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Occasionally product names change due to company acquisition or new business needs. This table is intended to help you find the product you're looking for.

Former Product Name New Name
GroupShield Security for Email Servers
Hercules Policy Auditor Policy Auditor
Host Data Loss Prevention DLP Endpoint
IntruShield Network Intrusion Prevention System Network Security Platform
LinuxShield VirusScan Enterprise for Linux
Network DLP Monitor DLP Monitor
Network DLP Prevent DLP Prevent
NitroView ACE Advanced Correlation Engine
NitroView ADM Application Data Monitor
NitroView DBM Database Event Monitor for SIEM
NitroView ELM Enterprise Log Manager
NitroView ESM Event Receiver
NitroView ESM Enterprise Security Manager
PortalShield Security for Microsoft SharePoint
Repscan Security Scanner for Databases
Solidcore POS Check and Control Application Control
Solidcore S3 Control Change Control
Total Protection for Endpoint Essentials Endpoint Protection Suite
Total Protection for Endpoint Standard Edition Endpoint Protection — Advanced Suite
Virex/VirusScan for Macintosh VirusScan for Mac
VirusScan for NetApp VirusScan Enterprise for Storage