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UPDATE 1.2.0
Make sure you've updated DynDOLOD to the latest version (1.46+) before updating Enhanced Landscapes (otherwise the patching function will not work!)
Look change-log for a list of all relevant changes. If you've previously downloaded v1.1.8 you only need to regenerate Static- and TreeLODs. You can disable the "Generate DynDOLOD" option in the advanced options of DynDOLOD.

Enhanced Landscapes is a project which aims to improve Skyrim's landscape with more objects. This includes floral objects, rocks, ruin clutter and a lot of other landscape assets. This also aims to improve the distant appearance of mountains, cliffs and other rock formations. Requires DynDOLOD to generate proper Distant- and TreeLODs.

Requirement: Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD by Sheson

While I've decided to release this on Nexus, it is still a work in progress and will get a lot of updates in the future. If you decide to use this mod, keep in mind that the installation process is more complex as of many other easy install and play mods. Take time and read everything carefully.

click "Show" below


Great video showcase by insane0hflex

Video by hodilton. He didn't use DynDOLOD so this may show you how the mod looks without the new generated LODs. Generate LODs! Apart from that a great video.

This is just a small overview of all the changes I've made with Enhanced Landscapes.

Enhanced Landscapes improves mountains by adding hundreds of objects to make them look fuller and more realistic. They will now look better from distance, but also from near. Also it improves smaller rock formations and cliffs all over Skyrim.

A lot of improvements on roads all over Skyrim by adding hundreds of objects alongside them. Makes travelling on roads a lot more interesting.

Added dozens of trees and increased a lot of them, especially in the forests around Falkreath to make them look more ancient and dense - added a lot of fallen trees and stumps too. Also changed the aspen trees from yellow into multi-colored trees (yellow, orange and red).

The marsh was overhauled with dead trees, morrowind-inspired mushrooms and a lot other objects. There are also some optional files for this area.

City outskirts: 
Improved the city outskirts of Markarth, Windhelm, Riften, Solitude and Whiterun. Added more objects and fixed missing parts of the road.

Small enhancements on farms, dungeon exteriors and other locations to fill them with more clutter and make them look more unique.

A lot of landscape improvements and changes. This applies to nearly all parts of Skyrim's landscape. Added trees, rocks and other objects to fill up some empty-looking parts of the landscape.
The mod also includes tree LodGen billboard files for vanilla & SFO 2.3. You don't need any other billboard files. Just select them in the installer and generate LODs with DynDOLOD. SFO billboards are based on the latest SFO release (v2.3) and vanilla billboards are based on AOF HD Tree LODs.

DLC Patch
Version 1.2.0+ includes a new file called "Enhanced Landscapes - DLC Patch.esp". This file fixes incompatibility with Hearthfire DLC and forwards missing/deleted records from the DLCs and Unofficial Patches (especially XCLN records).This file requires all three DLCs and should be used. Load it as last in your load order!

Optional Files

Solstheim Addon
click "Show" below


Based on Solstheim Landscape Overhaul - Dead Edition. This replaces all ash trees on Solstheim with dead trees. Also improves rocks and other landscape parts on Solstheim. Requires Dragonborn DLC.

Grass Plug-in
click "Show" below


Based on Unbelievable Grass Two with a few subtle changes. This does replace all grasses and is not compatible with any other grass overhaul. This file was used in all screenshots you can see here on this page. This uses the GoS Performance tweak and has similar performance impact as Verdant.

Required Skyrim.ini Settings:

Green Fields
click "Show" below


Changes the tundra into green grasslands. Uses custom grasses and is fully compatible with the Grass Plug-in (should also work with Verdant, if you're using that one). Also includes terrain LOD textures for this area. I've also edited the ground textures of Whiterun to fit the outside changes.

Marsh Optionals
click "Show" below


Marsh Pines 
The main file of Enhanced Landscapes changes the trees in the marsh area into dry dead trees. This plug-in changes them back to vanilla dead pines. If you prefer that ones install this file.

Marsh No Trees
This optional file does remove almost all trees from the marsh region to make it look more barren and mysterious.

Dark Fantasy Edition
click "Show" below


Same as Dark Fantasy Overhaul, which in this case is obsolete and gets replaced by this optional plug-in. This plug-in aims to create an unique dark fantasy atmosphere and gives the game a completely new feeling. Not compatible with the optional marsh files.

Recommended mods to use together with the Dark Fantasy plug-in:

  • ENB: If you want to enjoy the dark fantasy setting with ENB, I would recommend to use a dark or bleak ENB: Bleak/Unbleak ENB, Grim and Somber ENB, Insomnia ENB, Vanilla Ice Cream ENB, Somber Dreams ENB or Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB - these are just some of my personal favourites.
  • Creatures: Some recommended mods are Immersive Creatures or Monster Mod. They will add many new creatures which fit this setting. It's highly recommended to use a creature mod, it will make the world feel much more dangerous.

Haafingar Oak Trees
click "Show" below


This optional file adds a lot of oak trees around Solitude. The tree LOD billboards are not final and may not look the best. The leaf textures are 1024x1024. There may also be some tree clipping between oaks and pines, which I'll probably fix with further versions.

Optional SFO Pines

click "Show" below


Green Pines 
Optional green pines from vurt's Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.0F. Requires Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.3 for all other trees. These pine trees are a lot different to those from version 2.3. Make sure Enhanced Landscapes has a higher priority in Mod Organizer as SFO (or overwrite the necessary files when using NMM).

Snowy Pines 

Optional snowy pines from vurt's Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.1 and new textures for light snowy pines. Requires Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.3 for all other trees. 

Winter Edition
click "Show" below


Based on Skyrim Winter Overhaul with some improvements. This currently only covers Skyrim (no Solstheim). Solstheim compatibility will be added later.

Only downloadable as optional file (this won't get included into the main file).


Turns all of skyrim into a immersive winter paradise and makes Skyrim to the harsh and cold land it is supposed to be.


  • First install the main file of Enhanced Landscapes. Don't choose any of the optional plug-ins, most of them are incompatible with the Winter Edition. DLC Patch can be used, but none of the other plug-ins.
  • Now download and install the Winter Edition - install the mod as separate file, so it doesn't conflict with the main files of EL. In MO make sure the Winter Edition has a higher priority as Enhanced Landscapes (left pane in MO).

Load Order
After installing the files enable all files and make sure the load order looks like following:
  • EL Winter LandDecolor.esp (flagged as esm file and should be loaded after all other .esm files)
  • Enhanced Landscapes.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Winter.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - DLC Patch.esp (if you use it)

It's not recommended to merge these files!
Now generate LOD files with DynDOLOD (make sure these files are loaded with DynDOLOD).


  • Realistic Lightining Overhaul/Enhanced Lighting for ENB and ELFX (also Enhancer Plug-In) are fully compatible.
  • Not compatible with Climates of Tamriel/Pure Weather, RCRN or any other weather overhaul. Will work with most ENBs.
  • Fully compatible with Pure Waters, W.A.T.E.R & Realistic Water Two.
  • Also compatible with most snow mods and snow textures, so you can use your favorite snow textures. Make sure snow/ice/road textures are loaded/installed after Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition.
  • Compatible with Frostfall, Wet and Cold and GetSnowy. Please make sure to load this plug-ins after all Winter Overhaul files.
  • Fully compatbile with Footprints, you will see footprints everywhere in Skyrim!



The files were packed into a fomod installation, which lets you choose all optional files and patches.


  • Download the file and install with a mod manager. Mod Organizer is highly recommended.
  • Choose the options you want and click at install. All important files will get installed, this also includes LodGen billboards, which are needed for the LODGen process.
  • Make sure Enhanced Landscapes has a higher priority in MO as any other landscape mods & LodGen billboards! If using NMM let Enhanced Landscapes overwrite all necessary files.
  • Enable the Enhanced Landscapes.esp and all options if you've installed them.


  • Install DynDOLOD, if you haven't already and read all included instructions how to use it. If you're already familiar with DynDOLOD this will be an easy step.
  • Make sure Enhanced Landscapes is loaded AFTER DynDOLOD (priority in Mod Organizer - left pane), so it can overwrite some textures which are also included into DynDOLOD. DynDOLOD.esp must be loaded as last (after Enhanced Landscapes.esp and all other .esp files)!
  • Generate DistantLOD and TreeLOD with DynDOLOD with all Enhanced Landscapes files enabled. The output files of DynDOLOD should be loaded after Enhanced Landscapes.

Load Order


  • Enhanced Landscapes.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Grass.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Solstheim.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Green Fields.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Dark Fantasy.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Marsh Pines.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Marsh No Trees.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Oaks.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - DLC Patch.esp

These are all included files you can choose. Doesn't matter if you're using just two of these plug-ins or five, this should be considered as load order for them.

MOD FOLDERS (Mod Organizer priority - left pane in MO)

  • DynDOLOD
  • billboard files (if you use them)
  • Enhanced Landscapes
  • DynDOLOD output


With Update 1.1.5+ the mod now implements a new feature regarding to compatibility patches. Sheson, creator of DynDOLOD, created a new method to make mods compatible without the need of ESP patches. Enhanced Landscapes now contains a "DynDOLOD" folder with a ini file. 

The ini file contains references according to esp file names which conflict. When generating LOD with DynDOLOD it will find the references, depended on the mods you use, and disables them. This doesn't mean all mods will work, below is a list with mods which were patched. Others will follow.

Make sure to load this plug-ins in TES5Edit when generating LOD with DynDOLOD, otherwise the patching function will not work.

List of patched mods

  • Enhanced Towns and Cities (works with ETaC Complete & ETaC Modular + ETaC - Dragon Bridge South Addonload ETaC_Complete.esp (or any of the modular files) after Enhanced Landscapes.esp & all other EL files 
  • JK's Skyrim & all of JK's Town Overhauls
  • Cutting Room Floor - load Cutting Room Floor.esp after Enhanced Landscapes & all other EL files
  • Provincial Courier Service
  • Other mods: Gray Cowl of Nocturnal / Pinegrove Lodge / INIGO / Routa
  • Aurora Village (the mod includes a patch for EL, don't use it, use the patching function from DynDOLOD instead to patch this mod)
  • Better City Entrances (only works with All-in-One version)
  • Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships (works with Hearthfire and Vanilla version)



Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Fully compatible and should be used together with Enhanced Landscapes. Just make sure Enhanced Landscapes has a higher priority in MO as SFO. Enhanced Landscapes.esp & all other Enhanced Landscapes files should be loaded after Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp.

Town & City mods
ETaC and JK's Skyrim were patched and are fully compatible. Other mods, which improve towns may be incompatible. Mods which edit the main cities are fully compatible.

Landscape mods
There are a lot of mods available which make some small landscape edits here and there. Most of these mod only cover a few areas and only add a few objects. Enhanced landscapes aims to improve landscapes, locations, rock formations, mountains, roads and paths all over Skyrim.

All texture mods are fully compatible and work fine with Enhanced Landscapes, the only mods which may conflict are mods which add objects.

Simply Bigger Trees and other bigger trees mods
May cause some problems. I've increased tree size of aspens by myself and also a lot of pine trees were increased by hand. If you want to use simply bigger trees, you can use it, just be aware that there may be some over-sized trees.

Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Compatible, though there may be some bad AI acting. Most new added objects have collision boxes with NavCut (which will prevent NPCs from walking through them). 

Touring Carriages
Not compatible. Due to a lot of objects added alongside roads it will end up in issues where the carriages will not pass through. No compatibility patch at the moment and it may take a long time until I'm going to patch this mod (if I ever consider to do so).

Merging all files into one

If you want to merge all Enhanced Landscapes files into one file, using the Merge Plugins xEdit Script, make sure to name the output file "Enhanced Landscapes - Merged.esp" (without the .esp extension - TESVEdit adds by itself). I've included optional billboard files & a ini file for patching in the newest update which are depended on that file name. So you can use the merged file to generate LODs with DynDOLOD and patch incompatible mods.

You can merge all files to save esp space.

Make sure to merge the files with the correct load order, as described above!


There may also be some questions about Performance. You can expect a performance hit due to more objects, bigger trees and some high-res textures, but it should overall not destroy your system - also depends on how many mods and high-res textures you're using alongside this. Especially when using the grass plug-in it will also have a higher performance impact (similar to Verdant). DynDOLOD also comes with a small performance hit, but it should not be too much also with this mod enabled.


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