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Web Research Professional 2.8.3714 Serial number and

Syspeace 2.3.1 Crack keygen

I am a 76 year web Research Professional 2.8.3714 Serial number and patch old male had Cancer and lost a leg and I live in Australia.
I have just two Web sites. This is my hobby, I have purchased over the years Webeasy 6,7,8,9&10 9 & 10 were purchased from Avanquest on line and I still have all the details as they are still in my Avanquest online account.

A week ago I went to use my Webeasy and the following notice comes up.

"It appears that the serial number [A12C-0211-38HU-SDMY-D4XG-5K67] you selected when web Research Professional 2.8.3714 Serial number and patch installing Web Easy Professional was already used. Therefore, this software cannot run with this serial number. For more information, please click here:
[/b][/i]This shuts down my Webeasy and so I cannot use it? The only time I have reinstalled Webeasy 10 was when I replaced my Laptop with a desktop (I formatted the laptop and sold it 6 months ago) which was at least six months ago and I have had no problem in that time.
Why are they now somehow? remotely stopping use of Webeasy on my computer. I have tried contacting them with out reply!
Is there a way I can get the use of MY PURCHASED Webeasy 10 without re purchasing it?
I will be grateful for any help, thankyou.