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Random Sampler for Microsoft Excel 5.06 Crack

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Random Generator for Microsoft Excel - Excel add-ins and Outlook plug How To Create A Random Sample in Excel SurveyMonkey Blog

Generate any random numbers in Excel with ease

Excel Random Generator can generate any unique random numbers, passwords, dates, strings, GUIDs and codes

Random Generator works as a pane embedded into an Excel window. When you run the add-in, its panel opens on the left side of an Excel worksheet, not overlaying any of your data. So you can comfortably do your usual work and always have your Random Generator at hand.

The add-in is so simple and intuitive that you will hardly need to look into the Help file. Just select a range of cells you want to fill with random numbers in your Excel sheet, pick the necessary group of values and click Generate. The selected cells will be populated with static random data in seconds.

Below you will find a quick overview of the main features.

Generate random numbers and dates

The first 4 groups are purposed for generating random numbers, with or without repeating numbers. You can get:

  • unique random integers
  • random real numbers
  • random dates within a given range
  • random Booleans (yes/no; true/false)

You specify the minimum and maximum values and click Generate. If you need random numbers or dates with no duplicates, check the Unique values checkbox in the corresponding group.

See online help for step-by-step instructions: Generate random numbers in Excel.

Generate random passwords, strings, codes, GUIDs

Excellent random password generator for Excel

Random Password Generator for Excel

Select Excel cells, where you want to generate random passwords. Open the random generator pane, set the charset for your password / string, (you can choose one or several sets, e.g. A - Z, a - z and 0 - 9, or enter any other characters in the Custom field) and set the string length which may be up to 99 characters. Click Generate, and the Random Generator for Excel does the job in seconds. You can use this function as an ideal random password generator. The AbleBits staff used this option to generate their e-mail passwords, and none has been cracked so far smile.

See more tips in How to generate random passwords in Excel .

Generate strings of any pattern - perfect code generator

A really unique feature of our Random Number Generator for Excel, that you will not find in any other add-in is generating random strings by mask. You use the mask when you need the string of a particular pattern. E.g. if you need to generate a number of GUIDs, you check the Hexadecimal character set and use this mask ????????-????-????-????????????. Click Gb aenerate and you will have the 6F9619FF-8B86-D011-B42D-00CF4FC964FF pattern all across the selected range. Of course, apart from GUID codes, you can use this option for producing any other code types, for example coupons, RGB colors, product IDs, zip codes, SKUs, etc.

Find step-by-step instructions in Generate random strings by mask.

Get a random sample from Excel custom lists

The next group is meant for randomly filling the range with values from standard Microsoft Excel custom list(s) or from your own list.

Random names generator

Get a random sample from Excel custom lists

If you need to randomly select a given number of values from your list, Excel Random Number Generator can help with this as well. For example, you have 50 names and you need to pick random 10. Just add all 50 names to your custom list, select 10 blank cells in Excel, click Generate and voila - 10 random names are picked from your Excel list.

You can find detailed instructions: Get a random sample from an Excel custom list.

Create your own custom list to get random data

Another great feature is the ability to add your custom lists not only to the Random Number Generator for Excel, but to the standard Microsoft Excel custom lists as well. Suppose you have a list of names in a worksheet. You select that list, and click New list. That's it! Just one click and you have a new list added to the Random Generator. Now you also have it among your Excel custom lists.

Read more: How to create your own custom list.

Insert new worksheets with names taken from the cell contents

The add-in allows creating worksheets with the names from all custom list values by clicking just one button. So if in your workbook you need the worksheets named like days of the week, just select the appropriate custom list and click Create worksheets.

Random Number Generator for Excel algorithm

Our Random generator add-in uses the reliable Mersenne Twister algorithm. We use version MT19937 that produces a normally distributed sequence of 32-bit integers and has the following advantages:

  • It generates a better pseudo-random number sequence than the RAND() formula in Excel and the rnd() function in VBA.
  • It has a very large period of a nonrecurring random number sequence: 2^19937 - 1.
  • It has gone through numerous tests on statistical randomness, including the NIST Statistical Test Suite and Diehard tests. It passed most of, though not all, TestU01 Crush randomness tests, which are even tougher.

When our tool generates random values, it fills the cells with permanent random numbers while the numbers produced with =rand() change each time the cell containing this function is recalculated.

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