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  1.                                   NTLite Professional Edition v1.0.0 b2420








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  17. Intuitive interface

  18. Built with a particular attention on ease of use so that you can focus on more important things around customization choices. Dynamic menus, easy image mount overview, single-file settings, and many more details which help you be more productive.

  19. Screenshot


  21. Live install modifications

  22. Next to editing Windows installation images “offline”, NTLite is featuring Live edit mode, a unique feature allowing you to modify already installed Windows without re-installation. Simply run the tool on the OS you want to edit, choose what to change and reboot if necessary – instant results.

  23. Screenshot


  25. Component Removal

  26. Reduce Windows footprint on your RAM and storage drive memory.

  27. Remove components of your choice, guarded by compatibility safety mechanisms, which speed up finding that sweet spot.

  28. Screenshot


  30. Hardware Targeting

  31. NTLite can gather host machine hardware list and use it in all of its features.

  32. Hardware target checklist is a particularly helpful feature, allowing you to see in advance for any missing drivers on the resulting deployment before applying changes.

  33. This enables you to target another machine when preparing an image, while trying to reach minimum deployment size.

  34. Screenshot


  36. Driver, Update and Language pack Integration

  37. Easily integrate a single or multiple drivers, update or language packages.

  38. Package integration features smart sorting, enabling you to seamlessly add packages for integration and the tool will apply them in the appropriate order, keeping hotfix compatibility in check.

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