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MS SQL Server Copy Tables To Another

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Copy table to a different database on a different SQL Server - Stack Copying (hundreds of) tables from one server to another (with SSMS )

Hi @Siddharth,

This is a situation where the tools of SQL Server are better suited than JDBC. If you need something complete (such as triggers, constraints), your best solution would be to have the Database Administrator import/export the table using SQL Server Management Studio's "Import Data" task. Right Click on the database name in Management Studio and you will find those options under "task".

If you just want to move the data using JDBC (no definitions, indexes, constraints, triggers, etc), first create the new database and a matching table in the NewDatabase.

Then execute the following SQL statement:

INSERT INTO NewServer.NewDatabase..NewTable
SELECT FROM OldServer.OldDatabase..OldTable

For more on the SQL Server syntax, please review:

I recommend you disable autocommit before hand so you can rollback the transfer if the two tables don't match up.


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