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Smart Image Editor sports all the editing features you'd want in an advanced photo editor, but suffers from occasional performance issues. What's more, the app, at times, reacts slowly to your touches, too. However, even with the issues involved, you won't be able to find as many features in other smartphone image editors as you can in this application.

When you first open Smart Image Editor, you're greeted by a few small buttons that take you to the ways you can input a picture. You can use any picture already on your phone or take a new one, but you'll need a standalone camera app, or your smartphone's default camera. The app doesn't auto-rotate and its layout is not too attractive -- it's just a blank, black screen that gives almost as much room to the banner ad as it does to the space to edit your picture. Still, the app packs all sorts of great editing features. There's the expected stuff like cropping, resizing, and filtering and some awesome add-ons like retouching, red-eye removal, and even overlays. Once you've finished editing, you can share the picture to just about any other app, but you'll probably have to page through a pop-up ad before you do.

Annoying ads aside, there is much this app can do when it comes to editing pictures. It rivals desktop editors in terms of features -- though it misses the mark on style. If you don't mind some clunky performance from time to time, Smart Image Editor is worth installing.

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