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You can find your serial number in several places. Keep in mind that Apple hardware product serial numbers may sometimes contain the number "0" (zero), but never the letter "O".

In iTunes

To find your iPod’s serial number in iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer.
  2. When the iPod appears in iTunes, select it on the left side of the iTunes window under Devices.
  3. Click the Summary tab to see your iPod's serial number. For iPod shuffle (1st and 2nd generation), click the Settings tab.

On the iPod About screen

You can find your serial number in the About screen on your iPod classic, iPod nano, or iPod touch.

  • iPod touch and iPod nano (6th generation or later): Go to Settings > General > About.
  • iPod classic and iPod nano (5th generation or earlier): Go to Settings > About and press the Home button until you see the serial number.

On the back of your iPod

Depending on the model of your iPod, the serial number is either engraved on the back case or is on or below the clip. The images below show examples.

iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch

Engraved on the back case toward the bottom.

iPod shuffle (4th generation) and iPod nano (6th generation)

On the clip face that touches the back of the device when the clip is closed.

iPod shuffle (3rd generation)

On the back of the device under the clip in the area closest to the bottom of the device.

iPod shuffle (2nd generation)

On the inside edge of the clip on the back of the device. You'll need to open the clip to find the serial number.


iPod shuffle

On the back of the device (the side with the Apple logo) along the bottom right side.

On your iPod packaging

If you have your product's original packaging, you can check the barcode to find the serial number.

On your iPod invoice or receipt

Some retailers may include the serial number of your iPod on the receipt.

Last Modified: May 6, 2016