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        CCE LOGO

Latest Version of CCE software (2015-16) have been released  (Latest  Copies of Classes VI TO VIII, IX-X AND XI-XII IS UPLOADED 09/10/2012)



CCE is an abbreviated form of continuous and comprehensive evaluation, which was introduced for the first time in the Secondary Level (Class IX and X) in all CBSE affiliated schools from the academic session 2010.

The main objective of the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) is the school- based evaluation of the pupil on a continuous process throughout the year. The other part of it is the assessment of the pupil in the other co-scholastic areas like sports, arts, culture, music etc. The teachers have to be trained professionally so that their judgment when made through an honest and objective appraisal without bias is the basis of CCE.

10Assessment is a form of communication and should be seen as an
integral part of learning and teaching. Assessment can be diagnostic,
formative and summative. Assessment for learning can be recognised as central
to classroom practice. Teachers need to be sensitive and empathetic as all
assessments have an emotional impact and can contribute to learner motivation.
Formative Assessment helps in creating reflective learners and reflective teachers.
The judgements that teachers make need to be based on effective criteria or
standards, through information collected in a variety of ways.
The overall goal of assessment is to improve student learning. Assessment provides
students, parents and teachers with valid information concerning student
progress. Assessment requires the gathering of evidence of student performance
over a period of time to measure learning and understanding. Evidence of
learning could take the form of dialogue, journals, written work, portfolios and
tests along with many other learning tasks.
We use the general term assessment to refer to all those activities undertaken by
teachers and by their students in assessing themselves, that provide information
to be used as feedback to modify teaching and learning activities. Such
assessment becomes formative assessment when the evidence is actually used
to adapt the teaching to meet student needs. Formative as well as Summative
Assessment needs to be valid in that valid it tests a relevant skill or ability and reliable
so that the same result is achieved if the assessment is repeated.


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