments sent from people you trust.

Authorized Retailer A non-Verizon Wireless store, including chain stores (e.g., Best Buy and Costco), where you can buy Verizon Wireless services and devices. Certain actions can’t be completed at these stores, such as paying your bill or recycling a device. See also Premium Retailer and Verizon Wireless Store.

Auto Focus A feature of a camera phone lens that enables it to automatically focus on a particular object, offering clearer, sharper pictures than fixed-focus camera phones.

Auto Pay A service in My Verizon enabling you to set up automatic recurring monthly payments for your wireless bill.

Automated Voice System A free, automated service you can access 24/7 by phone that provides basic account information and lets you perform common transactions, such as paying your bill. Also known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) A wireless spectrum (1700/2100 MHz) we launched in 2013 that adds capacity to our existing 4G LTE service, resulting in faster peak speeds in cities coast to coast. To access the AWS spectrum, you need an XLTE-compatible device. See also XLTE.


Backup Assistant℠ Plus A cloud storage app that backs up your contacts, pictures, videos, and music so you can access them from a computer or device with a data connection. This service was replaced by Verizon Cloud in April 2013 and offers more features than Backup Assistant Plus.

Bandwidth The capacity of a telecom or data line to carry signals. The greater the bandwidth, the more information that can transmit through a channel in a given amount of time.

Basic Phone A phone that offers basic standard wireless services, such as calling, messaging and a limited Internet browsing experience. Basic phones use BREW as an OS (operating system). See also BREW.

Battery The power source for an electrical device.

Best Face A camera feature that takes five pictures consecutively, so you can get the best shot of everyone in your group photos. From your five photos, choose a face in each one to create one merged group picture.

Best Shot A feature on select Samsung devices that’s perfect for capturing fast action events (e.g., sports, kids playing, etc.). Instead of taking a single picture, your camera will take eight pictures, one after another. Then you can save your favorites and discard the rest.

Bezel Slide A menu on select Samsung devices that can be accessed by swiping near the edge of your screen, letting you open your favorite apps quickly. Apps opened from the Bezel Slide menu launch as a window, so you can use more than one app at the same time and resize the windows as needed. Put two apps side-by-side or overlay one app on another.

Bill A monthly statement that lists the charges incurred on your account.

Bill Cycle The monthly start and end dates that determine which charges will appear on your current bill and which charges will appear on the following bill. It primarily refers to the day of the month that your billing period ends.

Bill My Phone A service that allows you to shop online for digital goods like games, apps and wallpapers, and enter your mobile number to pay. The charge will be applied to your wireless bill for that month.

Bill Summary A summary of all the charges incurred during your bill cycle.

Billing Address The mailing address where you’d like your bill sent. This is also the address that will be used to mail important information about your account.

Billing Password A password that replaces the last four digits of the Account Owner's Social Security Number as the primary means of authentication on your account. Also called Billing System Password.

Billing System Password See Billing Password

Bing® A search engine designed by Microsoft® that can be used for locating content on the web.

Bing® Maps A mapping app, powered by Bing, for Windows mobile devices. It includes walking and driving directions, turn-by-turn navigation, voice search and Scout. With Scout, you can find places to go and things to do near you by category.

Bit The smallest unit for measuring data.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server A mobile device management solution that connects BlackBerry®, Android™ and iOS smartphones to email servers and apps through a secure network.

BlackBerry® A mobile operating system originally created by Research In Motion (RIM). RIM now goes by the name BlackBerry. The BlackBerry name refers to the unique physical keyboard design on early devices that resembled the fruit of the same name. Widely popular in the business world, BlackBerry is best known for its email features and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM™).

BlackBerry® Desktop Software Software for your computer that syncs the organizer, music and media files on your Mac® or PC with your BlackBerry® device. BlackBerry Desktop Software coordinates your contacts, calendars and more.

BlackBerry® Hub A BlackBerry app that lets you access your email, text messages and social networking accounts all in one place. While in any app, you can instantly check your messages in BlackBerry Hub with just a swipe. Choose to respond, or let the screen snap back to continue what you were doing. Write an email, reply to a text message or post to your favorite social networking account all from a single screen.

BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) An instant messaging service for BlackBerry devices. Its features are built right into many apps, so you can share or chat with other BlackBerry users without leaving the app.

BlackBerry® Tag A wireless feature that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to let you share contacts, documents, URLs, photos and videos by tapping two NFC-capable BlackBerry Smartphones together.

Block Numbers A feature of Usage Controls, these are phone numbers that are restricted from calling or messaging a line subject to Usage Controls at any time. The subject line will also not be able to call or message those numbers at any time.

Blockbuster® Purchase, rent, download and view videos on your mobile device. After purchase or rental, you can play the content on your phone, tablet, computer or other supported devices (e.g., TiVo® DVR, Blu-ray™ player, 2Wire™ media platform, etc.).

Blocked Contacts A feature of Usage Controls, these are phone numbers, email addresses, international numbers, and instant messaging screennames that are restricted from calling or messaging a line subscribed with Usage Controls. The subscribed line will also not be able to call or message those contacts at any time.

Bluetooth File Transfer A feature or app that allows you to connect devices wirelessly with Bluetooth in order to share or view data.

Bluetooth® A short-range wireless technology you can use to connect a device to other nearby Bluetooth-capable devices and accessories, such as headsets, speakers, printers, etc. Use Bluetooth to make handsfree calls on a headset or in your car, listen to music on wireless speakers, use a wireless mouse or keyboard, or print a document in another room.

Bluetooth® Pairing The communication that connects two Bluetooth-enabled devices as a trusted pair. After one device recognizes another device in an established pair, each device automatically accepts communication from each other going forward.

BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) The OS (operating system) used by basic phones. See also Basic Phone.

BRIDGE DATA An additional data allowance that you can purchase for your prepaid ALLSET PLAN at any time. If you reach your data allowance limit or want to add more, BRIDGE DATA is available for purchase at any time during the month.

Broadband High-speed data transmission, generally fast enough to support apps, such as streaming video and high-speed Internet access.

Browser An app used to view web content. Common browsers include Chrome™, Safari®, Internet Explorer® and Firefox®.

Buddy Photo Share A feature that automatically tags your friends each time you take a picture of them for easy sharing.

Bundled Services Multiple services offered together in one package, often at a discounted rate.

Burst Shot A feature on select smartphones that’s perfect for capturing fast action events (e.g., sports, kids playing, etc.). Instead of taking a single picture, your camera will take several pictures, one after another.

Business and Marketing Reports Reports that contain business statistics about groups or categories of our customers. See our FAQs and Privacy Settings pages for more information about these reports and your privacy options.

Business Plan A plan designed to meet the needs of business owners and their employees. Requires a minimum of five business lines to be eligible.

Byte A sequence of adjacent bits (usually eight) considered as a unit. A bit is a binary unit - a "1" or a "0." In a simple file format, such as plain text, one byte traditionally represents a single character, such as a letter or number.


Call and Message Blocking A service that allows you to prevent messages from being sent to or received by specific mobile numbers.

Call Detail Information that pertains to the transmission of specific calls, including the time, location, duration and phone number called or received.

Call Forwarding A feature that allows you to forward your mobile calls to another phone number, like your home or office number. Call Forwarding is included with all plans.

Call Waiting A feature that alerts you to an incoming call while you’re on a call and allows you to switch between the two calls.

Call2Recycle™ Program A rechargeable battery recycling program, which is funded by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), that helps preserve the environment by keeping harmful by-products from rechargeable batteries out of landfills and the solid waste stream.

Caller ID A feature that displays the phone number of an incoming call on your phone’s screen.

Caller ID Blocking A feature that allows you to block your number from being displayed on Caller ID equipment permanently or on a per-call basis. You can't block your number from appearing when calling certain numbers, such as 800 numbers and 911.

Caller Name ID A feature that displays the caller’s name on your phone's screen when you receive an incoming call. If the caller’s name is listed in your phone's address book, then that name will be displayed.

Camera Phone A mobile phone with an embedded camera feature that can capture, send, store and save pictures.

Card Identification Number (CID) A three- or four-digit number on the back of the credit card at the end of the account number (for Visa® and MasterCard®) or on the front of the credit card above the account number (for American Express®).

Carrier A company that provides wireless service to customers. Verizon Wireless is an example of a carrier.

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) The primary digital wireless technology that Verizon Wireless mobile devices use to place calls within the USA and certain other global destinations. It's also used for transmitting data where 4G LTE isn't available. If you have a CDMA phone that isn’t global-capable, you may not be able to use your phone while traveling abroad to certain areas. For example, Europe uses GSM technology and doesn’t accommodate CDMA phones. See also GSM and Global Phone.

Certified Like-New Replacement Program A program provided by Verizon Wireless that offers a replacement device in the event that your device experiences an eligible in-warranty failure. Certified Like-New Replacement devices have passed a rigorous testing and refurbishment process. A Customer Service Representative can help you identify if you're eligible for this program.

Certified Pre-Owned Replacement A pre-owned device that goes through a repair and refurbishment process and must pass a 100+ point quality check in 10 key categories.

Charges Costs accrued by using services not included in your monthly allowances.

City ID A Caller ID feature that displays the city and state of the number of the incoming call.

Company Name ID A service that lets your organization choose how outbound calls appear to people you call. For each line that has Company Name ID, the account Administrator can set up a custom name (e.g., the company name, department name, employee's name, etc.), number and image.

Connected Device A device, other than a phone, that connects to the Verizon Wireless network, such as a smartwatch or camera. See also Wearable Tech.

Connectivity Connect to other devices and networks through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and Near Field Communication (NFC). Share your files, explore the web and use accessories to maximize your mobile experience.

Content Filters A service that Account Owners and Account Managers can set up to filter content for devices on their account. Content Filters work when connected to the Verizon Wireless network only and is available for no additional charge.

Continuous Shot A feature on select smartphones that takes six pictures in a row when you take a picture.

Cookie A small file stored in your web browser by a website when you visit it. This allows the website to identify you and provide unique content customized for you.

Corporate Email A feature that lets you connect to your company’s email server on your mobile device. It syncs your email, contacts, calendar and tasks, helping you stay in touch with your office while you're away from your desk.

Country Code A two- or three-digit code assigned to each country. When placing an international call, you must dial this code as a prefix to the phone number.

Coverage The area in which a mobile device can receive service.

CPNI Settings (Customer Proprietary Network Information Settings) Permission settings enabling an Account Owner to control whether Verizon Wireless shares certain consumer and billing information with its affiliate, agent and parent companies for marketing purposes.

Credit A reimbursement or other sum of money posted to your account.

Customer Agreement The rights and obligations you agree to when you do business with Verizon Wireless. The Customer Agreement contains important information about your service, including our ability to make changes to your service or the agreement’s terms, our liability if things don’t work as planned, and how any disputes between us must be resolved in arbitration or small claims court.

Customer Service Representative A trained Verizon Wireless expert who can help you with any questions or concerns regarding your wireless service or mobile device. Our Customer Service Representatives are available over the phone, online and in Verizon Wireless stores. They have in-depth knowledge of all the products and services we offer.


Damaged Device Fee A fee that's applied when a device is returned as defective, but is found to have been misused, has liquid damage, hardware or software alterations or unreasonable wear and tear.

Dashboard Home A feature on select devices that puts everything you care about on one screen, including the latest news, your social networking updates and updates from chosen apps like your calendar, email and more. When you swipe to Dashboard Home, the latest information is already waiting for you.

Data Information sent or received from your mobile device other than calls and text messages. You may use data on your device when you access the Internet, check your email, play games, use apps (e.g., Facebook®, Twitter®, etc.) and more. Background tasks, such as syncing or location services, may also use data. Data usage is billed based on the amount of data sent and received (megabytes or gigabytes), and it can be charged per-use or as part of a data package. See also Data Usage.

Data Allowance The amount of data that can be sent or received from your wireless device per month without incurring additional charges (as stated in your data package).

Data Detail Total data usage (in kilobytes) sent and received in a given month. Data detail doesn’t itemize individual data sessions.

Data Package A set amount of data that can be sent or received from your wireless device per month for a set charge rather than a per-usage fee.

Data Sense A feature on wireless devices that monitors your data usage. Use it to create limits and manage how much data you use each month.

Data Session Call Waiting A feature that has been added to all 1X-capable devices at Verizon Wireless. It allows you to receive your incoming voice calls even while you're engaged in an active data session. This feature already exists on Verizon Wireless EVDO-capable devices, but now it also will be functional when the user of an EVDO-capable device is engaged in an active 1X data session outside of the EVDO coverage area.

Data Usage The amount of data sent or received from your wireless device in a month.

Deactivation The permanent termination of wireless service. This is different from suspension of service, which is temporary. You may reactivate service within a certain period of time after a deactivation.

Delphi Connect A device that lets you monitor and locate your car, as well as troubleshoot its problems. The Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot also provides in-vehicle Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 5 devices.

Device ID An identification number for your mobile device. MEID, ESN or IMEI can all be Device IDs, and your device may have more than one of them. A Device ID can be used to activate your device or deactivate it in the event that it's lost or stolen. Refer to your device's User Guide for information on how to locate your Device ID.

Device Installment Program A payment plan that lets you purchase a new tablet or the Samsung Galaxy Camera™ and pay for it in 12 equal monthly installments. With this option, you can start using your tablet or camera right away with a lower upfront cost.

Device Payment A program that provides you the flexibility to get the most current devices early or if you prefer, pay over 24 months rather than paying for it all upfront. You'll make a monthly payment until your device is paid off.

Digital Zoom A camera feature that makes the subject of the picture appear closer.

Dijit™ An app that turns your device into a personal media assistant with content discovery, sharing and universal remote control capability. Use Dijit to access program and movie guides from all cable and satellite providers in North America.

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) A technology standard that enables easy sharing of music, photos and videos between devices over an existing network, such as from your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi.

Domestic Call Any call made and received within the continental US.

Domestic Landline Any non-wireless phone number within the US.

Droid Command Center A widget that gives you easy access to notifications for text messages, missed calls, battery level and weather. The Settings can also be quickly launched from this widget.

Droid Zap An Android™ app that you can use to send your content to the cloud. Also, anyone nearby with a device running Android 2.2 or greater can download the media or file. If you want to limit who sees your content, you can add a code. Use this app to share the latest memories with your friends and family without physically connecting or touching your devices.

Dropped Call A phone call that disconnects unexpectedly when neither caller intended for it to end.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) A type of high-speed Internet access that uses a telephone line to send and receive data. Unlike a dial-up connection, which also uses a telephone line, DSL is faster and doesn't require you to initiate a new connection each time you access the Internet.

Dual Band A feature on some mobile devices that allows the handset to operate using either the 800 MHz cellular or the 1900 MHz PCS frequencies.

Dual Mode A feature on some mobile devices that allows the handset to operate on both analog and digital networks.

Dual Shot A camera mode on select Samsung devices. It lets you use the front-facing and rear-facing cameras at the same time to capture 2 different perspectives. The picture taken with the front-facing camera will appear inside a box on top of the picture taken with the rear-facing camera.

Dual View A feature on select devices that lets you open and use 2 apps on 1 screen at the same time.


E-waste Electronic products and components that are unusable and/or have been discarded. Examples of e-waste include defective smartphones, broken phone chargers and old computer parts.

E911 A service known as Enhanced 911 or E911 where emergency call takers have upgraded their equipment. E911 automatically provides call takers with the mobile phone number, cell site and sector, and the estimated latitude and longitude location of the 911 caller if the PSAP is capable of receiving it.

Early Termination Canceling a wireless contract before the contract term is completed.

Early Termination Fee A fee charged when service is canceled outside Verizon Wireless’ approved exception, or if Verizon Wireless terminates service for good cause prior to the minimum term end date for a line of service.

Easy Clip A feature on select Samsung devices that lets you use your S Pen to draw a shape around an object on your screen. Then you can save or share whatever is inside the shape you drew.

Eclair The 2.0 / 2.1 version of the Android™ operating system.

EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) An option available with some Bluetooth® devices that provides a faster data rate and sometimes an improved battery life.

eGift Card Electronic gift card you can send from Verizon Messages to any US mobile phone number that can receive picture messages. eGift cards are billed to your Verizon Wireless account, and you can send them to devices on any US mobile carrier. The recipient can use the bar code in the store, add the value of the gift card to an existing physical gift card or to a company’s mobile app. Send gift cards from a variety of retailers (e.g., Starbucks®, Amazon®, Home Depot®) for the amount you choose.

ESN (Electronic Serial Number) An identification number embedded by the manufacturer on a wireless communications device. It is automatically transmitted to the wireless network each time the device is used, which associates that phone with the subscriber's account and phone number. Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) began replacing ESN in 2006.

ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Ratings A rating system used to identify the minimum age for which an app or video game is appropriate.

EVDO (Evolution, Data-Only or Evolution, Data-Optimized) A technology that provides over 10 times faster data transmission rates than previous data technologies.

External Display A secondary display on the outside of the device that enables such features as seeing the number and photo of the person calling before you answer the call.


Face Recognition A feature on some digital cameras and camera apps that seeks out and focuses in on people's faces. When this feature is used, the camera produces clearer and sharper images.

Family Locator Family Locator is a simple, secure service that allows you and your family to locate each other's phones from a computer or device. You can use Family Locator to: find phones on an aerial photo or map, monitor when family members arrive or leave designated places and receive scheduled location alerts automatically by text message or email.

Family SharePlan® A plan that allows up to 5 devices to share minutes and other services under one account. This plan is no longer available for new accounts.

Favorites Tray A group of icons that appears at the bottom of the Home screen on an Android™ device. Even if you have multiple Home screens, the Favorites Tray will display in the same location on each one. On most devices, the Favorites Tray can be customized to display your most used apps.

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) The Government organization that regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.

Feature Options that you can add to lines on your account. Available features include cloud storage, international calling, Mobile Hotspot, equipment insurance, Caller ID Blocking and more. You can add or change features quickly online in My Verizon.

Feature Phone See Basic Phone.

Field Force Manager A mobile resource management solution for your business. Use Field Force Manager to locate, monitor and communicate with your mobile field workers.

Fingerprint Recognition A convenient, secure way for your phone to identify you by your fingerprint. If you choose to enable fingerprint recognition, you can use your fingerprint to unlock your device's Home screen as well as use your fingerprint in place of a password in many apps. See also Touch ID.

Firewall A device or app designed to protect your computer, network, smartphone or other device from unauthorized access.

Firmware The core software on a device that controls how it operates.

Flash Memory A type of memory chip that doesn’t require electrical power to retain information, such as removable SD cards.

Fleet Administrator A vehicle-tracking solution from Verizon Wireless that lets you locate, monitor and manage any vehicles equipped with the special vehicle-tracking hardware.

Flip Phone A device that has a screen and keypad all on one side of the phone with an additional thin flap that flips open and closed over the keypad.

FM Radio A feature on BlackBerry® devices that you can use to listen, browse and find your favorite FM radio stations.

Friends & Family® A service that gives you unlimited talk time to the top five or ten contacts (depending on your Plan) you call most that aren't on the Verizon Wireless network. This feature is only available on qualifying Nationwide Plans.

Front-Facing Camera A camera on the front (display side) of the phone, allowing for two-way video chat and easy capturing of self-portraits.

Froyo The 2.2 version of the Android™ operating system.

Full HD A mobile device feature that lets you record videos in the same resolution and aspect ratio (16:9) as an HDTV. The actual resolution will vary by device (e.g., 720x1280 or 1920x1080). Devices that have this feature also typically have a true HD screen that offers true natural colors and automatic color adjustments.


G'zGear An outdoor tool for mobile devices. G'zGear operates in eight modes to enhance an active, adventure-driven lifestyle. It includes eight essential apps, such as a compass, adventure training, a pedometer and thermometer.

GB (Gigabyte) A unit of measure for data that equals 1,024 megabytes.

Geotagging A feature that lets you add location information to images you take on your device.

GHz (Gigahertz) A unit of frequency equal to one billion cycles per second (hertz).

Gingerbread The 2.3 version of the Android™ operating system.

Gmail™ App An app that connects with your online Gmail account. You can use it to read your email on your mobile device, and you can also set it to notify you anytime a new email arrives.

Google Calendar™ An app designed to keep track of life's important events in one place. It offers two-way synchronizing to your mobile device's built-in calendar. Plus, you can connect to a mobile version of the web app that's made for the small screen.

Google Hangouts™ App An app that lets you access your Google Hangouts contacts from your mobile device, send email using Gmail™, and chat with built-in audio conferencing.

Google Maps™ A web-based mapping service, featuring 3D maps, walking and biking directions, turn-by-turn navigation, local search and voice search. This service is available as a mobile app for Android™ devices. You can also use it to view current traffic, transit lines, bicycling paths and a satellite map.

Google Now™ A feature on a mobile device that provides the information you need right when you want it. Set it up to automatically give you local weather in the morning, traffic information before you leave home, calendar appointments that are coming up and more.

Google Play™ A digital multimedia-content service from Google™. It includes an online store that you can use to browse and download apps and games directly to your Android™ device. Explore and select from a variety of free or paid apps to improve productivity, provide entertainment and customize your device. You can also purchase music, movies and books from Google Play and access your content from anywhere using the cloud media player.

Google Play™ Carrier Billing (formerly Google Carrier Billing) A service that lets you purchase up to in digital goods (e.g., virtual online gaming, music, e-books, etc.) from select merchants  using your Android device. Those purchases are applied to your next Verizon Wireless bill.

Google Talk™ An app that lets you access and message your Google Talk contacts from your mobile device. It also offers full Gmail™ integration, with built-in audio conferencing.

Google+ (Google Plus) A social media site created by Google™ Inc. that lets you connect your thoughts, links and photos with others.

GoPayment A service provided by Intuit® that allows you to accept credit card payments on compatible mobile devices.

Gorilla® Glass A thin, light and damage-resistant cover glass manufactured by Corning®. Its primary application is as a cover glass for the exterior of portable electronic devices with screens.

GPS (Global Positioning System) A global satellite-based system for determining precise locations on Earth. Turning on GPS lets you use location-based apps, such as Google Maps™ and VZ Navigator®, to reference maps, get directions, hear turn-by-turn navigation and more.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) A specialized microprocessor that provides enhanced graphics at a faster rate.

Greeting Name A nickname you can choose to be greeted with by My Verizon when signed in.

Group Play Several people can simultaneously view and interact with content such as documents, photos and music using Group Play.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) A digital wireless technology included in Verizon Wireless Global Ready mobile devices to use for placing calls and transmitting data while traveling abroad in certain areas. The Verizon Wireless network primarily uses CDMA technology for voice services, but GSM is used widely in Europe and other parts of the world. While traveling in countries that use GSM technology, you’ll need a Global Ready device to communicate on their network. Devices that only use CDMA technology aren’t compatible with GSM networks. See also CDMA and Global Phone.


Handsfree A way of using your device without physically holding it, such as making a call using voice commands and a Bluetooth® headset.

Hard Key A button that can be tapped or phyiscally pressed and its function does not change. (e.g., volume, power on/off, etc.).

Hard Reset (Factory Reset) The process of returning a device to its original factory settings using the method outlined in your device's User Manual. A hard reset will remove all of the apps you've downloaded since you got the device and delete your app preferences, system settings and other data stored on the device. Your current OS version will remain the same after a hard reset, and no files will be deleted from any external storage (i.e., SD card) on your device.

Only perform a hard reset if your device isn't working (e.g., the screen is frozen, keypad/touchscreen won't respond, audio won't work, etc.) and you’ve tried all other solutions, including a soft reset. Before a hard reset, be sure to back up any data you don’t want to lose, such as video, pictures and music. See also Soft Reset.

HD Voice (High-Definition Voice) A voice audio technology that gives phone calls a greater level of clarity and quality than traditional wireless audio. HD Voice uses a wider frequency range (50 Hz to 7 kHz) to deliver a more natural-sounding voice quality.

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) A type of audio/video cable and connector that can carry HD video and surround sound audio from a device to an external display and sound system.

HERE Drive+ A car navigation app that can be used in 118 countries, even while offline. Just download the maps you need, and then you can use turn-by-turn navigation for directions anywhere on the downloaded maps.

Home Coverage Area A geographic zone in which Verizon Wireless doesn’t charge for roaming.

Honeycomb The 3.0 version of the Android™ operating system, a tablet-oriented version, which supports devices with larger screens.

HopeLine® A Verizon Wireless service that collects used mobile phones to be recycled or refurbished and sold. The proceeds and refurbished phones benefit victims of domestic violence, as well as nonprofit and law enforcement agencies with domestic violence clients.

HotSync A method of syncing between a Palm® handheld device and a notebook, desktop or other computer.

HVGA (Half-size Video Graphics Array) Referring to the resolution on a device’s screen, the size of these screens are 480 x 320 pixels (3:2 aspect ratio) or 640 × 240 pixels (8:3 aspect ratio).


ICE (In Case of Emergency) Keys located on some devices that are programmed to dial emergency services, like the police and fire departments. It is also common for people to add the acryonym "ICE" to the beginning of a contact's name in their contact list to identify that person as someone to call in case of an emergency.

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) The 4.0 version of the Android™ operating system.

iCloud® A cloud service provided by Apple® that you can use to store photos, music, calendar events, contacts, documents and more. You can access your iCloud content from any iOS 5 and 6 device, Mac® computer or Windows® computer.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) An Internet protocol used to download messages from an email server to an email client through software on a PC or mobile device. It saves a copy of all emails on the server, even after they are downloaded to a device. This makes accessing your email slower than with POP, but allows you to access the same emails from multiple devices.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) The hardware ID of a GSM / LTE supported device.

In-Store Pick Up A service that lets you order equipment online at and pick it up in a participating Verizon Wireless store.

Included Minutes Minutes that your plan’s monthly allowance covers.

Individual Plans Plan options for a single wireless line.

Inductive Charging See Wireless Charging.

Instant Messaging A service enabling you to quickly send and receive messages via the Internet.

Internal Memory The capacity available for storing photos, messages, music, apps and other media on a device.

International Data Roaming Data usage you incur when outside of the Verizon Wireless network while you’re traveling internationally.

International Long Distance A feature allowing you to make calls from the US to many other countries using your mobile phone. If you only call from the US to other countries occasionally, you can pay per minute. International Long Distance services are only for making calls to another country while in the US.

International Messaging A feature allowing you to send text and multimedia messages to select international locations from your mobile device while you're in the US and in the Verizon Wireless coverage area. If you have The MORE Everything Plan, unlimited International Messaging is included.

International Travel Program A program that provides wireless service with a basic phone, smartphone or USB modem when you're traveling for 21 days or less to an international destination where CDMA coverage isn't available or GSM coverage is better / more available. You don't have to pay a rental fee or security deposit to use the International Travel Program device.

International Travel Program Device See International Travel Program.

Internet Explorer® A web browser created by Microsoft that lets you browse the web on a PC and on some Windows® Phones.

Internet Spam Blocking A feature of the Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls service that lets you block up to 15 email addresses (), domains (, and/or text names () from messaging one or multiple mobile numbers on your account. You may also choose to block all text messages sent to you from the web and/or email.

iOS The operating system used on Apple® devices.

IPSec ESP A type of network security used to ensure a safe connection and to protect your data. IPsec ESP VPN ports are used by the Verizon Wireless Network Extender to make its connection to the Internet.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) A company that provides access to the Internet for individuals or business (e.g., Verizon FiOS).

iTunes® The Apple® app for organizing and playing digital music, videos, games, TV shows, audiobooks and more. Songs available through the iTunes Store are in the AAC file format.


Java® A computer programming language from Sun Microsystems, noted for its portability across platforms and its use in providing functionality for websites.

Jelly Bean The 4.1 version of the Android™ operating system.

JPEG (.jpg) Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is a standardized image compression mechanism designed for compressing either full-color or grayscale photographic images, often for use on the web. JPG is "lossy," meaning that the decompressed image is not of the same quality as the original image.


KB (Kilobyte) A unit of measure used for data equal to 1,024 bytes.

Kbps (Kilobits per second) A metric used to measure the speed of a data connection. One kilobit equals 1,024 bits.

KBps (Kilobytes per Second) A metric used to measure the amount of data that’s been transferred. One kilobyte equals 1,024 bytes. One byte equals eight bits.

Key Fob A device (often on a keychain) or an app that lets you access a secure environment using built-in authentication. For example, key fobs are used to open and start keyless-entry vehicles instead of a standard key and keyhole. Also, Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi uses a key fob to unlock your car with your mobile device, if your keys get locked inside.

Kickbit A free app that allows you to earn mobile data on your Verizon Wireless Prepaid Smartphone Plan. You can earn extra data with Kickbit by completing tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, testing free trials and shopping for goods and services. You can then transfer your earned data to your Prepaid Smartphone Plan.

Kid's Corner An app within Windows® 8 that launches a fully separate Start screen that parents can customize. You can include or exclude individual apps, games, music and videos to ensure kids only have access to the content you deem appropriate.

Kilobit A data measurement equal to 1,024 bits.

KitKat The 4.4 version of the Android™ operating system.


LAN (Local Area Network) A computer network that spans a relatively small area. Most LANs are confined to a single building or group of buildings. However, one LAN can be connected to other LANs over any distance via telephone lines and radio waves. A system of LANs connected in this way is called a wide area network (WAN).

Landline A phone system serviced by the local telephone company, such as a home or office phone. A fixed connection that uses wires, not radio transmission.

Landscape mode The horizontal view or orientation on devices whose screens can be viewed both vertically and horizontally.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) A technology used in many of the displays for wireless devices and laptop computers.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) A small light found on many camera phones and used to illuminate objects in dim lighting for a better-captured image. LED light isn’t as intense as Xenon flash, but it consumes less power.

Lenses (for Nokia) Select from a variety of free and paid camera effects, such as panoramic view, sepia tone and fish-eye view, to apply to your photos with Nokia’s digital lenses. Lenses that change the camera view (e.g., panorama, fish-eye, etc.) must be applied before taking a photo.

LG Health An app to set fitness goals and track your daily progress. Running, walking and cycling will automatically be tracked, but you can also track other activities, like hiking and inline skating. When finished with a workout, you can view its details and your route on a map.

LG Tag+ An app available for certain LG devices that communicates with other Tag+ NFC (Near Field Communication) stickers and customizes your phone settings to suit your location. For example, LG Tag+ can activate your Bluetooth® and GPS navigation when you get in your car.

Lifeline A government assistance program that can provide a discount on your monthly wireless service bill if you qualify.

Line A line of service on an account, identified by a mobile number.

Liquid Detection Indicator (LDI) / Liquid Contact Indictor (LCI) An indicator inside the case of most mobile devices that activates when it comes in direct contact with liquid. It's designed not to be triggered by humidity and temperature changes that are within the product's environmental requirements described by the manufacturer. Locations of the indicator vary by device.

Live Chat A service available on certain pages where you chat online with one of our Sales or Customer Service Representatives through instant message. Live Chat is only accessible when a representative is available.

Live Chat Representative A Verizon Wireless expert who can help you with questions or concerns regarding your wireless service, mobile device or accessories through the Live Chat feature on

Location Based Services (LBS) Services, such as Smartphone apps, that utilize your device's GPS to determine your location and provide content specific to where you are.

Location Privacy Settings Permission settings enabling an Account Owner to control whether apps have access to the locations of mobile devices on the account.

Lock Screen The screen that appears when your device is locked. The Lock screen helps prevent you from accidentally using your device while it's in your pocket or bag. Depending on your device and settings, methods for unlocking a device can include password, gesture, facial recognition and more.

Long Distance Any call, text message or other connection made to a location outside your local calling area.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) A 4G high-speed wireless technology that handles everything (including voice) as data, similar to how the Internet handles information.

LTE Internet (Installed) (formerly HomeFusion® Broadband) A home Internet service that delivers the speeds of our 4G LTE network to a broadband router. The LTE Internet router also provides a Wi-Fi signal giving Internet access throughout the home. It’s a great solution for customers with 4G LTE coverage at home who don’t have other high-speed Internet options.

LTE Internet (Long Term Evolution Internet) A service that lets you connect to the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE wireless network for Internet access at home.


Machine-to-Machine (M2M) A technology that enables businesses to electronically connect enterprise applications with remote machines. Machines pass data back and forth, interpret the data and take appropriate actions automatically. The system can alert a customer when a situation requiring human intervention arises.

Magic Focus A feature on select devices that lets you change the focus point in a photo after you've taken it.

Malware Malicious software that's been developed to damage or destroy a device or steal information without permission.

Manufacturer's defect A performance or functionality issue with a device that is not caused by the owner. Manufacturer's defects do not include normal wear and tear or physical damage (e.g., water damage or a cracked screen).

Marshmallow Version 6 of the Android™ operating system.

Master Reset A function for resetting a device to its original manufacturer’s settings.

MB (Megabyte) 1,024 kilobytes

MB (Megabyte) A unit of measure for data equal to 1,024 kilobytes.

Mbps (Megabits per second) A metric used to measure the rate at which data is transferred. One megabit equals 1 million bits. See also MBps.

MBps (Megabytes per Second) A metric used to measure the amount of data that’s been transferred. One megabyte equals 1 million bytes. One byte equals eight bits.

MDN (Mobile Directory Number) Your 10-digit phone number. The MDN for your device may also be called the MTN (Mobile Telephone Number), wireless number, mobile number or telephone number.

Media Hub An app by Samsung offering thousands of movies and TV shows that you can buy or rent and watch instantly on your mobile device.

Media Store A virtual marketplace for downloading apps, ringtones and other items to customize your mobile device.

Megapixel (MP) A term describing the size or resolution of an image on a digital camera or camera phone. One megapixel equals 1 million pixels. For example, a 5-megapixel camera can produce images with 5 million pixels.

MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) An ID number that is globally unique for every code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile device. The MEID identifies the device to the network and can be used to flag stolen or lost devices. MEID began replacing Electronic Serial Number in 2006.

Messaging Only Plan A plan offering unlimited messaging and Internet access with pay-per-use talk time.

MHz (Megahertz) A unit of frequency equal to one million cycles per second (hertz).

Micro SIM Card The third and next incarnation of the SIM card, known as the micro SIM card or 3FF (3rd Form Factor), has dimensions of 15 mm × 12 mm.

MicroSD Card A type of removable flash memory card designed specifically for mobile devices. It is similar to the SD and miniSD formats, but smaller.

Microsoft® Location Services A service that lets you connect to the Bing™ maps web-based mapping service, which features walking and transit directions. It also includes real-time navigation instructions and traffic information.

Microsoft® Office Mobile An app that lets you review, edit and save your Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files right on your device.

Mini Diary An app developed by Samsung that lets you write your diary on the go and capture moments anywhere. You can write short notes, add photos, record videos and include your location in diary entries.

MiniSD Card A type of removable flash memory card used to store various types of files, including photos, videos, music and software. It is similar to the SD format, but smaller.

Mirror Mode A feature that allows you to connect your Smartphone to your high-definition TV, monitor or projector, so you can view and interact with your Smartphone on the big screen. Show off your photos, videos and downloaded movies, or just enjoy the screen for gaming, surfing the web and more.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) The type of message sent through multimedia messaging. See also Multimedia Messaging.

Mobile Broadband A service that provides high-speed Internet access for your data-only devices through our network. You can use Mobile Broadband to access the Internet through a computer, laptop, tablet or any other compatible data-only device, including a USB modem or Verizon Jetpack® mobile hotspot.

Mobile Broadband Plan A plan that offers wireless Internet access to your notebook, netbook, tablet or other mobile device using a PC card, ExpressCardTM, USB modem or MiFi® 2200.

Mobile Email A standalone email client that gives you access to email on your basic phone. You can access your inbox, read, reply to, forward and delete emails, just like you do on your computer. Mobile Email will also notify you when you receive a new email. It supports major Internet service provider (ISP), Post Office Protocol (POP) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) email accounts for one low monthly cost. Mobile Email is available for download through the Media Store.

Mobile Hotspot A device or app that lets you share your Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband data connection with multiple devices via Wi-Fi. You can connect a variety of different devices to your hotspot, including notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, cameras, Smartphones and portable gaming systems. The number of devices that can connect at one time may vary based on device and connection speed.

Mobile Instant Messaging A service you can use on a basic phone or desktop to exchange instant messages device-to-device, device-to-computer or computer-to-device. This service is offered through a Verizon Wireless partnership Yahoo!® and MSN®.

Mobile to Mobile Calls or text, picture and video messages to and from other Verizon Wireless customers.

Mobile Web A wireless Internet service that allows you to browse websites, personalize content, receive alerts and view personal organization tools from your basic phone.

Monthly Access Charge The set monthly cost of your plan before additional monthly usage charges, taxes and Verizon Wireless surcharges.

Monthly Access Plan (Prepaid) Wireless service that is paid for before use and requires no long-term contract.

Monthly Allowance See Allowance.

Monthly Recurring Charges Charges billed to your account on a monthly basis.

MORE Everything® Plan A plan that includes unlimited minutes and messages and a shareable data allowance with up to 10 devices on your account. As of 7/24/15 this plan is no longer available for new accounts. This plan is an improved version of the Share Everything Plan, offering additional benefits, including unlimited international messaging while in the US, 25 GB of Verizon Cloud storage, and more data for the same price. See also The Verizon Plan.

MotoCast™ An app that lets you stream data straight from your home or work computer to your Smartphone. It’s like carrying your computer’s entire hard drive with you wherever you go. When combined with our quick 4G LTE™ network, the result is secure, nearly instant remote access to your files. Data charges may apply in accordance with your data plan.

Motorola Assist An app (formerly known as Smart Actions) that automates features on your device based on your location, the time of day or other factors you set. With Assist, your device can automatically read text messages aloud while you're driving, silence incoming calls during scheduled meetings, mute your phone while you're sleeping and more. This app is only available on certain Motorola devices.

MP3 A common format of high-quality music and audio files.

MPEG A family of standards for digital video. Most popular video formats are based on MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.

MTN (Mobile Telephone Number) Your 10-digit phone number. The MTN for your device may also be called the MDN (Mobile Directory Number), wireless number, mobile number or telephone number.

Multimedia Messaging A service that allows you to send and receive group messages and messages that contain a combination of text, sounds, image, video through your mobile device (also known as picture and video messaging). See also MMS.

Multitasking A feature of a device OS that lets you have multiple apps, widgets and services running at the same time. You can have notes, videos and browser windows hover over other apps on your device.

My Business Account An online portal for businesses with less than 1,000 employees, where you can manage your account details, place orders and integrate with existing business systems.

My Documents and Receipts My Documents and Receipts is a page within My Verizon where your important account documents, receipts and mail-in rebate forms are stored. These documents can be viewed and/or downloaded as PDF files from within My Verizon.

My InfoZone™ Widget A widget for Android™ devices that shows battery status, available memory and useful tips on the Home screen. It also gives you quick access to Support information and your Verizon Wireless account.

My Magazine An app that lets you customize your newsfeed so you can read what you’re interested in. It also features restaurant deals, vacation ideas, your recent activity and notifications.

My Media Retrieval A Verizon Wireless service for retrieving previously owned games purchased through Get It Now® or Media Store, Verizon apps and Ringtones purchased through Get It Now, Media Store or the Verizon Tones app. See also Verizon Cloud and Backup Assistant Plus.

My Profile The page in My Verizon where you can update your personal sign in, billing, payment, alert and privacy information.

My Verizon Online account access for checking monthly usage, making payments, updating information and managing your account.

My Verizon Mobile Online account access for checking monthly usage, making payments, updating information and managing your account from your mobile device.


Nano SIM Card The fourth generation design of the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. It is approximately 15% smaller than the previous micro SIM card, and thinner.

Nationwide 65 Plus Plan A simple and convenient reduced-cost plan, designed specifically for people 65 years of age and older.

Nationwide Rate and Coverage Area The area in which allowances on a Nationwide Plan can be used, covering nearly 99% of the US population.

Nationwide Talk & Text Plan A plan that includes an Anytime Minute allowance and unlimited text, picture, video and instant messaging to any number in the US. This plan is no longer available for new accounts.

Netflix® A website and app that lets you stream high-quality, unlimited movies and TV episodes to your computer and wireless device.

Network Extender A Verizon Wireless device that extends your wireless connection to places indoors where outdoor wireless coverage doesn't reach. The Network Extender plugs into your existing high-speed Internet connection to communicate with the Verizon Wireless network.

Network Programs Web-based apps that use Verizon Wireless network capabilities to perform certain tasks, such as locating your device or sending you information via text messaging.

Network Programs & Permissions Page in My Verizon that allows you to manage your permission settings for each Network Program you have opted in to. Permission settings are specific to a program so you can set a different permission setting for each program.

NFC (Near Field Communication) A wireless technology that transfers information between two compatible devices. Tap the devices together to share web addresses, contact info, apps, GPS locations and more.

NFC (Near Field Communications) SIM Card A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card with a built-in NFC chip.

NFL® Mobile A mobile  app that provides Verizon customers with exclusive access to watch live local and primetime NFL games and NFL Network on their smartphones. NFL Mobile also provides access to NFL RedZone exclusively for Verizon customers. Additional content includes: news, scores, schedules, stats and video on demand.

Night & Weekend Minutes Allowance minutes that can be used during the following times:

Night Hours: (M-F) 9:01 p.m.-5:59 a.m.
Weekend Hours: 12:00 a.m. Sat.-11:59 p.m. Sun. See also "Off-Peak".

No Answer / Busy Transfer Also known as Conditional Call Forwarding, a feature that forwards your calls to another phone whenever your mobile phone is busy or remains unanswered after three to six rings.

No Service Area An area where a cell site does not exist, so wireless service is not available.

Nokia Music Nokia Music offers free streaming music with Mix Radio. You can also access and buy over 15 million songs directly from the Nokia Music MP3 Store.

Notebook A personal journal app on the Intuition™ by LG. Add sketches, notes, photos and videos on the go.

Number Portability The ability to transfer your telephone number from one service provider to another.


Off-Peak Hours generally associated with evenings and weekends. See also Night & Weekend Minutes.

OMAP (Open Multimedia Applications Platform) A wireless processor developed by Texas Instruments and used in mobile devices.

ONE-BILL® A Verizon Wireless program that allows you to combine your Verizon Wireless charges and your Verizon Communications landline charges into one monthly bill.

Operating System (OS) The primary software that controls the basic operation of a mobile device, and a platform to run additional software apps.

OTA (Over the Air) A network app used to program digital devices by downloading the required Numeric Assignment Module (NAM) parameters and/or the Preferred Roaming List (PRL).

Other Charges and Credits The section of your bill that includes charges for products and services and credits owing.

Our Best Apps Program The Our Best Apps program is our list of suggestions for a great set of starter apps. They span a wide range of categories and functionality, and they’ll help you get the most out of your device. Apps are listed for each type of OS (e.g., Apple®, Android™, etc.).

Overage Rate The cost of usage (minutes, text messages and data) that exceeds your monthly allowances.


Pairing See Bluetooth® Pairing.

Palm® A type of Smartphone that runs the Palm WebOS™ operating system and runs apps written for Palm.

PAN (Personal Area Networking) An ad-hoc network formed between two or more Bluetooth®-enabled devices.

Paper-free billing An option allowing you to stop receiving a paper bill in the mail. You will still be able to view and pay your monthly bill online in My Verizon.

Payment Accounts Debit/credit card or checking account information that has been saved and can be used to make a payment.

Payment History Information about bill payments made over the past 12 months, including dates, methods and amounts.

PC Card A wireless modem that you can use in a laptop or other wireless computing device to connect to the Internet.

PDF (Portable Document Format) A type of file that displays two-dimensional documents in a fixed-layout document format.

Peak Hours generally associated with weekday mornings to early evenings. See also Anytime Minutes.

Peel An app that helps you keep up with your favorite TV shows and discover new ones. It takes your personal preferences and suggests shows for you based on what you watch and like.

Pending Order A change to your account that’s in progress or future dated. You can initiate a pending order when you add or upgrade a device, change your features or plan, change a Device ID, suspend or reconnect a device and more. If you have a pending order on your account, you may not be able to make other changes on your account until the pending order is completed.

Per-MB Rate The cost to send or receive one megabyte (1,024 kilobytes) of data to or from your mobile device.

Per-Minute Rate The cost of a minute of time spent in a call.

Phablet A device that is smaller than a tablet but larger than a smartphone, and has many of the same functions of each. Some phablets also include a stylus to use with the touchscreen (e.g., Samsung Galaxy Note® devices). See also Tablet.

Phishing A way to to steal information by posing as a legitimate company. Criminals attempt to con or mislead individuals into providing personal information in many ways, including by email, text message and scam phone calls that appear to be from a legitimate business. Personal information that may be requested includes credit card information, account passwords, account information and other valuable information.

Photo Editor An app on some Samsung Galaxy Tab™ devices that provides basic editing functions for photos that you take on your device. Along with basic image tuning, like brightness, contrast and color, it also provides a wide variety of effects that can be used for editing photos.

Photobucket® A website and app for managing and viewing photos. Upload camera phone media to your Photobucket account, browse and search media, and view and browse your online albums.

Picture-in-Picture Video A video feature on some devices that lets you multitask while playing a video. It lets you shrink the video down so it only requires a portion of your screen. You can then drag the video window and position it anywhere, so you can use the rest of your screen for other things, like browsing the web.

PIN (Personal Identification Number) A numeric code used to protect your device and account from unauthorized users. Also, an optional four- to eight-digit security code used to lock a SIM card in order to prevent unauthorized usage or access.

PIX A Verizon Wireless coined term for picture messages or pics.

Pixel The smallest element of an image. Display and image resolution is calculated in pixels (e.g., A Smartphone screen with a 1080p resolution can fit 1,080 pixels on the screen. A higher number of pixels means better image quality.)

Plan A package of services (including voice, messaging and/or data allowances) offered at a set monthly access fee.

Polaris Office® An app that allows you to open, create or edit documents on your device. It’s compatible with Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

POP (Post Office Protocol) An Internet protocol used to download messages from an email server to an email client through software on a computer or mobile device. Once emails are delivered to a device, they’re removed from the server. This allows you to access emails faster than with IMAP, but prevents your ability to access the same emails from multiple devices.

Port The process of transferring an existing phone number from one carrier to another carrier. The ability to port a number might be limited based on geography, service area coverage and technology.

Portrait Mode The vertical view or orientation on devices whose screens can be viewed both vertically and horizontally.

Premium Messaging (PSMS) The option to purchase or subscribe to paid messaging programs offered by third-party content providers. These programs offer one-time purchases and/or monthly subscriptions, which you pay for in addition to the standard charges that are included in your messaging plan. You typically participate by sending a text message to a special four, five or six-digit number, known as a Short Code. Examples of these programs include interactive voting during TV shows, trivia or horoscope subscriptions, weather alerts, wallpaper or ringtones that you can download and more.

Premium Retailer A store that exclusively carries Verizon Wireless devices and equipment, but that's not owned by Verizon Wireless. These stores look very similar to an official Verizon Wireless store, but they can usually be identified by the words "Premium Retailer" on the sign. You can complete many account management options at one of these stores, like changing your plan. However, not all actions can be done at a Premium Retailer, including recycling a device. See also Authorized Retailer and Verizon Wireless Store.

Prepaid Card For prepaid users, a card that is purchased to add more money to a prepaid account.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband A plan that provides high-speed Internet service for your data-only devices without signing a long term contract or being charged an activation fee. When you reach your data allowance or expiration date you can just purchase more data and begin using it immediately.

Prepaid Plan Wireless service that is paid for before use and requires no long-term commitment or credit check.

Privacy Settings You have choices about how we use customer information for certain purposes. See our Privacy Settings page for more information about your privacy options.

Processor The primary hardware on a device that tells the device what to do and when to do it. The faster the processor, the quicker the device is able to accept and produce information.

Proof of Purchase A portion of product packaging, defined by the manufacturer, that's used to verify that you bought the product. You'll be required to provide proof of purchase in order to receive a rebate. Most commonly, the proof of purchase is defined as the UPC symbol on the package. See also UPC.

Proration An adjustment that's made to your bill when you make a change to your account in the middle of a bill cycle.

Public Computer A computer that numerous people can access, like those in a library, school or collaborative work environment. Accessing your personal accounts, like My Verizon, on a public computer is not recommended because it's less secure than using a personal computer, like one in your home. If you must use a public computer, take precautions to keep your User ID and Password for My Verizon private. Never save this information on the computer, and clear the computer’s browser history and cookies if possible when you’re done. Also, always sign out of your account before you leave.

Push to Talk (PTT) A two-way communication service that enables your device to work like a walkie-talkie. When you’re pressing the PTT button on your device, listeners can hear only you speaking. Listeners respond by pressing the PTT button on their devices. It also includes group calling, allowing you to speak to an entire group at once.

Push to Talk (PTT) Only Plan A plan that allows PTT devices to use the PTT 2-way radio-type service.


Qi A global standard developed by the Wireless Power consortium for charging electronic products including mobile devices. All devices and wireless charging accessories with the Qi (pronounced "chee") logo will be compatible with each other.

QPair An app available on select LG devices that lets you receive your smartphone notifications on your tablet. QPair alerts you about incoming calls, messages or app notifications and even lets you respond to messages from your tablet. You can also view recent apps that you’ve used on your smartphone and open them on your tablet.

QR (Quick Reference) Code A type of barcode that can store more data than a standard barcode. These codes can be read by devices with a barcode scanner app.

QSlide™ A multitasking feature on select LG devices that lets you open certain apps in a pop-up window. The window can be resized and moved around on the screen on top of other apps, so you can complete tasks without closing your current app. The apps you can access with QSlide are Calculator, Calendar, Email, Notes, File Manager, Videos and Voice Mate.

Quad Band A device that operates on all four of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) transmitting frequencies.

Quick Capture A feature on certain mobile devices that lets you access the Camera by quickly twisting your wrist twice.

Quick Remote An app that lets you use your mobile device as a remote to control all your infrared devices, like your TV, DVD player, set-top box, audio system and more.

QuickMemo™ A feature on certain mobile devices that lets you draw or write on screenshots using your finger or a stylus. Share your edited screenshots through social networks, text messages or email.

Quickoffice® An app that lets you create and edit Microsoft® Office text files, presentations and spreadsheets all in one place.

QVGA A resolution size of 320 x 240 pixels, a common resolution for mobile device displays and video captured by mobile devices.

QWERTY Keyboard A keyboard arranged in the standard layout for English alphabet keyboards. It is named after the first six letters on the top letter row.


RAM (Random-Access Memory) Memory in a device that's used by the OS and apps while they're running. Devices with more RAM can run more complex apps and/or more apps simultaneously.

Real-time Typically used to describe live events and information (such as weather and traffic conditions, or app notifications), as they occur, without significant delays.

Rear-Facing Camera A camera on the back of the phone, allowing for picture taking in front of the user.

Reconnect Service Resuming regular service on a mobile device after you have suspended it for a period of time.

Redbox Instant® by Verizon A movie service that brings you Hollywood’s newest releases, along with a rich catalog of popular movies. You can watch movies on disc and by streaming over the Internet on your computer, mobile device or home entertainment device.

Refill Card A card used for replenishing the funds on a prepaid account.

Relevant Mobile Advertising Advertising where we help determine whether a customer fits within an audience category that an advertiser is trying to reach. See our FAQs and Privacy Settings pages for more information about Relevant Mobile Advertising and your privacy options.

Restocking Fee A fee that's charged when a mobile device is returned or exchanged. The restocking fee covers the costs associated with processing a return.

Retina Display The high-resolution screen technology designed by Apple®.

Ringback Tones A service allowing you to modify the normal ringing sound that a person calling you hears before you answer the call. For example, instead of hearing a standard ringing tone, the caller would hear a song that you’ve selected.

Ringtone The sound a phone makes to indicate an incoming call.

Roadside Assistance A service offered by Verizon that provides everything from battery boosts to towing service. With Roadside Assistance you're covered anywhere in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada - whether you're in your own vehicle, a friend's vehicle or a rental. You can even lend your mobile device to a friend or family member, and they'll be covered, too. Your mobile device simply needs to be at the location where service is provided.

Roaming Use that occurs outside the Verizon Wireless coverage area for your plan that may result in additional voice or data usage charges. See also Global Roaming.

Rock Band™ Get the band together while you're apart. With the Rock Band app, you can rock out even from afar. You'll stay in sync, measure for measure, thanks to reduced lag times.

Rooms Rooms is a feature that you can use to create a private virtual space on your Windows® Phone. You can invite friends and family to view and share photos, videos, calendar events and more in a room.


S Health™ A personal health and wellness app that lets you track your workouts, daily food intake and weight levels, so you can monitor your progress. You can also monitor your health statistics like blood pressure and blood glucose levels. It will even tell you the comfort level of surroundings by calculating the temperature and humidity. S Health is available on select Samsung devices.

S Pen™ A feature (available on some Samsung devices) that captures handwritten notes and sketches with the use of a stylus. It's integrated into apps on your Samsung device.

S Suggest™ An app and widget (available for some Samsung devices) that lets you discover apps that are guaranteed to be compatible with your device. Browse directly from a live widget on the home screen without having to sort through an application store.

S Translator An app available for select Samsung devices that can translate text or your voice from one language to another.

S Voice™ An app (available on some Samsung devices) that acts as an intelligent personal digital assistant that responds to your voice commands and questions.

Samsung Apps An online store for apps that are optimized for Samsung devices. All apps in Samsung Apps have been thoroughly tested to insure they provide a high-quality experience on Samsung devices. Samsung Apps is available online and as a mobile app.

Samsung Link A feature that lets you view, play and send content from one Samsung device to another or access saved content on storage services. With a simple touch, you can send videos from your Samsung mobile device to your Samsung TV for enhanced viewing, or listen to music from your home computer through your mobile device.

Samsung Music Player An app for storing and playing your favorite songs and playlists on your Samsung Galaxy Gear™, so you don’t have to carry around your mobile phone to play music.

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) A measure of the amount of radio frequency energy (radiation) the body absorbs when using a radio transmitter device, such as a mobile phone.

ScanLife® Barcode Reader A mobile app that enables your camera phone to function as a barcode scanner. You can use it to scan registered barcodes and view information on the associated entity, such as a product, service or company.

Screen Capture A feature that lets you take a picture of the screen currently displayed on your device. The images are saved to the Screen Capture folder on your device.

SD (Secure Digital) Card A type of removable flash memory card that can be used to store various types of files, such as photos, videos, music and software.

Second Screen A customizable bar across the top of the screen on certain LG devices that gives you easy access to the apps and features you use most. Quickly see notifications, recently opened apps, favorite contacts and more no matter what screen you’re on. Second Screen also shows the date, time and notifications while your phone is sleeping, so you always have that important info without touching a button. 

Secondary Line A line on a Family SharePlan® that is considered an additional line and has a lower monthly charge than the primary line.

Secret Question A means of verification required when resetting your password or retrieving your User ID in My Verizon. You’re required to choose a secret question and answer when you sign up.

Secure eBill An option allowing you to receive your monthly billing statement via secure email rather than standard mail.

Security Image An online security feature that's set up between your computer and Verizon Wireless. You select a unique Security Image, and that image will appear every time you enter your User ID on the Sign In page for My Verizon while using your computer. When you see your Security Image, you’ll know that you’re accessing the official Verizon Wireless website, not a fraudulent phishing website.

Selective Focus A camera feature that makes objects stand out by blurring the part of the image you don't want to focus on. You can choose to focus on the background, foreground or evenly across the whole picture. Selective Focus is available on select Samsung devices.

Server A computer that delivers information and software to other computers linked by a network. It handles requests from other computers for data, email, file transfers and other network services.

Service Blocks A feature of Usage Controls that allows the Account Owner to restrict otherson the account from purchasing data services, including Ringback Tones, apps and other services.

Share Everything Plan The original plan that included unlimited minutes and messages, plus a single data package shared between all the devices on an account. This plan is no longer available. See MORE Everything Plan.

Share Name ID A free service that lets you customize the name that others see when they receive your call on a device enabled with Caller Name ID. See also Caller Name ID.

Share Shot A camera shooting mode, available on select Samsung devices, that lets you instantly share pictures you capture with devices that support Wi-Fi Direct™.

Shared Anytime Minutes The Anytime Minute allowance for a Family SharePlan®, which can be used by all lines on the account.

Sideshare An app for Android™ phones that lets you share information like text and photos during a call, without interrupting your conversation. You can find and download Sideshare at no cost from the Google Play™ Store app on your phone.

Silent Mode A device setting in which your ringtone and other notification sounds are turned off.

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) The term commonly used to identify the UICC, an integrated circuit in the form of a smart card which can be moved from device to device, required for Verizon Wireless 4G devices. It’s also a module used in GSM that may be added to the UICC. It provides a means to authenticate the user, but it may also store other subscriber related information or apps (e.g., text messages, contacts, etc.).

SIM Optional Feature A feature that can be retained on your account if you switch to another device that isn't compatible with the feature. This option is only available when switching between 4G LTE devices. You'll continue to be billed any applicable charges for the feature for as long as it's on your account. This option is helpful if you want to switch back to your original 4G LTE device, or another compatible device, and access your original features without interruption to your service.

For example, you can have a 4G LTE smartphone with VZ Navigator® assigned as a feature on your account. If you switch that device to a 4G LTE USB modem, you can keep VZ Navigator on your account, even though the feature isn't compatible with the new device. You can then switch back to the original smartphone at any time and access VZ Navigator without making any additional changes to your account.

Simulator An online interactive tool that shows step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use your Smartphone or tablet. Each step contains written instructions and an image of the device screen, so you can easily follow along. Learn basics like customizing your Home screen and using Wi-Fi, or get more advanced help with syncing email and using unique apps on the device. It's a great tool to use when you're learning a new device or if you're just wanting to try one out before purchasing. View the full list of available device simulators at

Single Line Plan A plan that includes unlimited talk and text for one smartphone with the option of a 1 GB or 2 GB monthly data allowance. As of 7/24/15 this plan is no longer available for new accounts.

Single Sign On Service that provides access to multiple online Verizon portals without having to sign in multiple times.

SkyDrive® A cloud service provided by Microsoft® where you can store and access pictures, videos, documents and more.

Skype™ An app for making and receiving voice calls over the Internet. Calls made between two Skype accounts are free of charge. You can also make discounted international calls to mobile and landline phones, while in the US, all with video.

Slacker An app that gives you access to Slacker Radio® Internet radio service with over 2.4 million songs and 100 programmed stations. You can also create your own customized station and request, ban, pause and skip songs.

Sleep Mode A mode that automatically turns a device off after it has been unused for a specific period of time, designed to conserve battery life.

Slide Aside A multitasking feature available on certain mobile devices that lets you switch between open apps by swiping, rather than going back to the Home screen.

Sling Connect to and view videos from a Slingbox® or a SlingLoaded™ set-top box (STB) via an IP connection.

Smart Accessories Accessories that communicate with your device to give you personalized service and improve your device's performance.

Smart Actions An app (available on certain Motorola devices) that helps automate everyday tasks to save you time. Create Smart Actions to launch your music player when you plug in your headphones or to adjust phone settings at home to extend battery life.

Smart Notice An app that learns from you and adapts to your needs, providing useful suggestions to help make life simpler every day. It can tell you how to speed up your phone's processes, prompt you to respond to missed or ignored calls and give general tips for using your device.

Smart Share An app available for LG devices that lets you view multimedia files from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone on your TV.

Smartphone A phone with an operating system for downloading and using apps, browsing the Internet, emailing, managing attachments, updating social media, and standard services like messaging and picture-taking.

SMS (Short Messaging Service) A short (160 characters max) text-only message sent from one mobile device to another. See also Text Message.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) An Internet protocol for sending email messages. It handles messages sent from a client (e.g., software on a PC or mobile device) to an email server. It also handles messages sent between email servers. SMTP complements Post Office Protocol v.3 (POP3) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for downloading and receiving email messages.

Social Beat A free service from Verizon Wireless that keeps you connected to Facebook®, Twitter®, MySpace®, Gmail™ and Google Talk™. It also feeds from more than 50 news, political and entertainment websites. Now it's easier than ever to post pictures, update your status, and keep in touch with family and friends.

Social Networking Use your favorite social networking apps, like Facebook® and Twitter®, on your mobile device to share content and updates with friends, family and colleagues.

Soft Key A key below a device’s main display panel that performs special functions. The functions change depending on which screen you’re viewing.

Soft Reset The process of turning a device off and turning it back on again using the Power button or a similar method outlined in your device’s User Manual. A soft reset is like restarting your computer and is often used as the first step in any troubleshooting. In most cases, it won’t affect the data on your device, unless the battery is very low.

A soft reset can be helpful if your device locks up or freezes, your keypad doesn’t respond, you can’t place or receive calls, or your device experiences any other general issue. See also Hard Reset.

Software Various types of programs used to operate mobile devices. Software can be changed and updated without making any physical alterations to the device.

Software Update An update to your device's operating system that typically includes new features and fixes problems that may have been reported. The update is wirelessly downloaded to your device at no additional cost to you.

Spam Any unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant or inappropriate message sent to you by email, text message or other messaging service.

Spam Controls A service allowing you to block phone numbers, email addresses domains and text names, preventing them from contacting your mobile device.

Speakerphone A feature that activates the loudspeaker on your phone, broadcasting the voice of the incoming caller. Anybody within a short distance of the phone can hear and participate in the conversation.

Speed Dial A feature allowing you to assign commonly dialed phone numbers to specific buttons on your phone. You can then call the number by pushing just one button rather than entering the full 10 digits.

Spyware Software that collects information about you and your behavior while using the device it’s been installed on. Your information can then be shared with additional parties. Spyware can be used for marketing purposes to provide you with relevant advertising. It can also be used for malicious or fraudulent purposes, without your consent, to steal your information. To ensure your information remains protected, there are many anti-spyware apps available for smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices.

Standalone GPS (Global Positioning System) A location services setting that only uses the satellite GPS signal to determine your location. See also Assisted GPS.

Standalone Mode See Airplane Mode

Standby Time The maximum length of time that a device is fully charged, turned on and available to send and receive calls or data transmissions. Transmitting calls and data reduces this time because transmission requires more power.

StarStar Me See Me

Static IP A permanent IP address on the Internet, which enables a business to make company information available for telecommuters, host websites and email servers, conduct webcasts and telemetry devices.

Streaming Playing a video or audio over the Internet, in real time, without having to download the complete file onto your device. Watching a video on™ is an example of streaming.

Streamlined BIlling A simplified version of your bill that helps reduce paper use. Your streamlined bill will appear in the same format as it does in a detailed bill, except the call details for each mobile number won’t be printed.

Surcharge Charges that help defray the cost of taxes and other charges and fees imposed by the government.

SureResponse® A mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) that can help you get in touch with a loved one or emergency services virtually 24/7 at the press of button. As of 12/31/14, we'll no longer sell the SureResponse device. If you already have SureResponse, you can continue to use the SureResponse service.

SureType® A predictive text entry system that uses software to predict the word you may be typing based on the first few letters you enter. It displays a list of possible words on the screen and allows you to select the correct one.

Suspend Service Temporarily stopping service on a mobile device, with the intention of resuming service in the near future.

Swype A keyboard app for touchscreen Smartphones in which you input text by dragging your finger or stylus in one continuous motion over the letters instead of tapping each key individually.

Sync (Synchronize) The process of sharing the same information across multiple devices and websites. Contacts, calendars and email are often synced through cloud services, so you can enter information on one device and access it through another.


T9 (Predictive Text Entry) A text messaging feature that predicts the word you want to spell based on the first few letters you enter, thus speeding up typing capability.

Tablet A portable touchscreen device (e.g., the Apple® iPad®), that is smaller than a laptop but larger than a smartphone. Tablets are typically flat, slim and lightweight. They are often used to download apps and stream music and video. See also Phablet.

Talk Time The length of time you can transmit calls on your mobile device before needing to recharge the battery. The battery capacity of a device is usually expressed in terms of minutes of talk time or hours of standby time.

TALKS for Verizon Wireless A software that converts the displayed text on your mobile device into speech, offering accessibility to blind and visually impaired customers.

Task Manager A service that lets you manage all of the apps or processes currently running on your device. From there, you can close out apps and processes individually or all at once.

TB (Terabyte) A unit of measure for data that equals approximately 1 trillion bytes or 1,024 gigabytes.

TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) A set of protocols developed to link computers and data communications equipment across many kinds of networks. This allows two computers to talk the same language when they share information.

Tethering The process of connecting your mobile device to a laptop or similar device using a data cable, allowing the laptop to access the Internet via the mobile device’s wireless network connection.

Text Message A short (160 characters max) text-only message sent from one mobile device to another. See also SMS.

Text to Speech A feature that converts text into speech, reading aloud to you electronic text (emails, Internet content, etc.) on your mobile device.

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) A type of flat-panel liquid crystal display (LCD) technology that has a tiny circuit located next to each pixel. This offers faster response time and greater contrast than other LCD technology.

The Verizon Plan A simple plan - just select the amount of data you want to share with up to 10 devices, or keep it all to yourself with 1 device. While in the US, it includes unlimited domestic calling, unlimited domestic and international messaging and free Verizon Cloud storage. With The Verizon Plan, there’s a monthly line access charge for each device plus a charge for the data plan. This plan launched on 8/13/15.

Tiles An item on the Start screen of your Windows® Phone that gives you quick access to your most used apps and important information. You can customize the Start screen by pinning (adding), unpinning (removing), resizing and moving tiles to fit your needs. Tiles can be a plain image that you tap on to open an app, or they can be an interactive item that provides updated information, like weather reports, calendar events and social media feeds.

Time Catch Shot A feature on select smartphones that takes pictures before you do, so you never miss the perfect shot.

Time Restrictions A feature of Usage Controls that allows the Account Owner to limit and control voice, messaging, and data use of a device on the account during certain times of day or days of the week.

Toll-Free Number A phone number where all calls are paid for by the company or person being called. These can begin with 800, 888, 877, 866 or 855. Toll-free numbers are primarily a benefit to landline callers who'd otherwise have to pay long distance charges for calling a company or person outside of their local area. When you call a toll-free number from a mobile phone, you still use airtime minutes, but you’ll only be charged if you go over your monthly usage allowance.

Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) Combines Wireless Phone Protection and Extended Warranty. Covers electronic malfunctions and manufacturers' defects with no deductible.

Total Mobile Protection Coverage for your mobile device that combines the benefits of the Total Equipment Coverage program with technical support for your Verizon Wireless device and the things that connect with it. If your device is lost, stolen or damaged, or if you experience a mechanical or electrical defect after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you're protected. Total Mobile Protection also includes subscriptions to Verizon Tech Coach and the Verizon Support & Protection Premium app.

Touch ID A convenient, secure way for your phone to identify you by your fingerprint on Apple® iPhones® 5s or later. By holding your finger on the Home button, you can unlock your iPhone and make purchases in the iTunes Store, as well as use your fingerprint in place of a password in many apps. See also Fingerprint Recognition.

Touchless Control A feature that lets you get directions, set an alarm and more all without touching your mobile device. Instead you can use various hand motions, like hovering and waving, to activate your device's functions.

Touchscreen A screen designed to work with input from your finger or a stylus. Rather than using a mouse or buttons to navigate, you can tap on the screen to activate virtual buttons or features that are displayed.

Trackball A small sphere embedded in a device that you can rotate in any direction to navigate on the screen. The action may be represented by an onscreen cursor icon.

Trade-In Program The Trade-In program provides you the option to recycle and trade in your old device. You'll receive a Verizon Wireless gift card for the appraised value of the old device, or you can choose to donate your old device to HopeLine®.

Transfer of service The process of transferring a line of service from the current account owner to a new account owner.

Tri Band A device that operates on three of the four Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) transmitting frequencies: GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900.

Trojan (Trojan Horse) A software virus that gains access to a device by appearing as a safe file. A trojan is often attached to a picture or video file that may seem safe to download. Once it’s been downloaded it can harm your device or give someone unpermitted access. The term comes from Greek mythology about the Trojan War, where the Greeks presented the citizens of Troy with a large wooden horse in which they had secretly hidden their warriors.

Troubleshooting Assistant An online Support tool available at that provides a list of troubleshooting solutions for issues on your specific device. The Troubleshooting Assistant may not be available for all devices.

Trusted Contacts A feature of Usage Controls that allows calling and messaging to/from specific phone numbers, email addresses, international numbers, and instant messaging screennames regardless of any other usage restriction.

Trusted Numbers A feature of Usage Controls that allows calling and messaging to and from certain numbers regardless of Usage Limits or Time Restrictions.

TTY / TDD (Teletypewriter/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) A device that enables people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired to communicate over the phone through typed text messages.

TuneWiki A social music player app that provides local music playback, Internet radio playback, and social integration with Twitter® and Facebook®.

TV Out Capable A device that allows you to connect to and view videos and pictures on a TV or monitor.


UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) A 3G mobile communications technology that offers high-speed data transmission outside of the US.

Unbilled Usage The voice, message and data usage that occurs after your last statement and before your next bill cycle end date. You can view your unbilled usage in My Verizon.

UPC (Universal Product Code) A number and barcode on a product's packaging that identifies that specific model.

Upgrade A transaction enabling the Account Owner to purchase a new device (often times at a discounted price) for one or more wireless lines in an account.

Upgrade Fee A fee you're charged any time you purchase a new device at a discount, with a contract extension, to replace an old device. This fee is in addition to the cost of the new device and applicable taxes. The upgrade fee does not apply when a new device is purchased at the retail price.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) The web address for a web page, video, image or other type of file that you can access online.

Usage Analysis Reports Reports and charts showing your usage of a variety of call types over a billing period, including most expensive calls, peak hour calls and more.

Usage Charges Charges for minutes, text messages or data usage that exceed your monthly allowances as stated in your plan.

Usage Controls A service that lets the Account Owner or Account set calling, messaging, data and purchase limits for the lines on their account. It's being replaced by Verizon FamilyBase. See also Verizon FamilyBase.

Usage Limits A feature of Usage Controls that enables the Account Owner to limit voice, messaging, data use, and purchases for each subscribed line on the account.

Usage Time The length of time you can transmit calls and data on your mobile device before needing to recharge the battery.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) An industry-standard plug-in connection used to connect devices to desktop or laptop computers. It is useful for quickly transferring files to and from mobile devices or synchronizing data with a computer application. USB can also be used to charge mobile devices that support USB-charging capabilities.

User ID A personalized ID required when signing in to My Verizon.


Vanity Number An easy-to-remember alternative to your standard 10-digit mobile number. A vanity number can be a word or phrase, such as your name or the name of a business. For example, Silly, Sarah and Verizon are all possible vanity numbers.

You can reserve a vanity number through services like StarStar Me, typically for a low monthly fee. Other people can then call that vanity number from a mobile phone and reach you.

Verizon Apps The Verizon Wireless mobile storefront that offers apps you can purchase and download to your mobile device. Formerly V CAST Apps.

Verizon Cloud A wireless service that offers secure online storage to back up and sync the content on all your devices (e.g., contacts, music, pictures, etc.). With Verizon Cloud, you can access and manage your content on-the-go. You can take a picture with your phone and print it from your home computer. And if you purchase a new tablet, you can access your entire music library by syncing the tablet to the cloud. Verizon Cloud also safely stores a copy of your important files in case any of your devices are damaged, lost or stolen.

Verizon Enterprise Center An online portal for businesses with more than 1,000 employees, where you can manage your account details, place orders and integrate with existing business systems.

Verizon Extended Warranty A warranty that covers electronic malfunctions and manufacturer defects. If you have an eligible defective device, you’ll receive refurbished or reconditioned to "like new" equipment. You have 30 days from the date of activation of a new device to add this feature.

Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls are a suite of products that provide control of your account and devices, such as Content Filters, Call and Message Blocking and Internet Spam Blocking, Service Blocks, Usage Alerts and more.

Verizon FamilyBase Companion App An optional app that you install on your child’s Android™ phone that gives additional functionality to the Verizon FamilyBase service. The app provides you with additional insights and controls related to your child’s phone usage. You can lock your child's device, see which apps they've installed, view their contacts and more.

Verizon FamilyBase® A service that you can use to monitor the activity of each device on your account, set usage limits for each device and help your children understand how to use their devices responsibly and safely. The insights this service provides are especially helpful for parents and anyone who has multiple family members on the same account. You can also use it to avoid unexpected overage charges.

Verizon Jetpack® A 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot device that lets you simultaneously connect multiple Wi-Fi capable devices to the Verizon Wireless network for access to the Internet or your private network.

Verizon Messages An enhanced messaging service that lets you take your phone calls or text conversations seamlessly across multiple devices. You can use your primary phone number with any compatible smartphone, tablet, web browser or computer.

Verizon Mobile Security See Verizon Support & Protection.

Verizon Selects A program you can choose to participate in that uses information about you, including your location, web browsing and app usage data, to see whether you fit into an audience Verizon or another company is trying to reach. If you choose to participate in Verizon Selects, you may receive marketing messages, offers and other content that interest you more than what you receive today. We won’t share information that identifies you personally with any non-Verizon companies.

Verizon Support & Protection An app that helps you manage your device, offering features such as battery monitoring, phone locator, remote locking, safe browsing and anti-virus protection. The app features vary by operating system (Android 2.1+ and iPhone® 6.0+). Refer to your device's app store for more information about what features of this app are available for your device. This app was formerly known as Verizon Mobile Security.

Verizon Tech Coach A service that gives you over-the-phone, personalized technical support from experts in Verizon Wireless devices and consumer electronics. It also provides online tools, including chat support and a comprehensive interactive device guide, to help you learn how to optimize your device on your own.

Verizon Wi-Fi Hotspot Access Ability to use public wireless broadband network services in certain locations (often in heavily populated places such as airports, train stations, hotels and libraries).

Verizon Wireless Store An official Verizon Wireless store where you can manage all aspects of your account, including change your plan, pay your bill, recycle a device and troubleshoot a problem with your device. See also Authorized Retailer and Premium Retailer.

VGA Camera (Video Graphics Array Camera) A camera that provides picture resolution of 640 x 480. This is roughly equivalent to 0.3 megapixels.

Video Messaging See Picture and Video Messaging.

Virtual Keyboard A keyboard shown on a touchscreen of a smartphone, tablet or other device. This lets you type by tapping on the screen rather than pressing actual keys on the device.

Virtual Tour A camera feature that lets you capture a video spanning 360-degrees from any location. Just take pictures of a 360-degree view from where you are, and then they're compiled into a video. Virtual Tour is available on select Samsung devices.

Visual Voice Mail Visual Voice Mail (VVM) is an app that lets you see a list of your voice mail messages and manage them without having to dial into the traditional voice mail system. This feature lets you listen to, reply to, erase and archive your messages. You can also call back, text and add new contacts directly from the Visual Voice Mail screen.

Voice Activated Dialing A feature that allows you to dial a phone number by speaking the contact’s name or number into your mobile device.

Voice Browsing A feature allowing you to use a voice command to access Internet-based content and information.

Voice Control A BlackBerry® app, for when you need to be hands-free, that lets you complete tasks on your device using your voice. Make a call, send email or text messages, search the Internet and more, simply by speaking commands. You can even update your calendar and post messages on Facebook® and Twitter®.

Voice Mail A feature that lets a caller leave a message or access other available options if a line is busy or not answered.

Voice Mail Password The verification number that must be entered when accessing Voice Mail (must be four to seven digits).

Voice Memo A feature or app that lets you record short voice messages for later playback. Many phones with this feature also let you record parts of phone conversations in progress. Some phones have a dedicated Voice Memo button to activate the feature.

Voice Plan A plan offering a specified number of voice minutes.

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) The latest wireless calling service that uses the 4G LTE network to provide high-quality calling with HD (high-definition) Voice. VoLTE also offers video calling options. You can make a video call right from your contact list and also switch a voice call to a video call while you talk. See also HD Voice.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) A network, or group of computers, that are connected over a public connection like the Internet. A VPN allows users to access a private network (home, company, etc.) remotely, from a different geographic location than the physical network. VPN can also be used for added personal security to encrypt a user’s data, location, etc. when using an entrusted public network. is a companion website for subscribers of Text Messaging. This site expands your Text Messaging service by offering a spectrum of messaging features and allows you to send text messages to other Verizon Wireless customers through the Internet. See also Verizon Messages.

VZ Contact Transfer See Backup Assistant Plus

VZ Navigator® An app featuring voice-guided directions, 3D maps, traffic-aware routing and spoken incident alerts. It also includes movie and event info, gas prices, local search and voice-activated address entry all in one package.

VZAccess Manager℠ (VZAM) Software allowing you to connect to the Internet using NationalAccess and Mobile Broadband on your mobile device.


Wallpaper An image designed to appear as the background on your device’s Home screen.

WatchON™ A Samsung service and app that lets you search for and stream live TV shows and watch on-demand movies and TV shows on mobile devices. The WatchON app turns your devices into a universal remote control, connecting to your cable, satellite, TV and more, so you can change the volume and channel.

WatchON™ Remote An app for your Samsung Galaxy Gear™ that lets you change the channel and volume on a compatible TV right from your smartwatch.

WAV A format for digital sound files that can be played on nearly all Windows® and iOS® apps that support sound.

Wearable Tech Devices, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, glasses and even shoes, worn by a user. Most can be synced with a computer or a mobile device.

WebKit The engine that powers the web-based browsers on many mobile devices.

WebOS An operating system developed by Palm® for use in Palm mobile devices.

Wi-Fi A short-range wireless technology that provides a high-speed Internet connection to wireless data devices. Many locations offer Wi-Fi connections, including airports, hotels, restaurants and more. Using a Wi-Fi connection instead of your mobile network can help reduce your mobile data usage. Be aware that some public Wi-Fi connections may not be secure. You should only connect to those you trust and use some form of Internet security on your devices.

Wi-Fi Calling A service that lets you make and receive calls on your compatible device's phone number over a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Direct A standard that allows Wi-Fi devices to connect to each other without the need for a wireless access point, like a hotspot. For example, you can use Wi-Fi Direct to transfer a file between your compatible smartphone and tablet, without first connecting to your home Wi-Fi router or a public hotspot. Wi-Fi Direct can also be used to connect a wireless mouse, keyboard, headset or other accessory to your device.

Widget An interactive item you can add to the Home screen of your mobile device to give you quick access to information or tasks you perform frequently. For example, widgets can provide weather updates, upcoming calendar events, and the ability to quickly turn Wi-Fi on and off. Many come preinstalled on your device and can be customized to fit your needs. More widgets can be downloaded from the app store on your device.

Widget (Android™) An interactive item you can add to the Home screen of your mobile device to give you quick access to information or tasks you perform frequently. For example, widgets can provide weather updates, upcoming calendar events, and the ability to quickly turn Wi-Fi on and off. Many come preinstalled on your device and can be customized to fit your needs. More widgets can be downloaded from Google Play™ Store.

Widget (BlackBerry®) An interactive item you can add to the Home screen of your mobile device to give you quick access to information or tasks you perform frequently. For example, widgets can provide weather updates, upcoming calendar events, and the ability to quickly turn Wi-Fi on and off. Many come preinstalled on your device and can be customized to fit your needs. More widgets can be downloaded from BlackBerry World.

Widget (Windows® Phone) An interactive item you can add to the Home screen of your mobile device to give you quick access to information or tasks you perform frequently. For example, widgets can provide weather updates, upcoming calendar events, and the ability to quickly turn Wi-Fi on and off. Many come preinstalled on your device and can be customized to fit your needs. More widgets can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Media® Player A software media player used for playing audio and video on computers running Microsoft® Windows® or Windows® Mobile. The basic file formats are WMV (Windows Media Video & Audio), WMA (Windows Media Audio) and ASF (Advanced Systems Format).

Windows Mobile Device Center Software created by Microsoft® that lets you synchronize your music, videos, contacts, calendar events and more between a Windows® Phone device and a computer running Windows XP or newer.

Windows® Operating System An operating system for mobile devices created by Microsoft. This OS is known for its vibrant Start screen with Live Tiles.

Windows® Store An online store available through a Windows device where you can browse, search and download apps designed to run on the Windows OS.

Wireless Charging A way to charge a device without having to plug it directly into a power outlet. Also called inductive charging, it uses a magnetic field to send the energy from a transmitter to a receiver (pad, plate, etc.) that you can lay the device on. The device charges while it’s lying on the receiver.

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) Free wireless notifications that are delivered to your mobile device as a public safety system provided by Authorized Senders designed to inform you of imminent threats to safety or missing persons alerts in your area.

Wireless Home Phone An analog telephone adapter that lets you connect your home phone(s) to the Verizon Wireless CDMA network, replacing your landline connection. You can keep your current home phone number or choose a new one.

Wireless Phone Protection A program that provides replacement mobile devices in the event of loss, theft or damage. Replacements are underwritten by Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc. or one of its insurance company affiliates. Asurion Insurance Services, Inc. (in NY, Asurion; in California, Agent License #0B35141) is the agent and provides the claims servicing under this program.

World Device A phone that you can use in the US and while traveling internationally. It operates both within the Verizon Wireless CDMA network and the overseas GSM networks. See also CDMA and GSM.


XLTE Added capacity to the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network by using the AWS spectrum. It doubles the 4G LTE bandwidth and delivers faster peak speeds in cities coast to coast. To access the XLTE network, you need an XLTE-compatible device. See also AWS.


Zoe™ A camera feature on certain HTC devices that automatically takes 20 photos and a three-second mini-clip with sound, instead of just one picture. With Zoe, you can use special effects including Sequence Shot, Object Removal, Always Smile and multiple Face Retouch tools.

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