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Install and add a new keyboard

You can install third-party keyboards like you install other apps on your device. Just go to the App Store and find the keyboard app that you want. Then tap Get > Install. You’ll need to enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID if it's enabled on your device. 

After you install a new keyboard, you’ll need to add it before you can use it. To add a new keyboard, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add a New Keyboard.



Turn on a new keyboard

After you install a keyboard app, you’ll see a list of available third-party keyboards that you’ve turned on. When you add or turn on a third-party keyboard, you might be asked to provide full access to your iOS device.

Some third-party keyboards require full access to your iOS device to work. This could potentially provide personal information to the third-party developer when you use the keyboard. iOS doesn't let third-party keyboards access your personal information unless you allow it for each keyboard that you add.

You can turn Full Access on or off. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards, and tap on the keyboard that you want to give full access to. 

To learn more about the personal information a third-party keyboard might access, view the developer’s privacy policy on the app’s download page in the App Store or contact the developer.

Switch to a third-party keyboard

You can switch to a different keyboard while you’re using an app. Just select the text field within the app. When you see the keyboard, you can tap the   icon to cycle through the available keyboards. The process to switch keyboards varies with different third-party keyboards. 

You might not be able to use a third-party keyboard in these situations: 

  • If the developer of the app you’re using doesn’t allow third-party keyboards.
  • If you’re typing in a secure text field (like a password entry field that shows typed characters as dots instead of letters and numbers).
  • If you’re using a number pad instead of a standard keyboard.

Instead, you’ll see the default system keyboard until you finish typing.

Remove, rearrange, or delete third-party keyboards

To manage your third-party keyboards, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Edit. Here you can remove your keyboards and arrange the order they’re in. 

You can also delete a keyboard by deleting the companion app you installed from the App Store. This will also remove the keyboard from Settings.

Get help with third-party keyboards

Learn what to do if your third-party keyboard isn't working or responds slowly. For more help, contact the app developer.


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Last Modified: Oct 20, 2015