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Avid Knowledge Base
MP3 Option Authorization and Purchase Information

Last Updated : October 16, 2012
Products Affected : Audio_Plug_Ins

MP3 Option Authorization & Purchase Information

About MP3 Option

MP3 Option provides the ability to import and export MP3 audio files directly from within Pro Tools.  This allows you to import audio from MP3 files, as well as Export or Bounce directly to MP3 with specific attributes (Bit Rate, Tags, etc.).  See the File Type descriptions in the Bounce To Disk section of the Pro Tools Reference Guide for more details.

Pro Tools 9 and later
MP3 Option is included with Pro Tools starting with version 9.

Pro Tools 8 and earlier
Up through version 8.x of Pro Tools, the MP3 Option software is a paid option purchased separately, and is available here.

The software costs .95 (USD) to cover the codec licensing fee that Avid pays to the Fraunhofer Institute for each MP3 Option sold.

MP3 Option is included with the purchase of the following ToolKits:

  • Complete Production Toolkit
  • DV Toolkit 2
  • Music Production Toolkit 2
  • Music Production Toolkit (discontinued original version)
MP3 Option is not included with other software bundles or Pro Tools 8 (or earlier) software.

If you have previously purchased an authorization code for either MP3 Export or MP3 Option for either Mac or Windows, you do not need to repurchase a new license for MP3 Option when updating/upgrading Pro Tools. Your authorization code for any one of these will work with all of the following:

  • MP3 Export for Mac (Pro Tools 5.0.1 TDM, LE, or Pro Tools FREE)
  • MP3 Export for Windows (Pro Tools 5.0.1 TDM, LE, or Pro Tools FREE)
  • MP3 Option for Mac (all Pro Tools 5.1 and higher systems)
  • MP3 Option for Windows (all Pro Tools 5.1 and higher systems)

MP3 Option — Authorization Code or iLok Authorization?

iLok authorization of MP3 Option is only available with MP3 Option installation with Pro Tools 7.3 and higher. All earlier versions of MP3 Option require an MP3 Option authorization code. Please Note: in the "Authorizing the MP3 Export Option" section of the MP3 Option Guide, it may say the following: "The MP3 Export Option can be authorized using an Authorization Code or iLok License."

If you own an iLok USB hardware key (purchased separately) and are using Pro Tools 7.3 or higher, you can purchase the iLok License for MP3 Option.

If you do not own an iLok USB key and Pro Tools 7.3 or higher, you would need to purchase the Authorization Code for MP3 Option.

Both versions are the same price. To purchase:

  1. Go to the online store product page for Pro Tools MP3 Option
  2. From the drop down list that says "Please select a product", choose the version you want:
    • Auth Code for Pro Tools 5.0.1+
    • iLok License for Pro Tools 7.3+
  3. Complete your purchase, and authorize MP3 Option using your purchased Auth Code from your receipt, or iLok License.
  4. If you are using Pro Tools 8, you may need to install the actual MP3 Option software before you can authorize it (see below)
If you purchase the iLok license, you must first create an iLok account at Make sure that enter your correct User ID when you purchase an iLok license on the Avid Store, or your license may not get deposited to your iLok account. If you are new to using, see the iLok Authorization and Information article.

For addtional information on MP3 Option, please see the following articles:

Where can I find my authorization code from my MP3 Option purchase on the online store?

If you did not print your order confirmation page, or receive your email order confirmation at the time of purchase with your authorization, you should be able to retrieve it by logging into your account on the website:

  1. Go to Your Account and login using the same email and password as your online store account.
  2. Click on Orders : View Order History
  3. Choose the year that you purchased MP3 Option from the drop down list next to "View Past Orders"
  4. If you see one for MP3 Export or MP3 Option, click on "View Order Details"
  5. You should see a copy of your receipt. Look for "Authorization code, serial number or upgrade key (depending on product purchased):" with your authorization code next.

Your MP3 Option authorization code will begin with the letters "CUBS"


Pro Tools 9 (and later) Systems
MP3 Option is installed by the Pro Tools installer.

Pro Tools 8 Systems
See the following page for information and downloads:

Pro Tools 6 and 7 Systems
Download Not Required

If you have Pro Tools HD, TDM, LE, or M-Powered version 6.x or 7.x, there is no reason to download anything from the online store once you have purchased your license for MP3 Option. You only need your authorization code that begins with "CUBS..." from your purchase of either MP3 Export or MP3 Option, or your iLok license for MP3 Option purchased from the online store if you are using Pro Tools 7.3 or 7.4.

The installer for MP3 Option is part of the Pro Tools installer on all Pro Tools 6 and 7 CDs and major Pro Tools web installers (Pro Tools "CS" updates excluded). To install MP3 Option, check the box next to MP3 Option during Pro Tools installation.

For installation help, please see the following:

  • MP3 Option and MP3 Export Legacy Downloads
Pro Tools 5 Systems
The legacy download pages include older versions of MP3 Export and MP3 Option for Pro Tools 5 sytems:
  • MP3 Option and MP3 Export Legacy Downloads

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