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For the FAQ for Net Nanny for Windows version 6.5, click here instead.

1. How do I install Net Nanny 7.0 for Windows?

  1. Go to and select the Download for the version of Net Nanny you want to install
  2. At the download page, the installation will determine if you have a 32bit or 64bit operating system. You will then be presented with a box in green stating "Based on your computer, we suggest…" - Click Download Here
    1. You will be asked to if you would like to Save the File or Cancel -  select Save the File.  The best option when saving the file is to save it to the Desktop so that you can find it easily when the download completes
    2. At this point it is highly recommended that you disable any anti-virus/anti-spyware or firewall programs you may have running thru the remainder of the Net Nanny install.  They can be turned back on once the installation is complete
    3. Go to your desktop and double click on the Net Nanny for Windows install icon – select Run
    4. Review the End-User License Agreement and click "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and hit Next
    5. Select installation folder – defaults to C:\Program Files... click Next
    6. Ready to Install... click Next
    7. Net Nanny will begin installing and may take a few minutes
    8. When Completing the Net Nanny Setup Wizard screen comes up click Finish
    9. Net Nanny will then start the communication with our servers to establish a connection with your account
    10. You will be asked to Sign In with your existing account credentials. (If you don't already have an account click on "Don't have one? Create one.")
    11. After you enter your credentials you will be able to see the Users you have already created and be given the option to Add User. As you add the Users you will then be able to select during the installation which one you want to be tied to that specific computer.
    12. Once you have selected the User you want tied to the computer, Net Nanny will finish the installation

2. How can I check or update the license status of Net Nanny?

The simplest way to check your Net Nanny License status is to login to the Net Nanny Administration Tools and go to the “Devices” tab this tab will show all your Net Nanny licenses, subscriptions and their status.

3. Which operating systems does Net Nanny 7.0 for Windows support?

Net Nanny 7.0 for Windows supports all versions of Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista. For Windows XP users the Net Nanny 6.5 version is still available and supported.

4. During installation I am asked for my Net Nanny Account credentials what is this?

Your Net Nanny account was created when you purchased the software subscription and created an account for the online store. These credentials should be used the first time you install Net Nanny. If you completed the checkout process as a guest you should have received an email with a redemption code and link to redeem the new code. In following this link you should have been prompted to create a Net Nanny Account.

5. I don’t want to have to login each time I access the Internet how can I change this?

Net Nanny can be configured to keep a Net Nanny User always logged in to your computer for a specific Windows or Mac user account. To configure this option open the Net Nanny Administration tools, go to the Users tab, select the User you wish to always have logged in, go to the User Settings, Select “Additional Settings” above your user Avatar/Icon and put a check mark in “Keep this user logged in until explicitly logged out”. Now your Net Nanny user will always be logged in for your Windows or Mac user account automatically.

6. How do I reinstall Net Nanny?

To reinstall Net Nanny on your computer you can simply download the software from and start the installation. Net Nanny will ask you to use your Net Nanny Account credentials to start and authorize the installation.

7. Can I install Net Nanny on another computer or move my installation to a new computer?

Each computer protected by Net Nanny requires a “seat” or license. If you purchased more than 1 seat you can install Net Nanny on the same number of computers as your purchased seats.

The ability to install on a different computer is dependent upon the number of seats “installs” your subscription supports, you may need to uninstall Net Nanny from your older computer and remove the installation record from the Net Nanny Administration tools before you will be permitted to install on another computer.  You can complete this process by uninstalling Net Nanny through the Windows control panel, and then logging in to your Net Nanny Account at with your account credentials. After logging in, go to the Devices tab, locate the device you are no longer using and click the “actions” button, then choose “Remove Device”. This will free up your license to be installed on another computer.

8. How can I always Allow or Block Specific Sites for a Net Nanny user?

You can set a web page or an entire website to always be allowed or always be blocked. To make these settings, open the Net Nanny Administration tools and go to the “Users” tab.  Select the Net Nanny user you wish to always block or always allow to a specific website and click on the Allow/Block tab. Here you can enter full URLS or domain names of sites you wish to always allow or block.

9. How can I always Allow or Block Specific Sites for all my Net Nanny users at once?

You can set a web page or an entire website to always be allowed or always be blocked for your entire family without having to edit each user individually. To make these settings open the Net Nanny Administration tools and go to the “Family” tab, then select the Allow/Block tab. Here you can enter full URLS or domain names of sites wish to always allow or block.

10. How do I upgrade from Net Nanny 6.5 to Net Nanny 7?

Contact support at and our customer support reps can assist you.

11. I am having issues with Net Nanny 7 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Currently there are some known compatibility issues with the current versions of Net Nanny and Kasperky Anti-Virus. Net Nanny is working to try and resolve the issues but currently the 2 programs are not compatible.

12. After I make a change how long until Net Nanny recognize the change in my settings?

Net Nanny will automatically apply any changes you create within 60 seconds, however if you wish to force the change quicker you can simply right click on the Net Nanny icon in the system tray by the time of day and select 'Synchronize with Net Nanny servers'.

13. What if I forgot my password?  

You can reset your password by going to and once the screen loads, click on Forgot Password.

14. How do I make changes to SSL filtering? 

To enable or disable SSL filtering login to then select the User tab, next select the Net Nanny User for which you wish to change the SSL filtering setting, click on User Settings. Select “Additional Settings” and ensure you have the “SSL Filter secure content (SSL/TLS)” box checked and click on “save changes”

15. How do I access the Net Nanny Administration tools?

The Net Nanny Administration tools are available from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. You can access the tools by going to or from any computer with Net Nanny installed, simply right click on your Net Nanny icon in the system tray and select Admin Console.

16. How do I add more Net Nanny Users?

You can create additional Net Nanny Users by going to the Net Nanny Administration tools and selecting the “Users” tab, then click “Add users” to create a new Net Nanny user.

17. Will Net Nanny email alerts or reports to me?

Net Nanny does not email reports, however you can access reporting data for your family from anywhere through the Net Nanny Administration tools. To access the Net Nanny Administration tools remotely, login at using your Net Nanny Administrator email address and password to login.
Net Nanny can also be configured to send “Email Notifications”. This enables you to get an email in Real Time, daily or weekly when a website is Blocked or Warned or many other types of events occur. Alerts can also tell you when someone has requested access to a specific website or overridden a blocked page.

18. How do I setup email Notifications or Alerts?

You can setup Net Nanny to send you alerts or notifications based on a variety of events. Notifications can be setup by logging in to the Net Nanny Administration tools then going to the “Family” tab, next select the “Notifications” tab and click “Add rule”. Notifications can be configured to send the message “immediately” or summarized daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs. There is no limit to the number of different notifications or alerts you can establish and you can send these to multiple different email address if you desire.

19. How do I setup Time Controls?

You can create time controls for any Net Nanny user. These settings are created by going to the Net Nanny Administration tools and then going to the User tab, select the user you wish to create Time Controls for and then go to the “Scheduling” tab. From this screen select times you wish to allow or block Internet access for the selected Net Nanny user.

20. Can I remotely administer Net Nanny?

Reports and Administration for your Net Nanny software are also remotely accessible from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. To login to Remote Management for Net Nanny go to and log in with your Net Nanny Administrator email address and password. Once logged in you can remotely make changes to your Net Nanny settings. Any changes made via Remote Management should sync down to your Net Nanny protected computer(s) within 1 minute.

21. What is "No Hassle Billing" and how can I confirm that my account has No Hassle Billing disabled or enabled?

No hassle billing is a service Net Nanny provides to automatically renew your Net Nanny License subscription. This service helps ensure that your computer and family are always protected. You can see if your account has this feature enabled or disabled by going to and clicking the “Login” button at the top right part of the page. Leave the radio button set to “Manage My Account, Downloads, Renewals, Add Seats and Billing”. Enter the email address and password you established when you purchased Net Nanny and click “Log In”. This page will display your registration number and provide a link to download the Net Nanny software.
If no hassle billing is disabled, you will see a button at the bottom of the Subscription Products box that says Enable No Hassle Billing – This means that no hassle billing is Disabled and that your license will not auto renew.

If you do not see the Silver tab you can click on the blue link within the box that states, “Turn off No Hassle Billing or Update credit card details”. Clicking this box will give you the option to cancel “No Hassle Billing”. After clicking this, verify that the button at the bottom is labeled Enable No Hassle Billing.

22. I heard there was a security vulnerability reported for Net Nanny; is that true?

The short answer is yes, but now it has been fixed.

ContentWatch was recently alerted to a potential security vulnerability related to Net Nanny's implementation of SSL/HTTPS content filtering. Although there have been no known exploits, ContentWatch took immediate action to resolve these issues in the Net Nanny product.

Two issues were identified, the first was that Net Nanny was using the same root Certificate Authority (CA) and Private Key (PK) across all installations of the product. The second was that Net Nanny was storing the Private Key in memory in a way that it could be captured and potentially exploited by a malicious program or process. A detailed description of the issues can be found at

ContentWatch takes security very seriously and has resolved these issues with the release of Net Nanny for Windows v7.2.5.1.  Specifically, the following technical changes were made to the SSL filtering implementation:

  • The SSL filtering setup process now generates a unique root CA/PK for each installation of Net Nanny.
  • Implemented more secure method calls for dealing with secure data in memory. This mitigates the risk of potential capture of the Private Key from memory.
  • The Private Key is now encrypted using strong RSA encryption and is stored in the local database, which is also encrypted.

These changes are included in Net Nanny for Windows v7.2.5.1. Existing installations of Net Nanny for Windows can receive this new version via the update mechanism in the product. Those wishing to download this version immediately can do so here

23. What happened to my dashboard reports? (new Net Nanny reporting features)

On June 26th, 2014 Net Nanny released an update to the reporting features for the latest versions of the Windows, Mac and Android products. This update allows families to see more details about websites, content categories, dates and times, and other important details for their Net Nanny users. This update does not require any updates to the client software, but this update did reset the reporting data found in the dashboard reports found when logging in to the Net Nanny Administration console. After the update the dashboard report will momentarily appear empty while new reporting data arrives from the Net Nanny clients.

We apologize for this inconvenience, while we enhance the product to better serve the needs of the individuals and families we protect.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at .