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Idaho Division of Building Safety The ACT Test - Measure High School Student Readiness for Frequently Asked Questions - St. Louis County, Missouri

Building a Safer Idaho

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  • Building
  • CEU
  • Codes
  • Elevators
  • Exams
  • Industrial Safety
  • Licenses
  • Mfg Housing
  • Mobile Home Rehab
  • Modular Building
  • Permits
  • Public Works Contractors
  • School Safety
  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Inspections
  • Plan Reviews
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Get your permit or tag

Check your status, search by name, contractor and more.

Listing of DBS's Jurisdiction by City (PDF)

FAQs about Permits and Tags
  • Who should apply for permits in the State of Idaho?
  • When is a permit required?
  • More FAQs...

Permit Info

Find a licensed professional.

  • Who Needs to be Licensed?
  • Apply for a License
FAQs about Licenses
  • How can I determine if I need to be licensed?
  • How do I renew my license?
  • More FAQs...

License Info

Schedule Inspections online!

Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC

  • Inspection Codes (IVR) for Automated Phone System (PDF)

Schedule Inspections by Phone!

For all Types of Inspections

  • Information to Schedule other Inspection Types
FAQs about Inspections
  • How do I cancel an inspection?
  • More FAQs...

Inspection Info

Plan Review Application & Submittal

  • Have your e-mail invite? Learn how to Submit Your Plan.
  • You're ready to upload your plans to Project Dox.
FAQs about Plan Reviews
  • What entities need to have their plans reviewed by the Division of Building Safety?
  • How long does a plan review typically take?
  • More FAQs...

More Plan Review Info



Important Announcements

  • The Division of Building Safety Announces Negotiated Rulemaking For Idaho Plumbing Board
  • DBS to Become Host to the Idaho Office of School Safety and Security [pdf]
  • The Division of Building Safety Announces Negotiated Rulemaking For Idaho Building Code
  • Public-Private Partnership Works to Develop Idaho's Skilled Workforce [pdf]

Negotiated Rulemaking


Upcoming Events & Meetings

DBS Calendar 

  • Thu, May 19: Plumbing Board Meeting
  • Tue, Jun 28: Building Code Board Meeting
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