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IPhone / iTouch / iPod Backup Tool

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Do you have two or more ipod and want to transfer music between these ipod? Do your family members want to transfer video from your iPod to theirs? Do you want to get funny movies from friends' iPods? Do you just buy a new ipod and want to transfer files from old ipod to your new one? Do you want to transfer iPod music/video from to iTouch/iPhone/iPad? Here with Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer, you can easily transfer music between two iPod, or transfer music/video from iPod to iTouch/iPad/iPhone.

How to use iPod to iPod transfer to share music between two iPods

Want to transfer music/video from one iPod to the other iPod/iPhone/iPad freely? Here the following is a brief guide on how to use Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer to share music/video between two iPods.

Step 1. Download and install Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer on your computer.

Download Download Syncios for mac

Please note that iTunes must already be installed on your computer for running this free Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer correctly. But you do not have to run it.

Step 2. Connect iPod with iPod to iPod Transfer

Connect your iPod to computer with USB and launch Syncios. Now you can start transferring music from iPod to PC.

Note: Any detection problem, please follow this tutotrial.

Step 3. Export Files to PC

Click on My Device Tab, go to the left panel of Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer, unfold Media tab, highlight Music on the right panel, just select the files you want to copy, click Export option, then you can backup the music you have selected from iPod to PC with this Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer.

Syncios iPod Transfer

Step 4. Import former exported files to new iPod.

Now unplug the iPod, plug your new iPod into PC and go back to Syncios. Go to the left panel of Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer similarly, unfold Media tab, highlight Music on the right panel, click Import option, please browse the exported music files on your computer from the previous iPod, select the music files you want to copy, then you can transfer the music to the other iPod.

Note: This iPod Transfer tool also supports Android devices, so you can also transfer data between iPod and Android.

Syncios iPod Transfer

Now you have successfully share music/video between two iPods with Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer.

Supported iPod device:
iPod touch, iPod touch 2, iPod touch 4,iPod touch 3, iPod touch 5, iPod touch 6

Download Download Syncios for mac

Benefits of Our iPod to iPod Transfer Software

  • Sync iPod and even multiple iOS devices simultaneously;
  • Supports both iOS & Android devices;
  • Transfer files from PC to iPod within seconds;
  • Copy and backup iPod files to your computer;
  • Manage movie, music, TV show, ebook, and more;
  • Share iPod files between different iOS devices
  • Easy To Use, Only 2 Click;
  • Faster and More Reliable Transfer;
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades;
  • Detect device info and media info intelligently;
  • Fully support iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and all other Apple devices.
  • Get exactly what you expected apps, ringtones, wallpapers in the online resources section.
  • Download your favoriate online videos and enjoy in your iOS device anywhere, anytime.

Although there are tons of iPod to iPod Transfer Software which all supports transferring apps, images, videos, music, as well as E-books, there is no doubt that Syncios iPod Transfer would be your best choice even surpass iTunes. It is also a full-featured and easy-to-use software which will allow you to manage and backup music, videos, pictures, camera rolls between your iOS devices and PC freely, most importantly, Syncios iPod to iPod Transfer is completely FREE!

One-Click to Transfer Contents from Old iPod to New iPod Touch 5/4

Syncios iPod Manager provide a very easy way to sync iPod music, photos, videos, ebooks, apps etc, however, you have to copy data to your PC, then move everthing to the new iPod while transfer data from iPod to iPod. Here we recommand you a simpler and faster way to sync your iPod to the new iPod Touch 5 or iPod Touch 4.

Download Download data transfer mac