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The BACKUP9.EXE utility will maintain a number of backups (9 by default) of a file.  For example, this command:

backup9.exe c:\baz\

Will generate these backup files:


Where is the most recent backup, is the next most recent backup, et cetra.  Please note that this assumes that backup9 was called 9 times, and the original file changed each time.


backup9 [/a] [/e] [/i] [/l#] [/m] [/nologo] [/q] [/s] [/v] filespec [target]

Where filespec is a specification of the file(s) that should be backed up, and target is the path (drive and folder) where the backup files should be created.
/a Always perform backup, even if no change since last backup.
/e Replace the source file's extension instead of appending.
/i Ignore errors in the file specification.
/l Number of backup levels, from 1 to 999 (defaults to 9).
/m Maintain the folder structure.  This is only applicable with the /s switch and a target path.
/nologo Suppress logo banner.
/q Quiet mode - no banner or operation status.
/s Recursively enter sub-folders.
/v Verbose output (detailed information).


  • The filespec can contain the wildcard characters, the asterisk () and the question mark (?).  It can also include multiple files separated by semi-colons.
  • If the target directory does not already exist, it will be created.  If no target directory is specified, the backup files are created in the same directory as the source file.
  • If either the filespec or target parameter contains spaces, it should be enclosed in quotes.
  • No backup is made if the file has not changed since the last backup.
  • If a file is locked, backup9 will retry up to 10 times over a one second period.  This is helpful for files that are sometimes briefly locked, like a database.
  • Pressing the Escape key will interrupt the operation.

Example #1:  Specifying a Target Directory

backup9 /l3 c:\baz\ d:\target

Produces these backups:


Example #2:  Wildcard, Long Path

backup9 /l3 "c:\baz\foo bar."

Might produce these backups:

c:\baz\foo bar.dat.bk1
c:\baz\foo bar.dat.bk2
c:\baz\foo bar.dat.bk3
c:\baz\foo bar.txt.bk1
c:\baz\foo bar.txt.bk2
c:\baz\foo bar.txt.bk3

Example #3:  Multiple Files

backup9 /l3 c:\baz\foo.dat;bar.txt

Produces these backups:


Example #4:  Replacing Extensions

backup9 /l3 /e c:\baz\

Produces these backups:



Click here to download version 2.5 of BACKUP9.EXE (released August 4th, 2016).

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