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Smart Cutter for DV and DVB Portable

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Smart Cutter for DV and DVB Download - Softpedia Smart Cutter for DV and DVB Portable - Free download and software

The world's first H.264 AVCHD MPEG2 frame accurate cutter without re-encoding!

Smart Cutter for DV and DVB H.264/AVCAVCHDMPEG2HDTV

Buy NowFree TrialSmart Cutter for DV and DVB

Download Portable Version (6.8MB ver 1.9.3) What's new

Download MAC OSX Version

Help : How to edit videos without re-encoding...

Quick cutter to process movies:

Cuts videos from DV Camcorder and HD PVR quickly in several mouse clicks.

Supporting M2TS, TS, MP4, MOV, PS, TP, TRP, MTS, MPG, VOB; H.264 AVC, AVCHD, MPEG2, DVD etc. Especially, it is Frame Accurate!

You can observe each scene thoroughly, cut or merge segments of movies. Cut commercials out of video stream.

Especially, only small parts on start and end points will be re-encoded, the middle part will remain untouched, lossless. This gives highest speed while reserving highest video quality. So it is called 'Smart Rendering'.

No need to be worried about formats, frame rate or file sizes, the functions of video join, split and cut can be easily achieved by Smart Cutter. The video editing software allows you to edit video files in all popular formats from DV Camcorder and HD PVR.

All subtitles and audios in the movie will also be cut and saved without re-encoding.

As a video joiner, splitter and cutter, Smart Cutter has an intuitive interface and makes it easy to turn original videos into works of art. And also you can watch the video in the preview window. Smart Cutter is well worthy of having a try.

  • Join multiple videos and combine them into one
  • Split one video into several segments
  • Cut off the unwanted segments of your video

Smart Seek to locate any frame in movies easily and fast:

Since version 1.2.0, the long slider's seeking speed is much faster than old versions, it makes fast jumping through different scenes in the H.264 AVCHD video much easier.

This major improvement is based on our new technology 'smart seek', which was accomplished by our developers after hard optimization. Since long time ago, the mostly experienced difficulty while editing H.264 AVCHD video was: it is very hard to locate the video frame you desired in the H.264 AVCHD movie; after you dragged the mouse wheel, it usually takes too much waiting before the video scene you
wanted to be displayed.

But now, with the help of 'smart seek', you can reveiw and jump to the H.264 AVCHD video scenes as fast as you did to AVI MPEG and other 'simpler' video formats. After you found the scene you needed by the long slider, the short slider will help you to locate every single video frame efficiently. Now, You need not to click the mouse button so many times, step by step dozens(H.264 AVCHD mostly has GOP of more than 33 frames) of frames to your desired one.
Just drag the short slider, each frame will be shown continuously and smoothly. You can decide the cut point very easily and fast.

Stream Fix to ensure a correct output:

Unlike the MPEG2 video streams, the H.264 AVCHD video takes some special elements into its stream structure for playback control. If some video cutter simply chops the H.264 AVCHD video stream apart, then feeds the cut movie into some post-processing pipelines, such as transport stream re-multiplexing, Blue Ray disk authorizing; then, there may(even must) arise the problems of green glitch, mozaic, or audio/video in-sync.

The inner stream-fix function will solve such kind of problems. It was done automatically during the process of video transcoding.

Accurate grabber to capture any frame in movies:

Capture any frame in all popular video formats. Fit for professional users.

Input File Format Support
Video MP4, MOV, MPEG, H.264 AVC, VOB
AVCHD Video (.mts, .m2ts), MPEG2 HD Video (.mpg; .mpeg), H.264 TS HD Video (.ts), MPEG-2 TS HD Video (.ts)
Output File Format Support
Video MP4, MOV, MPEG, H.264 AVC, VOB
AVCHD Video (.mts, .m2ts), MPEG2 HD Video (.mpg; .mpeg), H.264 TS HD Video (.ts), MPEG-2 TS HD Video (.ts)

System Requirements

OS Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above

512MB RAM (1000MB or above recommended)

Free Hard Disk 60MB space for installation
Graphic Card Super VGA (800Ă—600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher

Help : How to edit videos without re-encoding...

Buy NowFree Trial

Download Portable Version (6.8MB ver 1.9.3)

Download MAC OSX Version

Download from our friend site:100% CLEAN

Download SmartCutter Ps/Ts bei


Trial Limitation: Water mark on output movie.

Purchasing a product license guarantees full features and life-time free upgrade of the product.

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