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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts   (1:38)

No matter how touch-friendly Windows 10 gets, there’s nothing like a keyboard shortcut to get you somewhere fast. Here are the ones everyone needs.

Brad Chacos

The Windows 10 Technical Preview adds all sorts of nifty new features designed to appeal to PC power users, but it also includes some nifty newcomers that you can’t actually see—fresh keyboard shortcuts!

The details come courtesy of Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft’s Blogging Windows blog. If you install the Windows Tech Preview this weekend be sure to check these out.

  • Snapping window: Windows key + Left or Right — LeBlanc says: "(Can be used with UP or DOWN to get into quadrants.)" Quadrants is the new Snap view mode that pins apps to the four quarters of the screen.
  • Switch to recent window: Alt + TabLeBlanc says: "Hold shows new Task View window view, let go and switches to app."
  • Task view: Windows + TabLeBlanc says: "New Task view opens up and stays open."
  • Create new virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + D
  • Close current virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + F4
  • Switch virtual desktop : Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right
windows10 command prompt

The Command Prompt and its Experimental Properties tab in Windows 10.

If you want to start using Windows 10’s greatly enhanced Command Prompt hotkeys (copy-pasting via the keyboard, yesssss) then be sure to check out Scott Hanselman’s extensive post on the topic.

Windows 10’s newfound support for keyboard shortcuts in the Command Prompt isn’t enabled by default, however. To enable it, right-click the Command Prompt’s title bar and select Properties. Open the new-to-Windows-10 “Experimental” tab and check the box next to “Enable experimental console features.” Finally, check the boxes next to “Enable new Ctrl key shortcuts” and “Extended edit keys,” then click OK.

Happy testing!


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