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This is a comparison of notable time-tracking software packages and web hosted services.

Name Platform Features Integration Data-storage Licensing
10,000ft Web application Resource planning and forecasting, Project management, Time-tracking, In & out board, Real-time project status, Business analytics, Budget plan. Integrates with Quickbooks and enables export of data to CSV for use in other tools. Web-based, hosted. Subscription-based
24SevenOffice Web application Complete ERP/CRM with timesheet module. Integrated with accounting, invoice, project and CRM modules. Hosted. Export to XML, Microsoft Excel etc. Subscription-based
AceProject Web application The timesheet module lets you enter hours worked on a project or a task. Following an approval request, a project manager can approve or reject the submitted hours. Finally, time reports can be generated in order to track worked hours. Export to CSV or Microsoft Excel. Import from CSV. SaaS - Microsoft SQL Server Subscription- and license-based
Attainr Web application A personal time tracker. Created to help people improve their self-discipline and become more productive. Web-based, hosted. Free and subscription-based
BillQuick Desktop, Web application Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android BillQuick delivers time tracking, project management and billing while supporting professionals working from a PC on a network and via web. BillQuick allows users to exchange data via email, hand-held computers and cell phones from the field. Integrates with accounting packages such as Intuit's QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree & MYOB Australia. Also integrates with MS Outlook. MS Access, MS SQL License- and subscription-based
Ceiton Web application Time-tracking and reporting, timesheets, invoicing. Full project support, integrated with workflow and long-term shift planning. Supports mobile devices. Export to SAP, Microsoft Excel, CSV and pdf. Web-based, MS SQL, Oracle. License
Chrometa Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android Fully automatic time-tracking software that captures all your PC-based time. Records time spent within all applications, documents, emails, and web pages without data entry. Also records time while you're away and prompts you to add a note. No user input required. Export to Microsoft Excel Subscription-based
Clarizen Web application - Offered as SaaS Collaborative project execution software. Clarizen’s Time Tracking features include cost and billing rates, timesheets, billing approvals process and time-tracking reports. Integrate with Salesforce, Google docs, Microsoft Outlook. Mobile- iPhone/Android app Export and import projects to and from Microsoft Excel Subscription-based
Web Timesheet
Web application - Offered as SaaS, Desktop App, Mobile App (Android and iPhone) Online time and expense tracking for billing, payroll and cost accounting. Features project estimation, resource planning, timesheet approvals, web services, PTO / Time-off accruals, customizable reports and automated incomplete timesheet alerts.[1] Integrates with all major billing and accounting software, including QuickBooks Hosted. Exports to XML, Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF Subscription-based
DeskTime Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Time-tracking and productivity software for freelancers and businesses. Features automatic time tracking via desktop client, timesheet generation, productivity analysis and email reports. iPhone, Android Hosted. Export to Microsoft Excel Subscription-based
Eylean Board Microsoft Windows, Desktop, Desktop-based Allows for time tracking capabilities within a project management software. Predefined and custom time tracking reports available. Integrates with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook. Server, Microsoft Excel. License- and subscription-based
Fanurio Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, Java Invoicing, time tracking, billing Address Book HSQLDB Subscription-based
FogBugz Web application Automatic and manual time tracking, estimates, milestones, and reports. Available in FogBugz Tasker, FogBugz Issue Desk, FogBugz Agile, and FogBugz Dev Hub. Web-based, hosted. Subscription-based
FreshBooks Web application Invoicing, time tracking, payments, estimates, expenses, staff and client management, accounting, personalized branding iPhone, Basecamp, MailChimp, ZenDesk, LinkedIn, automated snail mail Hosted. Export to various formats Subscription-based
Grindstone Microsoft Windows Stopwatch, AFK detection, search tasks, profiles, custom fields, breakdowns, timesheets, invoices. After installation a portable version can be generated, too. Export to Microsoft Excel, PDF XML CC BY-ND 3.0 US
Group-Office Web application Time tracking and time-based reporting, timesheets, project budgeting, invoicing, expenses, CRM, groupware Built as module for open-source platform Hosted. Export to Microsoft Excel, CSV Subscription- or license-based
Harvest Web application Time tracking and reporting, timesheets, invoicing, expenses, project budgeting iPhone, Android, Mac, Google Apps, Quickbooks, Xero, Basecamp, Trello, Asana Hosted. Export to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Google Docs Subscription-based
Hubstaff OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web application Time tracking with screenshots, activity levels, employee payments, and scheduling. Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, Trello, Wrike, and other project management tools. Hosted. Export to Microsoft Excel, CSV, QuickBooks Subscription-based
ICEFLO Web application - Offered as SaaS, Mobile (iOS and Android) Project management system that includes time and task-tracking. It also supports task dependencies, a document repository, real-time update dashboard (RTUP) and key project lifecycle information for C-Level and Stakeholders. Import option from CSV, export to CSV or Microsoft Excel plus iPhone and Android applications available for free download. Subscription-based
Instant Mobile App for iOS, Android and MacOS Automatically tracks time spent on phone usage, at places, while travelling, sleeping and fitness activities. With a chatbot coach, reports and goals. Used for consumers and employee wellness programs. Can export CSV, integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung S Health and Fitbit. Locally stored on phone, can backup on iCloud or Google Drive Subscription-based
LiquidPlanner Web application Customizable activity codes, reviews, estimate trend charts, date drift trend charts, custom filtering, programming API, and export to XML, CSV, or to Quickbooks. Fully integrated with the LiquidPlanner Project Management environment. Time tracking integrated with LiquidPlanner Analytics. Export to Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, or in CSV format. Proprietary
ManicTime Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Automatic time tracking software, which tracks computer usage and stores all data locally. It allows users to track time spent on various projects and tasks. When used on multiple machines, locally installed server generates combined reports, which are accessible with a web browser or sent by email. Microsoft Office, JIRA, Moves app, Google calendar, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Skype SQLite, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server Free or license-based
Mavenlink Web application Online project management, task collaboration, Gantt charts, file sharing, time tracking, timesheets, budget and expense tracking and invoicing. Budget tracking management for accounts receivable, invoicing, work-in-progress are all tied to time tracking. Google Apps, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office 2013, PayPal,, JIRA, FogBugz, Zendesk Export to Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, or in CSV format. Subscription
MetaCommunications Web application, Microsoft Window, Mac OS X Employee and project time tracking, scheduling, expense tracking, on-demand reports and invoices, share information with accounting systems. MYOB, Quickbooks, PeachTree, Great Plains, other accounting systems Subscription- or license-based
OnTheClock Web Application A SaaS service offering employee time tracking, PTO tracking and shift scheduling QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Export Export To Excel, CSV, PDF Subscription Based
ProjectToolBelt Web application - Offered as SaaS Project management integrated with timesheets, global settings, Project,task, activity tracking, flexible timesheet settings with permissions and roles, configurable approval paths, Employee and project time tracking, costing and scheduling, expense tracking, on-demand reports and export to csv Export to XML, Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF in format required by other accounting systems Export to XML, Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF Free project management, Subscription based for Human resource management, Timesheet, timeoff integration
Redmine Web application Project management and issue tracking with time tracking, forums, wikis, and project flows. Includes Gantt charts and a calendar. IDEs, version control systems, mobile phones, and browsers. SQLite, PostgreSQL Open-source
Replicon Web application - Offered as SaaS Provides employee time tracking, project time tracking, expense tracking and scheduling. Includes text reports with custom columns, graphical reports, email reminders, multiple approval paths, time off calendar. Quickbooks, Microsoft Project, ADP, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Ceridian, WSDL/XML API, Mobile - iPhone/Android available Hosted. Export to XML, Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF Subscription-based
Resource Guru Web application - Offered as SaaS A web based resource scheduling and calendar tool. Developer API Hosted. Subscription-based
Sapience Web application offered as SaaS, Desktop, Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Mobile (BlackBerry, Android) Provides employee work time tracking, activity tracking, and self-improvement features. Includes graphical reports, email reminders, top 20% & last 20% employee by work time, weekly/monthly/quarterly activity trends. SAP, PeopleSoft, Google Calendar, Android, Blackberry available Hosted. Export to XML, Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF Subscription-based
Severa Web application - Offered as SaaS Includes highly intuitive GUI for easily managing time tracking, scheduling and resource management. Also offers Project Management, Resource Planning, Customer relations in the same application. Hosted. Export to Microsoft Excel. Subscription-based
Talygen Web application, crossplatform Time tracker with complete project management, human resource management, and expense tracker[2] Subscription-based
Tanda Web application with iOS, Android, and web apps Cloud scheduling, time and attendance tracking, automatic timesheets and wage rate calculation, 1-click payroll integration, leave management, detailed reporting, open API, Time Clock Apps, and more. Integrates with all major payroll/ accounting solutions including Intuit QuickBooks Online & Desktop, Xero, MYOB Online & Desktop (excluding Essentials), as well as Point of Sale systems & more. Hosted. Export reports in CSV, PDF and others. Subscription-based
Teamwork Web application cross-platform (any operating system, Java language) Complete web-based project management software with timesheet module, ASP available MS Project, open source Java API Any SQL compliant Database Subscription-based
Tick Web application Employee time tracking, instant budget feedback, reporting and invoice integrations. Edit time directly in Basecamp. Includes mobile apps, web app, chrome extension, REST API and more. iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, Mac App, Chrome Extension, Zapier, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Basecamp, Asana, Trello Hosted. Export to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Google Docs FreshBooks, Basecamp and QuickBooks Subscription-based
Time Clock Wizard Web application Time Clock Wizard is a software, which includes a mobile app, that allows unlimited users and employees to work in a single schedule, whereas, optional services such as web design, merchant accounts and other business loans credit to the company's business model. iPhone, iPad, CSV, email Hosted Subscription-Based
Time Doctor Desktop, Web application, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Linux TimeDoctor is a time tracking and productivity tool which employs screenshots, website & application usage monitoring, keyboard & mouse activity, and task & project time logging. It also has web-based reporting. Basecamp, Asana, JIRA, Podio,, Slack, Trello, GitHub, and 20 others Hosted and export options available Free and subscription-based
TimeSheet Microsoft Windows, Desktop The TimeSheet software will notice when you start an application, are working on a document, visit a web page or switch to another application, and registers the time spend on this application. By defining rules you can assign Projects and Tasks automatically to the used applications, documents and web pages. The tool records the time and create a time sheet automatically. Plug-ins in C# Export to Microsoft Excel and XML Shareware (€24 after 30 days trial).[3]
TimeTiger Web application, Windows Team and enterprise time tracking, project tracking, reporting and analysis. Bi-directional sync with MS Project, export to Excel and QuickBooks, integration SDK MS Access, MySQL Subscription- and license-based
Timewarrior Linux Command line interface JSON File MIT License
TMetric Web application, Desktop (Microsoft Windows) User-friendly interface, Projects budgeting, Project management, Task and time-tracking, Invoicing, Billable time and rates, Detailed time and money reports, Task tags, Team management, Time-sheet export, Workday timeline, Downloadble version Integrates with Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, Trello, Wrike, JIRA, GitLab and many more Web-based, hosted. Free and subscription-based
Toggl Web application - Offered as SaaS, Desktop App, iOS, Android Toggl allows users to track the time spent on various projects and analyze productivity. It’s cloud-based and can be up and running from scratch in less than a minute. You can use Toggl on the web, as a desktop widget or on your mobile – all your data gets synced in real time. Export to Excel, FreshBooks, and Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, TeamWeak integration SDK Web-based, hosted. Free and subscription-based
Tracker Groupware, requires Lotus Notes Includes a Web enabled time reporting module, with automated approval routing and messaging. Other Tracker Suite modules, Microsoft Project Microsoft SQL License-based
TrackerOffice Groupware, requires Microsoft Outlook Includes a time reporting module, with automated approval routing and messaging. Other TrackerOffice modules, Microsoft Project Microsoft SQL License-based
TrackerSuite.Net Web application Includes a time reporting module, with automated approval routing and messaging. Other TrackerSuite.Net modules, Microsoft Project Microsoft SQL Subscription- or license-based
TSheets Web application with iOS, Android, and Google Chrome apps Mobile time tracking, manual or automated time entry, employee job/shift scheduling, real-time GPS location tracking, customizable alerts & reminders, detailed reporting, invoicing, PTO & vacation tracking, kiosk functionality, open API, and more. integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online & Desktop, Xero, ADP, Gusto, Square, Expensify, and other payroll/accounting solutions. Hosted. Export reports in CSV, PDF and others. Free and Subscription-based
web2project Web application Project management system that includes time and task-tracking. It also supports task dependencies, a document repository, and optional components for Timecards, Risk Management, and importing from Microsoft Project. Hosted. Exports to PDF GPL
Wrike Web application Project Management & Collaboration solution. Integrated with email. Hosted. Export to Microsoft Excel. Subscription-based
Xpert-Timer Android or Desktop (Microsoft Windows) Native Project time-tracking software that includes a To-Do list, a document management, client management and invoicing module in the PRO Version. The Windows version includes a timebar that floats on the Windows desktop that allows users to keep an eye on the time spent on a project. Multiple reports are included. Bi-directional sync with Android XT MOBILE version, export to Excel and CSV. Full access to database. MS Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL (also Express) License-based
Zoho Projects Web application, iOS, Android Project management software with a wide range of time tracking functionalities to record the start and end dates, calculate the time spent on tasks, differentiate billable and non-billable hours, generate invoices, and to establish and manage an approval process for timesheets. The time logging process can be automated by starting and stopping timers for tasks.[4] Integrates with Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books[5] and enables export of timesheet data in xls/csv formats. MySQL Subscription-based

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