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Is anybody doing statistics on these issues? What a nightmare. I think it didn't like AVG/Grisoft software either, what a pain.
I am about to never recomend Lavasoft software again.
On occasion, I help friends with computers (unpaid). And, part of doing so is getting them setup with antivirus/antispyware, at least to give them a basis of protection.
In the past, Adaware was simple, and seemed to work well. Now... hmmm... I suppose the idea of combining antivirus and antispyware is good. But, it just doesn't seem to be as simple as the old version, but perhaps I'm just biased because of installation and activation problems (and my distaste for popups, and the new advertizing, and worry that I'll send out a computer that will start asking friends for money like the spyware that I try to avoid).
Anyway, with the registration.
Last week (first laptop with Adaware 10.2)
First activation code failed.
Requested 2nd activation code, worked.
This week (second laptop for same person).
Requested activation code again, failed (was same as last week's code).
Both codes failed to work. Additional requests sent same codes.
Tried a second e-mail address.
2 new codes, both failed.
Tried a third e-mail address
First code failed.
Second code succeeded.
So, I got 2 valid registrations out of 6 codes & 3 different e-mail addresses.
Repeated attempts with failed codes seems to continue to fail.
As one of the comments above indicated, a user was apparently told to retry his old code, and it suddenly worked. The person commented that his belief was that something was changed to enable the code.
So, either the codes being sent are bad codes, or not "unique", or the activation process is incomplete on occasion for some reason, and the codes get disabled at Lavasoft, and not enabled on the computers, and then the system is unable to recover.
Anyway, I would encourage either fixing the activation problems, or removing the activation step.