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CutLeader 5.4 License Key included
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Altostorm Rectilinear Panorama Pro 1.2 Patched version
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Smart MP3 to WAV Converter 3.3 Full and activated version
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VisualRenamer 1.7 with Product keys

Blue Eye Macro 2.61 Serial number generator

Is this a full version of Office that you purchased with the PC (paid extra for) or is this just the free Trial version that comes with many PC's?  If it is the Trial Version, you will have to purchase Office (through Microsoft) in order to get the product key.

However, as mentioned Office has it's own product key.  Dell does not keep records of Office product keys so they cannot provide you with the key.  However if you are within 30 days of purchase Dell will take care of any missing software (discs) and if that is the case will provide you with a new copy and product key.  If it's past 30 days it's past the initial software warranty and usually they will not do anything for customers.