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      Kaspersky Total Security

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    • Give your business the best protection.

      Give your business the best protection.

      Kaspersky Lab offers award-winning technology and a full range of security products to protect your business from cybercrime.

      • Captures 310,000 pieces of malware daily
      • "Leader" in Gartner Magic Quadrant for 5 years in a row
      • Trusted by 270,000 organizations around the world
    • Kaspersky Small Office Security

      Kaspersky Small Office Security

      Protect against cybertheft, data loss and dangerous malware

      • Safeguard PCs, servers and Android devices
      • Secure financial transactions
      • Protect business and customer data
      • Control employee Internet access
    • Kaspersky Security for Business

      Kaspersky Security for Business

      • Integrated solutions for known, unknown and advanced threats
      • Unified protection for physical, virtual and mobile environments
      • Efficient security for all kinds of virtual environments
    • Kaspersky Security for Enterprise

      Kaspersky Security for Enterprise

      • World-class research and technology
      • Specialized security technologies and services for a strong APT defense
      • Efficient security for all kinds of virtual environments
      • Advanced security, management and control for mobile

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  • Kaspersky Lab gives our customers the power to protect what matters most to them online. We create effective antivirus and digital security solutions for users worldwide, providing protection for over 400 million people and 270,000 businesses. Our award-winning, innovative technologies help protect your money, privacy and data from malware, ransomware, and sophisticated online threats.

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