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OperaPassView v1.10 - Recover the passwords stored in Opera Web browser
Copyright (c) 2010 - 2013 Nir Sofer

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OperaPassView is a small password recovery tool that decrypts the content of the Opera Web browser password file (wand.dat) and displays the list of all Web site passwords stored in this file. You can easily select one or more passwords in the OperaPassView window, and then copy the passwords list to the clipboard and save it into text/html/csv/xml file.

System Requirements

This utility works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 7/2008. You can use this utility even if Opera Web browser is not installed on your system, as long as you have the wand.dat filename.

Known Limitations

  • Currently, OperaPassView cannot decrypt the passwords and they are encrypted by using the master password.

Versions History

  • Version 1.10:
    • Fixed to detect properly the passwords of and probably other Web sites.
    • Added /RawExport command-line option to export Opera wand file into a raw text file (without detecting which fields are the user names and passwords). This option is useful when OperaPassView fails to detect the user name / password field properly and displays other fields instead.
    • Added /LoadWand command-line option to specify the desired wand file to load.
  • Version 1.05:
    • Added an option to export the passwords into KeePass csv file (In 'Save Selected Items'). You can use the created csv file to easily import your Web site passwords into KeePass password manager.
    • Added 'Remember this file in the next time that you use OperaPassView' in the Advanced Options window.
    • Added documentation for command-line options.
  • Version 1.02:
    • Added 'Password Strength' column, which calculates the strength of the password and displays it as Very Weak, Weak, Medium, Strong, or Very Strong.
  • Version 1.01:
    • Fixed bug: OperaPassView failed to work with large wand.dat files.
  • Version 1.00: First release.

Using OperaPassView

OperaPassView doesn't require any installation process or additional dll files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file - OperaPassView.exe
After you run OperaPassView, it automatically tries to locate the wand.dat of the current logged-on user and display all Web site passwords stored in this file. You can also manually choose the desired wand.dat filename by using the 'Advanced Options' window (F8) or simply by dragging the wand.dat filename from Explorer into the main window of OperaPassView.

When OperaPassView displays the passwords list, you can select one or more of these passwords and then copy them to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) or use the save option (Ctrl+S) for saving them into html/xml/csv/text file.

Command-Line Options

/RawExport <Filename> Export all data stored inside the Opera wand file into a raw text file.
/LoadWand <Filename> Specifies the wand.dat file to load.
/stext <Filename> Save the list of Opera passwords into a regular text file.
/stab <Filename> Save the list of Opera passwords into a tab-delimited text file.
/scomma <Filename> Save the list of Opera passwords into a comma-delimited text file (csv).
/stabular <Filename> Save the list of Opera passwords into a tabular text file.
/shtml <Filename> Save the list of Opera passwords into HTML file (Horizontal).
/sverhtml <Filename> Save the list of Opera passwords into HTML file (Vertical).
/sxml <Filename> Save the list of Opera passwords into XML file.
/skeepass <Filename> Save the list of Opera passwords into KeePass csv file.

Translating OperaPassView to other languages

In order to translate OperaPassView to other language, follow the instructions below:
  1. Run OperaPassView with /savelangfile parameter:
    OperaPassView.exe /savelangfile
    A file named OperaPassView_lng.ini will be created in the folder of OperaPassView utility.
  2. Open the created language file in Notepad or in any other text editor.
  3. Translate all string entries to the desired language. Optionally, you can also add your name and/or a link to your Web site. (TranslatorName and TranslatorURL values) If you add this information, it'll be used in the 'About' window.
  4. After you finish the translation, Run OperaPassView, and all translated strings will be loaded from the language file.
    If you want to run OperaPassView without the translation, simply rename the language file, or move it to another folder.


This utility is released as freeware. You are allowed to freely distribute this utility via floppy disk, CD-ROM, Internet, or in any other way, as long as you don't charge anything for this. If you distribute this utility, you must include all files in the distribution package, without any modification !


The software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The author will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to loss of data or any other reason.


If you have any problem, suggestion, comment, or you found a bug in my utility, you can send a message to
Download OperaPassView

OperaPassView is also available in other languages. In order to change the language of OperaPassView, download the appropriate language zip file, extract the 'operapassview_lng.ini', and put it in the same folder that you Installed OperaPassView utility.

Bulgarian DJ-DOGGY 16/03/2012 1.05
Croatian Good Luck 07/01/2013 1.05
Dutch Jan Verheijen 08/06/2013 1.10
Fernch papoo 25/02/2010 1.01
French PasswordOne 20/02/2015 1.10
German «Latino» auf 12/03/2014 1.10
Greek 13/01/2011 1.05
Hebrew peterg 01/04/2011 1.05
Hungarian Whiskey 07/04/2010 1.01
Indonesian RumahDijual 16/01/2014 1.10
Italian Alessio Forconi aka OrsoBubu 28/03/2010 1.01
Persian Amirreza Nasiri 15/02/2014 1.10
Polish Hightower 05/06/2013 1.10
Romanian Jaff (Oprea Nicolae) 05/06/2013 1.10
Russian Russian 09/02/2011 1.05
Russian iNorbert 14/03/2010 1.01
Simplified Chinese Lewen@І©СЕУоРщ 09/03/2010 1.01
Serbian Latin Nenad Nedeljkovic 09/09/2011 1.05
Spanish 05/12/2010 1.02
Swedish Tor-Bjцrn Fjellner 07/01/2014 1.10
Traditional Chinese µo№Ъ King 23/02/2010 1.00
Turkish Se?kin An?l ?nl? 05/06/2010 1.01
Turkish HARUN ARI 10/07/2011 1.05
Uzbek 22/07/2012 1.05
Valencian vjatv 27/02/2010 1.01

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