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Sorry, I have deliberately stayed with XP for my astronomy things.  There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason about which computer on the newer windows versions is going to work and which will not.  The exact symptoms prospector 3.6.24 Full and free Crack seems to vary as well.  I am pretty ignorant about windows 7.  I even have XP on my company computer at work. 
Since nobody else has an answer, you might try Meade Customer Support.  They seem to have people that are reasonably up on the newer things.
If you do end up with a fix, please post to help someone else with the same problem.
With my LS, I had trouble with the device setting of 7 in the scope.  I finally figured out where and how to make the change using the AutoStar Update Program.
This scope that I have uses AutoStar 3 and has a different set of issues compared to the 497.
Hope this helps,
Bill Steen

Bill Steen, Sky Hunters' Haven Observatory, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma