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How do I download a backup copy of my Microsoft Office 2010 product?

1. Locate your 25-character product key found in your product package or confirmation e-mail. You must have a valid, activated Office 2010 product key to install and activate your downloaded software.

3. Click the Get backup button

4. When prompted, enter your 25-character product key and follow the online instructions.

5. When prompted, enter your Microsoft account (previously known as Windows Live ID) or create a new Microsoft account.

6. Select to download your software or order a DVD. If you order a DVD a fee will apply.

7. Once you complete the process you will be presented with a link to download your software. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the download if you prefer to wait and download at a later time.

8. When prompted click the Download now button to start the download process.

9. Save the file to your desktop. Do not change the file name.

10. Once downloaded to your computer, click the file icon on your desktop to install your software.

11. Open Microsoft Office.

To open, click Windows Start, then point to All Programs, and then Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word (or other Office application).

Note: If you did not opt to have automatic activation during the setup process you will need to activate your software. If so, enter your Product Key when prompted and follow the on-screen instructions to activate Office.


Can I get a backup for Office 2007 from this site?

Yes, you can get a backup copy of Office 2007 from


Why am I required to have a Windows Live ID to download backup software?

The backup process for the Office 2010 upgrade requires a Microsoft account. For your convenience, the upgrade Office 2010 product key will be associated with your Microsoft account, we will e-mail your Office 2010 product key to you after your order is complete. Additionally, if you misplace your product key in the future, you will be able to access your Office 2010 Product Key(s) from within your Microsoft account.


How do I order a backup DVD for my Microsoft Office product?

To order a backup DVD from this site follow the same steps as downloading the software. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


What is Click-to-Run?

Click-to-Run is a new way to download and install Microsoft Office which uses virtualization to allow you to use your Office program as they are streamed and cached to your computer. Click-to-Run is automatically used if your connection speed meets the connection speed minimums.


I tried to get a backup copy but my product key was rejected. What do I do?

If your product key is not accepted, verify that you have entered your product key correctly. If the system is still not able to validate your product key, contact customer support.


How do I know if I am eligible for a backup of my Microsoft Office 2010 product from this site?

If you purchased your Office 2010 product from Microsoft or an authorized reseller and you have a valid Office 2010 Product Key, you are eligible to get a backup of Microsoft Office 2010 from this site. Fees apply to each DVD order and vary by country. Microsoft reserves the right to deny and/or disregard any download or backup DVD request deemed in Microsoft's discretion to be false or fraudulent.


Can I download more than one product at the same time?

No, each qualifying product must be downloaded separately. The site will verify one product key at a time.


For which Microsoft Office products can I get a backup copy from this site?

A backup copy is available for the following Microsoft products from this site.

  • Office Professional 2010
  • Office Home and Business 2010
  • Office Home and Student 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010
  • Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
  • Microsoft Visio Professional 2010
  • Microsoft Project Standard 2010
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2010

What should I download if I need a backup for Office 2010 Professional Academic?

You should download Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. For any Office 2010 academic version you can download the corresponding Office 2010 product from this site.


I purchased a Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Card. Can I get a backup copy from this site?

If you purchased your Office 2010 Product Key Card from Microsoft or an authorized reseller you are eligible for a backup copy from this site. You can either download the copy or order a DVD.


Can I download a 64-bit version of Office 2010?

Yes, a 64-bit Office 2010 product backup is available. However, we recommend most users install the 32-bit version of Office 2010. The 64-bit installation of Microsoft Office 2010 products are for users who commonly use very large documents or data sets and need Office 2010 programs to access greater than 2GB of memory. There are some technical limitations with the 64-bit version and in order to install a 64-bit version of your Office 2010 product you must have a 64-bit supported operating system on your PC.

My copy of Microsoft Office 2010 came preinstalled on my new computer. Can I get a backup copy from this site?

Yes. You will still need your Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key in order to get a backup copy.


How many backup copies can I get from this site?

There is no limit to the number of Office 2010 backup copies you can download or order from this site. However, the number of times you can install the software is determined by the number of licenses for your original purchase. See your original product packaging for licensing information.


My computer crashed and I need to reinstall Office 2010 but I already activated all of my licenses. Can I still reinstall Office?

Yes, if you need to reinstall Office on a PC on which you previously installed and activated Office, you can reinstall Office and activate it with your original product key.


If I order a backup DVD how long will it take to arrive?

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


I need help with my Office 2010 upgrade, who should I contact for support?

For DVD online store purchases, downloads, or product key questions, please contact Microsoft Online ESD Support

  • If you purchased Office 2010 from a retail store, for technical assistance, including software installation/un-installation, product activation product use, please contact Microsoft support.

Which software does Microsoft’s Product Key Card Terms apply to?

If your license designation is “PKC,” use of the software downloaded from this site is governed by the “Product Key Card” terms portion of the Microsoft Software License Terms and the first clause of that agreement is amended to read as follows:

These license terms are an agreement between Microsoft Corporation (or based on where you live, one of its affiliates) and you. Please read them. They apply to the software (i) which is downloaded from this site and (ii) which is named on the PRODUCT KEY CARD you have purchased.

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