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Wild Animal Care

Kansas: Operation Wildlife
Provides rehabilitation services for injured and orphaned wild animals, and wildlife education for the citizens of northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri.
Drop off center: 11218 W. 75th Street, Shawnee KS 66203 (near Nieman)
913-631-6566 or 785-542-3625

Missouri: Lakeside Nature Center
Exhibits wildlife native to the area, offers educational programs, coordinates community conservation projects, and is one of Missouri’s largest wildlife rehabilitation facilities for injured and orphaned wild animals.
4701 E. Gregory Blvd, KCMO (In Swope Park)

Missouri: MO Dept. of Conservation 816-356-2280

Johanna's Wildlife Control
Will humanely get wildlife out of homes. Also will rehabilitate animals if necessary before releasing to a natural environment.

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