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1stClass for Delphi XE6

1stClass Studio 2012 for Delphi XE2

1stClass Studio 2013 for Delphi XE5 Full Source

9rays.Net for Delphi 4-7

Abakus VCL v4.90.1 + Demo

Abakus VCL v5.00.2 for Delphi 7, BDS 2009-2010, RAD Studio XE-XE6

AbakusVCL for Delphi XE2 (ported) Full Source

ABF Visual Components Library v4.0.1.409 for Delphi7,2005

Absolute Database Multi-User Edition v7.20 for D7-DXE4 FullSource

Absolute Database Multi-User Edition v7.20 Full Source All Editions

Absolute Database Single-Use​r Edition v7.0 Full Source

Absolute Database v.7.61 Multi-User Source Edition XE8

Absolute Database v6.05 for Delphi 7 Full Source

Absolute Database v7.00 Multi-User Edition for Delphi 7 Only

Absolute Database v7.00 Multi-User Edition Full Source for D2007-XE2,BCB6

Absolute Database v7.12 MultiUser Full Source ONLY

Absolute Database v7.30 MultiUser Edition All In One D4-DXE5, C4-CXE5

Absolute Database v7.50 Multi-User Edition

Accuracer MU Pro 4.97 Full Source

Addict v4.3 Plus Pack+Pro+Source

Advantage TDataSet Descendant v8.0 for Delphi

Aidaim Accuracer ODBC Driver v5.00

AidAim Accuracer v10.10 FullSource for D5-XE6

AidAim Accuracer v10.10 FullSource for D5-XE6 (x86-x64)

AidAim MsgCommunicator v4.10 for Delphi 6-2010 & C++Builder 2006-2010

All downloads for XE8 from dev

All Zylsoft products for Delphi 7-XE2

Almdev All in One (30.04.2013)

AlmDev BusinessSkinForm 9.56 Full Source (D5-DXE2)

AlmDev BusinessSkinForm 9.60 for D5-DXE2 Full Source

AlmDev Smart Effects v2.70 & Smart Flash v3.40 Full Source

Almdev SmartEffects v2.81 D5-D10

Almediadev BusinessSkinForm v10.72

Almediadev DynamicSkinForm v13.02

Almediadev SkinAdapter v5.01 FullSource

Almediadev SmartFlash v3.60

Almediadev StyleControls for Delphi XE2-XE7/C++Builder XE2-XE7

AlphaControls 2013 v8.41 For XE5

AlphaControls 2014 v9.03 For Delphi XE6

AlphaControls v10.19 Stable (D5&D10)-(CB6&Builder10) (x86&x64)

AlphaControls v10.20 Stable (D5&D10)-(CB6&Builder10) (x86&x64)

AlphaControls v7.58 Full Source

AlphaControls v7.63 Stable Released (02.04.2012) Full Source

AlphaControls v7.69 (11.09.2012) for Delphi 5-XE2

AlphaControls v8.41 for D5-XE4 (x32/x64) (01.07.2013) + Demo

AlphaControls v8.50 Stable for D6-DXE5 No Source

AlphaControls v8.52 STABLE for all Delphi

AlphaControls v9.10 Full Source

AlphaControls v9.16 Stable released (09.10.2014)

Android L Style Pack for XE7

Android v4.4 KitKat Style for RAD Studio and Delphi XE5

Animated Menus for Delphi 7

Animation Splash Form

AnimationSplash v.1.2.0

AnyDAC 5.0.5 2073 for All Delphi (trial +)

AnyDAC for Delphi XE2 and XE3 Trial

AnyDAC for XE2 and XE3 Installation

AnyDAC v5.0.7.2333 (trial + dcu) for Delphi 7 and XE2

Apollo 7 Embedded + Apollo 7 Server v7.1.0.5

Apollo Database Server v7.2

Apollo Embedded + Server v7.3.0.1

Apollo Embedded Version 7.2

Apollo v7.0.13 for Delphi & C++Builder 5-2010

AQtime Standard for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE7 EMB Edition

ARExcelReport v1.8

ARReports Excel & Word no source for Delphi XE2

ArtFormula для Delphi 7 - 2010 Free

ARWordReport v1.8

ASG Capture for Delphi

Asta v3.136

ATBinHex v2.7.0

ATFileNotification v1.1.5 for Delphi 5-XE2

Atozed CrossTalk v1.0.59 Pro + Patch (XE3 support)

Automated Docking Library for Delphi 2010 Full Source

AutomatedDocking Lib 1.91 by AutomatedQA Full Source and Compiled Libraries for XE2 32Bit

Autoupgrader for Delphi XE5 Full Source

AVLock Simple v5.1.3 Developer Edition Full Source

AVLockGold v5.3.2 (old) for D4, D5, D6, D7, D2005-2007

AzSDK HardwareID Dll v3.3 Full Source (support XE2)

AzSDK HardwareID Dll v5.00 No Source

Barcode studio 2011 Full Source

Barcode studio 2011 ported XE4 Full Source

Barcode VCL Component v1.8.6.48 ported to XE5

BarMenu Components Up to Delphi XE3

Bass24 +Sample Demos + bass.PAS and addons x32/x64

BComPort for Delphi 3-2010


Berg Soft Components DC21092011 D7-Delphi XE2 Full Source

Berg Soft Components. (September 2012) Delphi 7 - XE2 FULL SOURCE

Berg Soft Components. 21.9.2011 D7 - Delphi XE2 32+64 bits.nextcomps_5911

Berg Soft Next Suite 5 1.2013 (VCL) Delphi 7-XE3 Full Source

Berg Soft Next Suite 5 10.2013 for Delphi 7 - XE5 Full Source

Berg Soft Next Suite 5 10.2013 for Delphi 7 - XE5 Full Source

Berg Soft Next Suite 5 8.2013 for Delphi 7 - XE4 Full Source

Billenium Effects Professional v4.3 Full Source for Delphi XE2

BoxedAPP SDK v3.0.9.5

BrickSoft IM Components v10.2

BusinessSkinForm + SkinAdapter + SmartEffects + SmartFlash

BusinessSkinForm VCL v10.10 (24 November, 2012)

BusinessSkinForm VCL v10.31 Full Source

CAD VCL v10.0 Enterprise Full Source

CaddoDraw v4.6 for Delphi XE6

CadoDraw v4.5 for Delphi 6,7,2006,2007

CadoDraw v4.6 for Delphi 2009,2010,XE,XE2

CalcExpress v.2.1

CallbackDisk v 2.1.86 (23 March 2012)

CartoVCL v7.6 Pro Full Source (+XE4)

CartoVCL Ver 7.10 +Source+Demo

Cindy Components For All Delphi Versions Version 4.44

Cindy Components v4.42

Cindy Components v4.42 for All Delphi

Cindy components v5.11.1 for all Delphi versions

Cindy components v6.51 for all Delphi versions

Clever Database Comparer VCL 6.2 D5-D10 Seattle

Clever Internet Suite v7.8 (Updated - October 29, 2013) Full Source

Clever Internet Suite v7.8 for XE6

Clever Internet Suite v7.8.432.5 Full Sources

Clever Suite Internet 7.5 Full Source for XE3 + Help + Demos

Clever Suite Internet 7.7 Full Source

Clever Suite Internet v7.4 D5-XE2 Full Source

Clever Suite Internet v7.6 Full Source

Clever Suite Internet v7.7 for XE3/XE4

Clever Suite Internet v7.8 for XE7

Clever Suite Internet v7.8 Full Source

CodeSite Studio v5.1.4

Component Ace ZipForge v5.05 Delphi 2010 XE

Component Ace ZipForge v5.10 Delphi XE2

Component PackEx v2.00 Full Source

ComPort 4.11 Full Source for D3-XE2

CoolTrayIcon v4.4.0 XE2 FullSource + Demo

Crystal Reports VCL v10.0 for Delphi 7 Full Source

D O M S - 5 0 0 0 Interface components, manuals and demo

dbExpress driver for InterBase v4.2.3

dbExpress driver for Oracle v6.2.3

dbExpress driver for PostgreSQL v3.2.3

dbExpress driver for SQL Server v6.2.3

Dbisam 4.31 + Help for Delphi 2007 Only No Source

Dbisam 4.31 32/64 std for Delphi XE2 No Source

DBIsam v4.30 for Delphi 2010-XE +Parche

DBISAM VCL Standard v4.24.1 for Delphi 5-2006

DCPcrypt v2 Beta 3

Debenu Quick PDF Library v9.12 with License

Debenu Quick PDF Library v9.15

Debenu Quick PDF Library v9.xx with License

Delphi Chromium Embedded 3 (XE3/XE5)

Delphi Inspiration Pack D4-XE3 32/64

Delphi IU for OpenGL v1.2 for Delphi 3-7

Delphi MlSkin V2.7 (2015.11.08) No Source D7-XE10 + Demo

Delphi Simple SIP component v2.9 for Delphi 7 & Delphi XE

DelphiDabbler Components for Delphi

DelphiPi v0.62 (10.03.2012)

DelphiSpeedUp v.2.8 + DelphiSpeedUp v.3.0

DelphiX v1.0.9.2 for D4-DXE2

Devart dbExpress Driver for InterBase and Firebird v4.2.3 Standard

DevArt dbExpress Driver for InterBase v4.1.2 (25-Dec-12)

DevArt dbExpress Driver for MySQL v6.1.2 (25-Dec-12)

DevArt dbExpress driver for MySQL, Windows v5.1.3

DevArt dbExpress Driver for Oracle v6.1.2 (25-Dec-12)

DevArt dbExpress Driver for PostgreSQL v3.1.2 (25-Dec-12)

Devart dbExpress Driver for SQL Server v6.2.3 Standard

DevArt dbExpress Driver for SQLite 2.0.1 full version

DevArt dbExpress driver for SQLite, Windows v2.1.3

DevArt SecureBridge v4.1.3 Full Source (15-Mar-2012)

DevArt SecureBridge v5.0.2 For Delphi & BCB Full.Source

DevComponents DotNetBar + patch

Developer Express VCL 2011.1.6

Developer Express VCL v2012 vol 1.6 Project Files for Delphi XE4

DevExpress v12.2.6 Full Source

DevExpress v13.1.2 Installer

DevExpress v14.1.2 for D7-DXE6 Full Source

DevExpress VCL 2011 vol 2.4 + русификация

DevExpress VCL 2011 vol 2.6 Full Source + Demos + Help + HTMLHelp Setup

DevExpress VCL 2012 vol 1.5 + Demos + Help + HTMLHelp

DevExpress VCL 2012 vol 1.6 + Source + Demos + Help + HTMLHelp Setup

DevExpress Vcl Demos

DevExpress VCL v12.2.6 Installer

DevExpress VCL v13.1.4 for XE5

DevExpress VCL v13.1.4 for XE5

DevExpress VCL v13.1.4 for XE5-XE6 Full Source

DevExpress VCL v13.2.5 for D7-DXE6 FullSource

DevExpress VCL v14.1.2 for D7-DXE6 FullSource + Demos + Help

DevExpress VCL v57 Full Source

DevExpress VCL vol 2.3 Full Source

DevExpress VCL VOL 2011 v1.7 JUSt SOURCE

DevRace FIBPlus + Editors + Tools & SynEdit 2015 Full Source DX10 Win32-64 UnOfficial

DewLabStudio 2013 for XE3 32 Bit

DIHtmlParser v6.5.0 XE2/XE3 32/64

Direct Oracle Access v4.1.3 for Delphi XE3 number

Direct Oracle Access v4.1.3.1 for XE2 Full Source

Direct Oracle Access v4.13 for Delphi 7, XE2-XE6 Single User License Full Source

DIRegEx v5.2.0 Full Source

DIRegEx v8.5.0 for D4-XE6

DiskControls for XE5

DiskControls port for Delphi XE3

DISQLite 2.4.5 PRO v2 Release

DISQLite3 5.5.0 for D4-XE6

DISQLite3 Pro v.5.8.3 D4-XE10 SOURCE & DCU 32bit & 64 bit

DISQLite3 Pro v5.0.0 for RAD Studio XE-XE5 x32/x64

DISQLite3 v4.5.0 Professional dcu for Delphi XE3/XE4 (x32)

DIUnicode v6.6.2 (up to XE10)

DIXml v4.0.0 D6-XE3 Full Source + Demo

DIZipWriter v5.5.0 Full Sources

DKLang Localization Package v5.0+Examples

Documentation Insight v3.4.10.7 (Oct 7th, 2015)

DPF Android Native.Components v2.8.1

DPF iOS Native.Components v8.3.1

Drag & Drop Component Suite v3.7 for Delphi 3-7

Dropbox Delphi Component with Sources

DTK ANPR SDK v2.0.44 & DTK Video Capture Control v1.1.83 (x32+x64) +

DtpDocuments v2.91 D4 - DXE Full Source

Dynamic DBTreeView for Delphi

DynamicSkinForm v12.31

DynamicSkinForm VCL v12.90 Full Source For All Versions

DynamicSkinForm VCL v12.96 Full Source (01.10.2013)

DynamicSkinForm Version v12.70 + SkinAdapter v510

Easy Compression Library for Delphi / C++ Builder

EasyTable v6.30 Full source


Econtrol FormDesigner v2.30 for Delphi

EControl FormDesinger v2.50 Full Source

eDocEngine RegPro Full Source v3.0.4.273

eDocEngine VCL v3.0.4.269 with source

eDocEngine VCL v3.0.4.290

Effects for Delphi XE2 v1.0 (x32/x64) Full Sources + Demo (Final)

EhLib 6.2 Build 6.2.136 D7-XE4 Full Source

EhLib 6.2 Build v6.2.149 (Source Only)

EhLib 8.0 Build v8.0.023 Professional Edition

Ehlib v6.0 full source for Delphi 7 - XE2

Ehlib v6.1.129 D7-XE4 Full Source

EhLib v6.3 Build 6.3.168

EhLib v6.3 Build 6.3.172 for D7-XE6

EhLib v7.0 Build 7.0.121 No source

EhLib v7.0 Build 7.0.131 for Delphi 10 Seattle

Ehlib v7.0.131 Full source

EHLIB v8.0.0.22 - D2009 up to XE10 / Lazarus

Ehlib v8.0.014 D7-XE8

Ehlib v8.0.020 D7 - XE10 compiled .DCUs, no source with Installer

EkszBox-VCL - Visual Component Library For Delphi/C++ Builder 7 - XE2

Eldos Solid File System VCL 4.0.107

Elevate Web Builder v1.02 Build 2 + Modules For Delphi XE-XE4

Elevate Web Builder v1.02 Build 2 Modules For Delphi XE-XE4

Embedded Web Browser v14.70.0 D5-XE2 Full Source

EmbeddedWB Component Pack v14.70.0

EMS Advanced Data Export VCL Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Export VCL v4.10.0.2 Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Export VCL v4.10.2.1 Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Export VCL v4.7.0.9 Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Export VCL v4.8.1.1 Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Export VCL v4.9.0.1 for D5-XE5 Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Export VCL v4.9.0.1 Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Import Component Suite Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Import VCL Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Import VCL v3.6.0.4 Full Source

EMS Advanced Data Import VCL v3.7.0.2 Full Source

EMS Advanced Excel Report 1.9.4 D5 - XE7 Full Source

EMS Advanced Excel Report v1.9.1.1 Full Source

EMS Advanced Excel Report v1.9.2.1 D5 - XE4 Full Source

EMS Advanced Excel Report v1.9.2.1 for D5-XE5 Full Source

EMS Advanced Excel Report VCL v1.9.3.1 Full Source

EMS Advanced Query Builder v3.9.1.1 Full Source

Envision Image Library v2.57 Full Source

Envision Image Library V2.58 FullSource for CB6,D7-DX3

Envision Image Library v3.00 Full Source

ESBPCS for VCL v6.20 Retail

EurekaLog Enterprise Full Source

EurekaLog v6.1.0.5 RC3 Ent

EurekaLog v7.0.5.1 Enterprise Full Source

EurekaLog v7.3.0.0 Professional (24 September 2015)

EurekaLog v7.3.2.0 Professional (20-October-2015)

F-IN-BOX 3.5.3 Full Source for D10 Seattle

F-IN-BOX v3.54 + plus Adobe flash.ocx DXE

Fast Report 4.12 Full Source (поддержка XE2 64 бит)

Fast Report 4.12.1 for Delphi 4-XE2 and CB4-6 Full Source (32bit/64bit)

Fast Report 4.12.2 (32Bit&64Bit)

Fast Report v4.12.6 Full Source

Fast Report v5.2.3 Full Source

Fast Report v5.2.3 Full Source for XE8

FastCube VCL Professional v1.10.3 for Delphi & BCB Full Source

FastReport .Net 1.8.30 (.Net2 , .Net4) +

FastReport 4 VCL Enterprise Edition v4.12.6 Full Source

FastReport 4 VCL Enterprise Edition v4.12.6 Full Source WATERMARKS REMOVED

FastReport 4.11

FastReport Enterprise Edition v4.14.1 Full Source

FastReport Enterprise v4.15.6 for D4-XE5 installer

Fastreport FMX Embarcadero Edition v1.0.20 D4-XE7 x86-x64-iOS

FastReport v4.13.1 for XE4

FastReport v4.15 Enterprise (Oct 3, 2013)

FastReport v4.15 Enterprise for XE6 Full Source

FastReport v4.15.10 XE7 Enterprise Full Source

FastReport v5.1.9 Full Source

FastReport v5.3.16 Enterprise FullSource for D7-DX10

FastReport VCL 5 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE7 2014-11-11

FastReport VCL 5 for RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder 10 Seattle

FastReport.Net v1.8.26 DotNet 2.0/4.0 Setup

FastReports v4.14.1 D7-XE5 (no official)

FibPlus 7.303.0 Internal Full Source

FIBPLUS 7.4.1731 XE2-XE3 Re-Pack with Editors/Tools and CORRECTIONS

Fibplus v6.9.9 for Delphi 2009-XE2 Win32 + Sources

FIBPlus v7.015 FullSource

FIbPlus v7.3 FullSource Reuploaded Editors Fixed!

FibPlus v7.4 Full Source (support XE3) (2012-10-21)

FIBPlus v7.5

FIBPlus v7.5 with Editor Source

FibPlus v7.7 for Delphi 10 Seattle

FibPlus v7.7 for Delphi 10 Seattle

FibPlus v7.7 FullSource

Fingertech/Nitgen SDK v4.81

FireDAC install for IDE versions other than XE3 (ex AnyDac)

FireDAC v8.0.3.3291 XE4

FireDAC v8.0.5.3365 (Update 2) Retail Full Sources

Firemonkey Premium Style for RAD Studio XE3

FireMonkey Premium Style Pack for XE6

FireMonkey Premium Styles Pack for RAD Studio XE7

Flash Engine v4.20 Full Source

FlexCompress v5.10 for XE2 + patch + .bpl

FoxSDK v6.4.8 For Delphi x86+x64

Free Spider Web Development Package for Free Pascal/Lazarus

GMLib (Google Maps Library) Pre-Alpha Delphi 6 - XE2

Gnostice EdocEngine VCL v3.0.4 for XE5 Full Source

Gnostice PDFtoolkit VCL ProPlus v3.4.8 D5-XE

GoogleMaps Component Object Model + Demo

GR32_Lines & GR32_Text v3.93 for Delphi 5-2009

Greatis Ultimate Pack - September 12, 2012

Greatis Ultimate PAck for Delphi 2006 - 2010

Grebar Systems PrintDAT! Full Source

GT Component Pack v1.0.70

Halcyon v6.9.8 for Delphi XE5

Halcyon v6.9.8 XE6 CopyTool Edition

Halcyon v6.9.8.0.Full Source for DXE, DXE2

hbTapi Components 2012 v2.4 Enterprise Edition Full Source

HierCube VCL 4.57 Full Sourace

HierCube VCL 4.70.0

Hillstone Software VoiceCom v1.8

IB Objects Full Source

IbDac pro v4.1.6 for DXE2 - DXE - D2010 - BDS2006 - D7

IBdac pro v4.2.7 for Delphi 7,2006,2010,XE,XE2

IBDAC v.4.5 Full Source for Delphi 5- XE3

IBDAC v5.1.4 full source

IBO 5.x Full Source

IBO v5.3.3 Build 1955(January 2, 2014) Full Source

IBO v5.5.3 Build 2067

IBObjects v4.9.14 build 53 Full Source (support XE3)

IBObjects Version 4.9 Release 14 [Build 53] Full Source XE3 support

ICS (Internet Component Suite) v8 Gold (Oct, 2013) Full Source

ImageEn 3.1.2 for All Delphi Full Sources

ImageEN 5.2.0 full source for Delphi5 - DelphiRAD10

ImageEn v4.0.2 Full Source for Delphi 5-XE2

ImageEn v4.1.4 for XE5 Full Source

ImageEn v4.1.4 for XE6 Full Source

ImageEn v4.1.4 Full Source for Delphi 5-XE3

Imaging Toolkit v3.4 + OCR Toolkit v1.3 + TWAIN Toolkit v3.11 Full Source

Imaging Toolkit v3.4 + OCR Toolkit v1.3 + TWAIN Toolkit v3.11 Full Source

InfoPower for D10 Full Complete

InfoPower Studio 2012 for Delphi XE2

InfoPower Studio 2012 FS XE2 32/64

InfoPower Studio 2012 Version

InfoPower Studio XE4 for Delphi XE4

InfoPower v17.0.5.2 VCL for RAD Studio 10 Seattle

InfoPower XE5 Full Complete

InterBase Data Access Components (IBDAC) v.4.0.1

InterBase Data Access Components Professional v4.5.9 Full Source (10-Sep-2012)

Internet Component Suite v7 Gold Release (June, 2012) and v8 beta (Sept, 2012)

IntraWeb 12.1.25 for XE and XE2

IntraWeb v11.0.48 +dcu + bpl

Intraweb v12.2.12.1 for Delphi XE2

Intraweb v12.2.9.1 + dcu + bpl

IntraWeb v14.0.13 Ultimate XE2-XE4

IntraWeb v14.00.06 XE2-XE3 (32 bit) +

IOComp Components 4.0.4 Delphi 2007 , 2010, XE , XE2

IOComp Components 4.0.4 for Delphi

IPWorks Delphi Edition v8.1 Build 4500

IPWorks S-MIME v9.0.4972 port to XE5

IPC v1.6

IPWorks v8 Delphi Edition 8.1.4415 Full Sources - Up to Delphi XE2 (32 & 64 bits)

Jam ShellBrowser v8.1.2 Delphi Edition Full Sources

Jam Software ShellBrowser Components v7.3 Full Source for Delphi 7-XE

Jazmine Calendar Widgets v3.50 Full Source


JEDI VCL for Delphi v3.49 JVCL v3.49 Complete JCL 27 Build 5676

JSDialogPack v2.0.011 FS Delphi2005-XE2 Updated

JVCL 3.47 Complete JCL 2.41 Build 4571 for D6-XE3

kbmMemTable Pro v7.20.00 Full Source

kbmMemTable Pro v7.30.00

kbmMemTable Professional Edition v7.15.00 (2012-03-15)

kbmMemTable Standart v7.23.00 Full Source

kbmMemTable v 7.69.00

kbmMemTable V7.10

kbmMemTable v7.26 Full Source for XE4

kbmMemTablePro v7.26.00 Setup

kbmMemTablePro v7.30.00

kbmMW CodeGear Edition 4.00.00 (без исходников)

kbmMW Enterprise Edition v4.00.03 (2012-02-12)

kbmMW Enterprise v4.0.3 Enterprise Edition

KDTele Tools 4.0.34 Full Source For Delphi 5-XE

Kryvich`s Delphi Localizer (v3.2-4.0-4.1)

KSDev DXScene v4.42 for Delphi BCB Lazarus Full Source

libvlc for Delphi and FreePascal v1.1.11

List & Label 17 - 100% Reporting Power for Software Developers

LMD 2012.5 Complete FS - Delphi 6-XE2 / C++ Builder 6-XE2 32/64 bit

LMD 2013.2 Complete FS - Delphi 6-XE3 / C++ Builder 6-XE3 - 32 / 64 bit

LMD 2013.3 Complete (32/64 bit) modified to XE4

LMD 2013.3 Complete Full Source D6-XE3/C++ Builder 6-XE3 (32/64 bit)

LMD 2014.3 Complete FS - Delphi 6-XE6 / C++ Builder 6-XE6 - 32 / 64 bit

LMD VCL Complete 2011.9 for Delphi XE2

LMD VCL Complete 2011.9 for Delphi XE2 Full Source

LMD VCL Complete v2011.11 Full Source

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll v4.1

Lohninger SDL Suite v6.0 ported to XE3

Luxand FaceSDK 4.0 with SN win32/win64

madCollection - madExcept 3.0n Full Source

Magenta Components D7-XE3 x86-x64

Magic CD DVD Burner VCL v1.23 for Delphi Full Source

Magic CDDVD Burner Pro VCL 1.21 full source ported XE3

MBAXP Modbus ActiveX Control

MicroOLAP PostgreDAC v2.7.0

Mida Conversion from VCL to Firemonkey Delphi XE2 Edition

MiTeC System Information Component Suite v10.9.2 Full Source-ProLaZ

Mitov Software's LabPacks VCL v6.0.0.92 for DXE5 and C++ Builder XE5

ModelMaker Pascal v11.5.0

ModLink 2.13 for Delphi 6-2010 & C++ Builder 2006-2010

ModLink v2.40 Full Source

MSSQL Maestro Professional v12.9

Mydac v8.6 Pro Full D7-XE7-XE8-Seatle 10

MySQL Data.Access Components v5.90.0.57 Full Source

N-Manager SDK 4.1 for Delphi

NativeExcel Suite v3.x for Delphi 4-XE2 + Demo

NativeExcel v3.0.24 for Delphi Full Source

NativeExcel v3.0.27 for Delphi (Version 3.0.27 06-Feb-2012) Full Source

NetFilter SDK v1.4.0.0 + ProtocolFilters v1.0.8.1 Full Sources

Nevrona Rave Report v11.0.3 (Developer/Architect) for D7-XE4

Nevrona Rave Reports v11.0.7 for BEX D7-XE XE2-XE7

New Audio Components v2.6.1 +Demo+Source

NextSuite5 v8.2012 Delphi 7 - XE2 Full Source (Aug 8 2012)

NexusDB v3.1100 Developer Edition Full source

NexusDB v3.1122 for XE6 Full Source

NikaSoft Native Excel v3.0.27 Full Source for D4-XE

nrComm Lib 7.11 VCL

nrComm Lib Pro v9.27 for XE5 Full Source

nrComm Lib Pro v9.27 Full Source for D7, XE2, XE5 x86-x64 with Demo

nrComm lib v8.30+ - Fixed for XE2

nrComm Lib v9.27 FULL SOURCE

nrComm Lib v9.27 to XE3

nrComm v9.27 for D7-XE6

nSoftware IPWorks Products Delphi Retail v9.0.5157

ODAC Professional v8.1.4 + dbExpress driver for Oracle Standard v5.1.2 + Source

ODAC v9.3 Full Source D7-XE6

Oracle Data Access Components Professional v8.5.9(10-Sep-2012) Full Source

Oxygen Plan Library Up to Delphi XE3

Pascal Analyzer v7.0.1.0

PaxCompiler v3.2.1 2013-11-05 D5-XE5 Full Source

PayPal Integrator 3

PDFtoolkit VCL ProPlus 3.4.8 for Delphi 5-XE

PngComponents for Delphi 2009-XE3

PostgreSQL Data Access Components v3.1.4 + dbExpress for PostgreSQL v2.1.2

PowerCAD v3.5 for Delphi7

Process Info v1.5

Professional Screen Camera Component for Delphi XE3

ProfGrid v3.3 Delphi 7 & Delphi 2007 Full Source

Python4Delphi for Delphi 3-7 Full Source

QRDesign for Quickreport 5 Pro v1.59 for Delphi XE5

QRDesign v1.59 Full Source for Delphi XE5 x32

Quick PDF Library v8.13

QuickPDFLibrary v8.15 Key

QuickReport 2011.08.12 Full Source

QuickReport for Delphi XE2 64-bit

QuickReport for Delphi XE2 64-bit

Quickreport for FireMonkey v2 beta (XE2,XE5)

Quickreport June 2012 Maintenance release for DX2 & D7

QuickReport Maintenance Release 2012-01-19 Delphi & CB 2009, 2010, XE, XE2 Full Source

QuickReport Professional Editions for Delphi v5.05 Win64/Win32 (XE5)

QuickReport v5.05 for Delphi XE3 32+64 Full Source

QuickReport v5.05 for XE4 32+64 Full Source

QuickReport v5.05 for XE5 x32x64

QuickReport v5.05 Pro for XE,XE2,XE3 (32/64)

Quickreport v5.05.1 for BC++ XE4 Full Source

Quickreport v5.06 for Delphi XE2-XE6 32/64 and C++ 32/64

QuickReport v5.0x. Professional Edition XE Only x86, XE3-XE6 x86-x64

Raize Component Rc6 compiled by XE8 Full Soucre + Demo

Raize Components v6 - X10 Seattle Full Source

Raize Components v6.0

Raize Components v6.1.10

Raize Components v6.1.10

Raize Components v6.1.12

Raize Components v6.1.3 Include Serial

Raize Components v6.1.3 Install

Raize Components v6.1.5

Raize Components v6.1.9

Raize Components ver 5.5.1

Raize DropMaster v2.4 Retail Include Serial

Raize Inspex v2.6 Retail Include Serial

Raize software 2014

RAPware Easy MAPI v7.0.0.20 for Delphi XE3 +

RAPWare EasyCrypt Enterprise v6.1.1 Full Source

RapWare EasyCrypt v6.1.1 Trial+ dcu for DXE2 only

RAPWare EasyMAPI Enterprise v6.1.1 Full Source

RAVE Report v10.0.0 Bundled Edition

Rave Reports v11.0.5 Installer Full Source for D7-DXE5

Rave Reports v11.0.6 for D7-DXE6

RDPrint - definitive solution for all models MATRIX printers

RealThinClient SDK v5.15 Full Source

RealThinClient SDK v6.10 Beta For XE4

RealThinClient SDK v6.10 Beta For XE4 with Full Source Code

RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi v6.0.39.777 FullSource

RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi v6.0.53.935 - Trial

Remobjects DataAbstract VCL v7.0.65.1067 Retail

RemObjects Hydra v4.0.57.991 +Patch For DXE2

RemObjects Hydra v4.0.57.991 for Delphi 2010

Report Builder 12.03 XE

ReportBuilder Enterprise 14.04 Registered Version

ReportBuilder Enterprise v15.00 Registered Version

ReportBuilder Enterprise v15.01 Build 2 for D7,XE,XE3,XE4

ReportBuilder Enterprise v15.02 for Delphi 7-XE5

ReportBuilder Enterprise v15.03 for Delphi 7-XE5

ReportBuilder Enterprise/Professional v14.07 D7/XE/XE2 Registered Version

ReportBuilder Enterprise/Professional v14.07 XE3 Registered Version

ReportBuilder Professional 14.03 Registered Version

ResizeKit 2 for Delphi 7 & XE6 (32 & 64 bit)

ResizeKIT v2.0 for DXE5 (32/64) No Source

ResizeKit v22.0 for Delphi XE10 Seatle

ResizeKit2 - D7/D2007/D2009/D2010/ DXE/RADXE2/RADXE3 Registered

ResizeKit2 for D7 and DXE2

ResizeKit2 for D7,XE2

RichView v13.12.1 Full Source

Rubicon v2.21 Full Source for D7

RVMedia v4.0.2 Full Source

Rxlib 2.75 D7-XE2 Full Source

RxLib 2.75 unofficial for D5-XE10

RxLib 2.75 unofficial for D5-XE7

RxLibrary 2.75 1.010 for Delphi 2005-XE3

Sdac v6.11.22 for Delphi 7 - xe7 Full Source

SDac v6.11.23 for d7 - xe7 (no source)

SDAC v6.7.14 for Delphi 7-2010-XE-XE2-XE3-XE4 Full Source

Search Components v2.1 for Delphi 3-7

SecureBlackbox VCL v9.1.210 for Delphi 6-XE2 & C++Builder 2007-XE2

SecureBridge v5.5.1 Full Source for XE5

SecureBridge v6.2.3 for Delphi & BCB Full Source

SecureBridge v6.2.3 for XE6

SevenZipVCL v0.73

sgcWebSockets v2.3 for D7-DXE3 Full Source

Shazam Power Query for Delphi 7

Shazam Report Wizard for Delphi 7

ShellBrowser Components v9.0.0.686 for Delphi 7 and RAD Studio XE-XE5

Simple Query Pro 4.9.0 for Delphi 6-XE2 Full Source

Single File System v2.60 Full Source

SIP client v2.99 - decompiled source for D7

Sisulizer 3 Enterprise v3.335

Smart Flash v3.31 Full Source

SmartInspect Professional v3.3.6.143

SMWord v1.38 Full Source for Delphi и C++Builder 3-XE2 + Demo

Softek barcode Reader Toolkit for Windows v7.5.1.29 with PDF Extension

Solar Calendar Package v3.0

Solid File System v4.5.114 Full Source with .obj

Source Code Library v2.1.0.187 USB Edition

Source Code Library v2.1.0.212 USB Edition

SQL Direct v6.4.1 Full Source

SQL Direct v6.4.2 Delphi/C++Builder XE4-XE5 + key

SQL Server Data Access Components v6.1 for D7, XE, XE2

SQLDirect 6.3.1 Pro Full Source

SQLDirect v6.3.0 Pro

SQLDirect v6.4.4 D5-XE7

SQLite3 Delphi Components for D7/D2007/D2010/DXE

SSecurity v1.2.1.3

Steema TeeChart Pro VCL 2015.16 For RAD Studio 10 Seattle

StockChartX Professional v5.9.5.6

SUISkin 4.9 + SUIPack 6.5

Synapse v4.0 (2012-04-23)

SynEdit 2.0.7 Full Source for DXE5

Synopse SQLite3 database Framework v.1.7

TatukGIS Developer Kernel v10 1.0.9781 for D2007-DX2

TatukGIS Developer Kernel v10.12.0.12648 Delph & C++ Builder XE2-4 x32+x64

TBalloonHint v1.3

TbcParser v2.8 + Sparksoft Expression parser 3.4.2 - Full Source

TCADxp v2010.10 FullSource+Demos+Utils

TCADxp VCL Enterprise 2010.10 for XE5

TChromeTabs v1.0

TComPort 4.1.1 for Delphi XE2 Full Source

TCompress v5.1

TCrossDB with sources (for D7-XE)




TDBF for D1 - DXE2

TDBF for Delphi 3-XE4

TDiff v4.1 for Delphi 7-2009

TDirectoryWatch Component v1.0 for Delphi 3-7

TdnSplitter for D7-D10Seattle

TeeChart Pro v2014.11.140512 for D7-XE6 no source

TeeChart Pro v8.06 Full Source

TeeChart Pro VCL 2012.05.120327 for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE2 Trial 2 Retail

TeeChart Pro VCL 2012.07.121105 for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE3 Trial 2 Retail

TeeChart Pro VCL v2012.05.120327 Delphi XE2 (Update 4 support) Trial to Retail

TeeChart Pro Version v8 Full Source and Compiled Libraries for XE2 Update 4

TeeChart Pro Version v8.06.60902 Full Source and Compiled Libraries for XE2 32Bit VCL

TeeChart VCL/FMX version 2015 April 2015 SOURCE

TeeChart2011 v2011.04.41118 Delphi XE2

TeeChartPro and TeeTree Pro v8 for XE4 32 Bit, Libs and Source

TeeChartPro9 v2012-06-120613 for Delphi 7 Trial 2 Retail

TeeChartPro9 v2012-06-120613 for Delphi XE2 Trial 2 Retail

TEmailServer 4.2 Full Source

TEmailServer 4.2 Full Source for D5,6,7 + Demo

TEmailServer v4.2 Full Source

TExtraDevices 3.00 for RBuilder FS D7-XE2

TExtraFilters 1.0 Sources


TFindFile v4.12

TGetDiskSerial v4.0 for D5-D2010

Tgomaps 3.0.1 for D6-XE full source

ThemeEngine v9.20 for Delphi BCB Full Source Retail

Themida v2.1.2.0 By HyperChem

TinyDB v2.94 for D5-XE2

Titan Btrieve Full Source for Delphi 7

TMostRecentFiles Component v1.0 for Delphi 3-7

TMS Advanced Charts for D6-XE2 Full Source

TMS Advanced Charts v3.5.2.2 for D7-XE3

TMS Advanced ToolBars & Menus v5.4.0.0 Full Source

TMS Async v1.5.2.0

TMS Async32 v1.4.5.0 Full Source

TMS Aurelius 1.7 Full Source

TMS Aurelius v2.10 Full Source

TMS Cloud Pack Full Source

TMS Cloud Pack v1.9.1.0 for XE3 + Patch

TMS Component Pack for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE2 Full Source

TMS Component Pack for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE3 Full Source

TMS Component Pack Full Source for Delphi&BCB 5-XE5

TMS Component pack Full Source + Full Demos + Full Docs D6-XE7

TMS Component Pack v6.2.1.0 D5-XE2 FS

TMS Component Pack v6.4.4.1 for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE2 Full Source

TMS Component Pack v6.8.2.0 for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE3 Full Sources

TMS Component Pack v6.9.0.0 for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE4 Full Sources

TMS Component Pack v6.9.1.1 for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE4

TMS Component Pack v6.9.3.0 for Delphi & C++Builder 5-XE4 Full Sources

TMS Component Pack v7.0.0.0 for Delphi and BCB Full Source

TMS Component Pack v7.1.3.0 for D7-XE6 Full Source

TMS component pack v8.0.0.0 Full Source

TMS FlexCel Studio v6.0.2.0 for Delphi 6-XE Full Source

TMS Grid for Firemonkey for Rad Studio XE3

TMS Instrumentation Workshop v1.4.5 Ported To XE7

TMS Instrumentation Workshop v2010 ported for XE3

TMS IntraWeb Component Pack - All Helps and Demos

TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Full Source

TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition

TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition v5.2.0.0 with XE3 support

TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack v1.9.0.0 for Delphi

TMS IntraWeb Security System v1.0

TMS Pack for Firemonkey V2.1.1.4 for XE4 and XE5

TMS Pack for FireMonkey v2.3.0.1 + source

TMS Pack for FireMonkey v3.1.1.2 Source

TMS Plugin Framework v6.0.5 Full Source

TMS Query Studio v1.5.0.0 Full Source

TMS Retail Demos Setup + Help Files for Delphi 5-XE2

TMS Scripter Studio Pro v1.7.1.0 Full Source

TMS Scripter v1.7.0.1 & Extened Diagram Studio v4.0.4/ WorkFlow v1.5.1

TMS Security System v2.4.3.1 Full Source

TMS Security System v2.4.4.0 Full Source

TMS Security System v2. Full Source for XE5

TMS Unicode Component Pack v2.0.0.0 Full Source D6-XE7

TMS VCL Subscription June 2014 FullSource

TMS WebGMaps v1.0.2.0

TMS WebGMaps v1.5.0.1 Full Source

TMS Workflow Studio v1.8.1.1 Full Source (D7 to XE4)

TMS Workflow Studio v1.9.0.0 Full Source

TMStringGrid for Delphi 5-XE2 + Source + Demo

TmxProtector v1.30 for Delphi 5,6,7 and C++ Builder 5,6

ToolsandComps (TusersSecurity Component) v2.05

Topaz 9.0.11 for Delphi Full Source + demo + help

TopGrid v3.01 for D7

TPages v1.4 for Delphi 3-7

Translator DevExpress VCL Runtime + Sources

Translator DevExpress VCL Runtime with Sources

TrayClock v1.05


TRichView 13.0.1 + ScaleRichView 4.0 for Delphi & C++Builder 4-XE

TRichView 13.6.2 for Delphi XE2 + Patch + Demo

TRichView v.15.3.3.D5-XE8.x86-x64 No source

TRichView v14.5 FullSource+Help

TRichView v15.1.2 Complied DCU D2010-XE x86 XE2-XE7 x86-x64 & Full Demos & Help

TscExcelExport v4.23 (October 2013) freeware

TsiLang v6.5.4

Tsilang v6.5.4 for XE3-XE4

TsiLang v6.5.4.5 Full Source (05 Apr 2012)

TSipClient v2.9 (cracked for D7 & XE)

TurboPower OnGuard Delphi ported to XE5 (x32/x64) + Manual

TVideoCapture 1.16 for Delphi XE-XE2

TVideoGrabber VB6, DotNet and for D5-DXE3 All in One

TVideoGrabber v8.5.3.1

TVideoGrabber v8.6.1.6 for Delphi 4-XE2

TVideoGrabber v8.6.2.3 for Delphi 4-XE2 Trial

TVideoGrabber v8.7.2.5 for XE-XE3 (Win32)

TVideoGrabber v8.8.2.1

TVideoGrabber v8.8.4.1

TXLSFile library v.4.0. and XLSExport components Full source (edited to XE2)

TxQuery 2.6 Full Source SVN Version+Demo

uCalc Fast Math Parser v.2.95 + cure

Unidac v6.1.6 pro for Delphi 7, XE5-XE8

Unidac v6.2.8 pro (D7, D2007, D2009, D2010, DXE-DXE8, D10) (original setup)

uniGUI for Delphi 2006 - Delphi XE3

USB Component for Delphi7 and Delphi2010 Full Source

USBPhysic DLL Component v1.1.0 (x86/32-bit)

UserControl for Delphi XE4

VCLSkin 5.60 для Delphi 7-2010 FullSource

VCLSkin v5.40 rebuild for XE5

VCLSkin v5.60 for Delphi 5-XE3

VCLSkin v5.60.06.20 for Delphi 5-XE2

vclZIP Pro v. 4.51

VeCAD v6.1.8.38 OCX good create vector as autocad in DELPHI

Virtual Encrypted Disk API

Virtual Treeview v6.2.1 (06 Nov 2015)

VirtualTreeview v5.3.0 Full Source+ Demos (04 Jan 2014)

VisioForge Media Player SDK v2.1.5 for Delphi 6-2010

VisPDF Library 4.1 for Delphi 7 & Edit for Delphi XE2


Voice Communicator components v2.5.2010.03 Full Source

Voice Communicator components version 2.5.2010.03 Enterprise Source Code

VolgaDB 5.10

WinSoft 6 Components for Delphi 7

Wireless Communication Library v6.7.3 Developer Edition for Delphi 6-2010

Woll2Woll 1st Class Studio v14.0.1.1 Full Source

WPtools 6.16 pro Full Source and Manual

WPTools Standard Edition v6.21 for Delphi и C++Builder 5-XE2 + Demo

WPTools v6.25.4 Standard Edition + Manuals (for Delphi 5-XE2)

WPTools v6.29.1 Standard Edition

WPTools v7.12 + premiumX - XE-XE6 x32 + Demos

WPViewPDF v3.11 VCL/.NET/ActiveX (x32/x64)

X-DBGrid v5.4 + XE4 32/64 only

X-DBGrid v5.5 D7-XE5

Xcalendar for Delphi 5-2009 Full Source

XLSReadWrite for D7 and XE2 v4.00.62+Universal Patch

XLSReadWriteII v4.0.19

XLSReadWriteII v4.00.62 for D7 and XE2

XLSReadWriteII v5.10.25 for XE2-XE4 (Win32)

XLSReadWriteII v5.20.01a for Delphi XE5 x32

XLSReadWriteII v5.20.14 for Delphi 7 & RAD Studio XE-XE5 (x32)

XLSSpreadSheet v2.00.02 (XLS engine v5.20.14) for Delphi 7 & RAD Studio XE-XE5 (x32)

XLSSpreadSheet v2.00.06 for XE6 - XE8

YouTube Api v1.1 VCL for XE, XE5

YouTubeApi VCL for Delphi XE,XE5

Zipforge 6.10 Delphi 2009 - XE3 32 Bit

Zipforge v6.00 for Delphi XE and XE2

ZipForge v6.30 Delphi 7,2007,XE3-XE5 Full Sources

ZipForge v6.50 for Delphi XE 6-7

ZipTV v2009.6.15 FS REPACK D9-XE2UP

ZipTV v2010

ZipTV v7.0.6 for Delphi 7 Only

ZylAppCommunicator v1.16 (dcu,bpl)

ZylBattery v1.26 (dcu,bpl)

ZylCPUUsage v2.07 (dcu,bpl)

ZylGSM v1.27 for Delphi 4 - XE2 Patched

ZylSerialPort v1.56 (dcu,bpl)

Zylsoft Products

ZylTimer v1.27 for D4-DXE7 C5-CXE7 No Source

Модуль =Сумма прописью= для Delphi

Русификация DevExpress VCL 2011 vol 2.4


Active Query Builder 1.14.11 Full Sources

ASPack v2.28

BDE installer for rad studio xe7

BDE v5.11 install

Bigspeed Peer-to-Peer SDK v.3.0 (sample with source)

Castalia 2013.4 for Delphi 7-XE5

Castalia 2014.4 Suite for Delphi 7,XE,XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5,XE6

Castalia for Delphi and Rad Studio XE7 emb edition

Castalia v2011.4.1 for Delphi 7 - XE2

Castalia v2014.1.2 for Delphi 5-XE5

Clever WaterMark Tool v1.2

CnPack IDE Wizards v1.0.1.665

Code Site pro v4.6.2

ComponentArt UI Framework 2012 for .NET (build 2012.1.1016)

CubicExplorer - File Manager (Source Only)

Debugger for MySQL v1.2.1.1579

Delphi Formatter Full Source port to XE7

Delphi HTML Editor

Delphi IDE Theme Editor v1.1.21.5

Delphi Knowledge Base v1.5 + patch

Delphi Tips Manager : Collection of 6800 delphi tips !!!

Delphi XE2 Help Update 4 ENG

Delphi XE5 Lite v19.0.13476.4176 (Full 2.2 GB)

Delphi/CBuilder XE2 Crack v16.0.4256.43595_v3

Delphi2Cpp Professional v1.6.3

Delphi2CS v4.0 + patch

DelphiDistiller v1.85

DxAutoInstaller 2.1.2 - DevExpress VCL Components v2014.1.2 & v2014.1.3

EasySYS--Delphi driver compiler tools

EurekaLog v7.0.6.27 RC5 Enterprise

FastCube v1.5.1 Help+Demos

FinalBuilder for Delphi v.7.0.0 Build 2641

FinalBuilder for Delphi v7.0.0 Build 2641

Free UPX 1.4

FreeSQL v2.11.4

GExperts for Delphi XE2-XE4

hbTapi v2.3 For Delphi & C++Builder All Versions (x32)

ibexpert 2011 Dec 11

Lingobit Localizer v7.1.7541 +

Mida Conversion from VCL to Firemonkey Delphi XE2 Edition

ModelMaker Code Explorer 9.1.0 build 1994 for Delphi 5-XE2

ModelMaker Tools Code Explorer v11.1.0 + Reset

Official macosx Leopard Icon Pack v1.0

Pascal Analyzer v6.1.3 for All Delphi

paxCompiler v4.1 Full source

Premium Style Pack for RAD Studio XE5 (v4 Oct 2013)

Raize CodeSite Pro 4.6.2 (incl.Serial number)

Raize CodeSite Studio v5.1 Retail Include Serial

Resourсes in Spanish for XE2 and XE3

SiComponents Scheduling Agent v2.0.6.0 For Delphi

Smart Mobile Studio Enterprise v2.0 Build 723

Softtree SQL Assistant v6.3.153

SQL Assistant v6.0.86

SQLite Expert Professional Edition v3.4.64.0

SQLite Expert Professional v3.4.35.2257

SQLite Expert Professional v3.4.85 build 2315

Threads v4.3 Multithreaded Application Model

TVideoGrabber Video SDK For Delphi, C++Builder, .Net & ActiveX v8.6 build

Unit Dependency Scanner v1.0

Windows Ribbon Framework for Delphi

XE2Distiller Version: (December 17, 2011)

XE3Distiller v1.0.0.1 (September 27, 2012)

XE6Distiller Source Build 22

XMLSpy 2013 + patch


Crack for Delphi / C++Builder XE2 Update 4 - 4.1

Delphi XE2 Update 4 Hotfix 1 Patch WOTKiNG

Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3 ISO (includes Update 1) + patch

Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3 Update 2 (3.49 GB)

Delphi XE4 Official ISO + Patch +Activator v7.0

Delphi XE7 Update 1 ISO + Patch

Delphi7 Lite Edition v7.3.4.3 [2011-08-01] [All Updates Integrated]

Delphicbuilder XE8 win ISO Finally

Embarcadero Delphi XE3 RTM v17.0.4625.53395 Lite v6.0

Embarcadero Delphi XE4 RTM Inc Update1 v18.0.4905.60485 Lite v7.1

Embarcadero Delphi XE5 RTM v19.0.13476.4176 Lite v8.0 + Activator

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 Architect Multilingual-iNDiSO

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 Update 4 + Patch + Activator

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3 Architect Multilingual Patch

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 (ISO)

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 Update 1 (ISO)

Help Update 5 for Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2 and RAD Studio XE2

Hotfix 1-2-3 for RAD Studio XE5 and Delphi XE5 Update 2

Hotfix 2 for RAD Studio XE5, Delphi XE5 and C++Builder XE5

Hotfixes 1, 2 and 4 for RAD Studio XE3, Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3

Karlingen's patch for RAD Studio XE4 (Update 1) 18.0.4905.60485

lsuper Embarcadero Delphi 10 Seattle RTM v23.0.20618.2753 Lite v12.0

RAD Studio 10 Seattle

RAD Studio 10 Seattle Update 1 ISO Source

RAD Studio Delphi CBuilder XE7 Update1 ISO

RAD Studio XE2 Update 4 - Patch + Activator 5.5

RAD Studio XE5 Update2 (ISO) + Update only

Rad Studio XE6 UPDATE 1 ISO

RAD Studio XE7 ISO + Patch + Activator + Hotfix

RAD Studio XE8 With Update1 Original ISO

RAD XE3 Unlocker

Update from Embarcadero (14.01.2015) (not beta hotfix)

XE7 All-In-One Stuffs

XE8 Distiller

Официальный образ EmbarcaderoВ® RAD Studio XE3 Version 17.0.4625.53395

Скачать RAD Studio XE2

Программы - Windows

Windows 7 Black & White x86 10.11 (2011/RUS)

Программы - Разное

Advanced Installer v9.0.1 Build 43678 + patch

Advantage Database Server v10.10.0.28 (32/64 bit)

Android SDK Release 18

ASP.NET Report Maker v1.1.0.0

ASPack v2.28

Corel Website Creator X6

Data Wizard for MySQL v11.1.0.1

Database .NET 7.5.4723 (2012/12/06)

Database Tour Pro v6.5.4.1201 +

DatAdmin Personal v4.47

Datanamic Dezign for Databases Professional v6.2.1

DBConvert for Firebird & MySQL v1.2.3 + patch

DBF Viewer Plus 1.66

Dell Toad Data Modeler v5.4.6.12

Delphi2Cpp Professional v1.2

DevComponents DotNetBar v10.0.0.0+ License+Full Source

DevExpress DXperience Universal 11.2.11

Devexpress Universal 11.2.10 setup and help files

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL v5.2.01 Setup

Enigma Virtual Box v4.20 Build 20120319 freeware

Exportizer v5.12

Firebird Maestro Rev.2

FrostWire 5.2.3 Portable

Game Maker 8.1.140 + patch

HelpNDoc v3.3

IBExpert v2012.02.21

IcoFX Software IcoFX v2.2 (16.04.2012) + Rus

IconICan Studio v2.0.120330

IDM UltraEdit v18.00.0.1029

Interbase/Firebird Development Studio v5.1.10.420

IPWorks! v9 & IPWorks! SSH v9 & IPWorks! SSL v9 + Patch 9.xx

lyteRAD CE v4.0 Freeware

MPRESS v2.19 + MPRESS Easy GUI + Portable

Navicat for MySQL Enterprise v11.0.10-CORE

Navicat Premium Enterprise Edition v10.0.10

Oracle Maestro v11.11.0.1-SND

PHPMaker v9.1

PHPRunner 6.0 Build 10638

PL/SQL Developer v9.0.6.1661

PostgreSQL Maestro v12.6.0.7

PremiumSoft Navicat for MySQL Enterprise Edition 10.0.11

PremiumSoft Navicat for Oracle Enterprise Edition 10.0.11

PremiumSoft Navicat for PostgreSQL Enterprise Edition 10.0.11

PremiumSoft Navicat for SQL Server Enterprise Edition v10.0.11

PremiumSoft Navicat for SQLite Enterprise Edition 10.0.11

Sinatica Monitor for Firebird v2.2.5.1888

SoftTree SQL Assistant v6.1.35 SetupTrial

SQL Maestro for MySQL

Sqlite Developer v3.8.9.508 +

Stellar Phoenix MSSQL Database Recovery v2.1

VMware ThinApp v4.7.0 Build 519532 No Popup Edition

WYSIWYG Web Builder v8.1 +

Новости - Delphi

Help Update 3 for Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2 and RAD Studio XE2

IDE Fix Pack 4.7 – Includes support for XE2 Update 4 (February 29, 2012)

IDE Fix Pack 5.1 for 2009-XE3

Update 4 for Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE2

Новая версия IBExpert v2012.02.21

Новости - Это интересно

Как мы читаем код

Китай начал блокировать VPN-соединения за границу

Новый раздел =КНИГИ=

"Программистские" анекдоты

Публикации - Delphi

70 книг о программировании на языке Delphi

SQLite для кроссплатформенной разработки в Delphi XE2

Использование и создание DLL в Delphi

Публикации - Разное

Создание двухзагрузочной cистемы с Windows 7 и Windows 8

Публикации - Мои статьи, протокол POP3 или Как сэкономить 20 долларов

AIMP3 + iZotope Ozone 5 + Sound Forge 10

Delphi. Работаем с MySQL

Drag&Drop из дочерней таблицы в родительскую

MySQL на локальном компьютере

Обработка событий компонент, созданных во время работы приложения

Перемещение записи в TDataSet вверх-вниз

Редакторы ресурсов - Шаблонные

Language Localizator v6.02.00.023

SDL Passolo 2011 11.4 SP4 Rus Portable

Редакторы ресурсов - Обычные

Resource Tuner v1.95

Restorator 2009 v4.0 build 1807 (RUS)

Книги по программированию

100 компонентов общего назначения библиотеки Delphi 5

Delphi - Готовые алгоритмы

Delphi 2. Энциклопедия пользователя

Delphi 2005 Секреты программирования

Delphi 2005. Учимся программировать

Delphi 7 для профессионалов

Delphi 7. Самоучитель программиста

Delphi в задачах и примерах

Delphi в примерах, играх и программах: Дополнительные материалы

Delphi и Model Driven Architecture. Разработка приложений баз данных

Delphi и технология COM

Delphi на примерах

Delphi. Быстрый Старт

Delphi. Профессиональное программирование

Delphi. Разработка базы данных

Delphi. Трюки и эффекты

Firebird: руководство разработчика баз данных

Google Android

Rave Reports - Руководство разработчика

UNIX. Разработка сетевых приложений


Алгоритмические трюки для программистов

Внутреннее устройство Microsoft Windows: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000. Мастер-класс

Внутренний мир Borland Delphi 2006

Глубины INDI

Графика в проектах Delphi

Императивное программирование и ООП на Turbo Pascal и Delphi

Искусство создания компонентов Delphi

Использование Delphi для создания приложений баз данных

Использование ассемблера в Дельфи

Компиляторы: принципы, технологии и инструменты

Компьютерные сети. Принципы, технологии, протоколы. Учебник для вузов

Криминалистический анализ файловых систем

Недокументированные возможности Windows 2000

Нестандартные приемы программирования на Delphi

Освой самостоятельно SQL

Прикладная криптография

Программирование баз данных в Delphi

Программирование драйверов Windows

Программирование драйверов и систем безопасности. Учебное пособие

Программирование серверных приложений для Microsoft Windows 2000

Учебник по COM и ActiveX для Delphi


М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 1

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 10

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 11

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 12

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 13

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 14

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 15

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 16

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 17

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 18

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 19

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 2

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 20

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 21

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 22

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 23

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 24

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 25

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 3

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 4

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 5

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 6

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 7

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 8

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Глава 9

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Приложение A

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Приложение B

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Приложение C

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Приложение D

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Приложение E

М.Грубер Понимание SQL - Содержание

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL

Справочник по MySQL - Содержание


WinApi-функции (A)

WinApi-функции (B)

WinApi-функции (C)

WinApi-функции (D)

WinApi-функции (E)

WinApi-функции (F)

WinApi-функции (G)

WinApi-функции (H)

WinApi-функции (I)

WinApi-функции (J)

WinApi-функции (K)

WinApi-функции (L)

WinApi-функции (M)

WinApi-функции (N)

WinApi-функции (O)

WinApi-функции (P)

WinApi-функции (Q)

WinApi-функции (R)

WinApi-функции (S)

WinApi-функции (T)

WinApi-функции (U)

WinApi-функции (V)

WinApi-функции (W)

WinApi-функции (X)

WinApi-функции (Y)

WinApi-функции (Z)

Процедуры и Функции

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (A)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (B)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (C)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (D)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (E)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (F)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (G)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (H)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (I)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (J)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (K)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (L)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (M)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (N)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (O)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (P)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (Q)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (R)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (S)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (T)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (U)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (V)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (W)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (X)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (Y)

Процедуры и Функции Delphi (Z)

Описание delphi-компонентов

























































































Assembler and Win32


Урок 1. Что такое процессор

Урок 2. Память системы

Урок 3. Основы Ассемблера

Урок 4. Первая программа

Урок 5. Данные в ассемблере

Урок 6. Символьные метки

Урок 7. Переходы (прыжки)

Урок 8. Команды ассемблера

Урок 9. Подпрограммы и структуры

Урок 10. Упрощаем программирование

Урок 11. Ещё о командах ассемблера

Урок 12. Обработка блоков данных

Урок 13. Компилятор MASM

Урок 14. Оконное приложение

Урок 15. Некоторые функции Win32

Компоненты Fibplus

















Инструменты - Упаковщики

ARM Protector 0.1 (10 Кб)

ASPack v2.25

ASPack v2.28

ASProtect 2.1 Registered (648 Кб)

Enigma Virtual Box v4.20

Free UPX 1.4

MPRESS v2.19

NsPack v3.7 (564 Кб)

PECompact v3.00.2 (1283 Кб)

Инструменты - Распаковщики

ARM Protector Unpackers 2 (9 Кб)

ArmaG3ddon 1.9 (1640 Кб)

Elooo`s Unpacker for MEW (UnMEW) 1.1 (6 Кб)

UnFSG 2.0 (29 Кб)

Инструменты - Декомпиляторы

DeDe 3.50 Full (5844 Кб)

EMS Source Rescuer 2.0 (687 Кб)

P32Dasm 2.7 (264 Кб)

REC Studio 4 (4183 Кб)

VB Decompiler Pro v8.3

Инструменты - Отладчики

DeMoNiX SoftIce 4.2.7 Win9x/ME RC1 (2326 Кб)

DriverStudio 3.2 (112317 Кб)

OllyDbg 1.10 with XP TSRh Style (959 Кб)

Patch SoftICE 4.05 NT for WinXP (408 Кб)

PDB and PDB2NMS for SoftICE (WinXP SP2) (1590 Кб)

SoftIce 4.05 for WinNT/2000/XP (5223 Кб)

SoftICE 4.27 fixes No symbols or breakpoints (10 Кб)

SoftICE 4.27 Video Driver Patch

TRW2000 1.23 for Win95/98 (473 Кб)

Все версии Delphi

Borland Pascal v7.1 (13.89 Mb)

Delphi 1 (31.36 Mb)

Delphi 2 (33.77 Mb)

Delphi 3 (55.99 Mb)

Delphi 7 (217.26 Mb)

Delphi 7 Lite Edition (76.5 Mb) (Full version)

Delphi 7 Lite Edition (47.77 Mb) (Medium version)

Delphi 8 (413.37 Mb)

Delphi 10 (2006) (1.81 Gb)

Delphi 11 (2007) (1.02 Gb)

Delphi 12 (2009) (1.92 Gb)

Delphi 14 (2010) (1.67 Gb)

Delphi 15(XE) (1.88 Gb)

Delphi 16 (XE2) (2.53 Gb)

Delphi 17 (XE3) (3.49 Gb)

Kylix 1 (312.55 Mb)

Kylix 3 (468.28 Mb)

Delphi for PHP 1 (43.23 Mb)

Delphi for PHP 3 (XE) (130.73 Mb)

Delphi for PHP 4 (XE2) (81.68 Mb)

Borland C++Builder 6 Enterprise Edition (269.83 Mb) (as Bonus)

Borland TurboPascal v7.0

Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3 Update 2 (3.49 GB)

Delphi XE4 Official ISO

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5

Embarcadero Delphi XE4 RTM Inc Update1 v18.0.4905.60485 Lite v7.1

Embarcadero Delphi XE5 RTM v19.0.13476.4176 Lite v8.0 + Activator

RAD Studio XE5 Update2 (ISO)

Rad Studio XE6 UPDATE 1 ISO

RAD Studio XE7 iso + Patch

RAD Studio Delphi CBuilder XE7 Update1 ISO

Delphi XE7 Update 1 ISO + Patch

Delphicbuilder XE8 win ISO

RAD Studio 10 Seattle

lsuper Embarcadero Delphi 10 Seattle RTM v23.0.20618.2753 Lite v12.0

RAD Studio 10 Seattle Update 1 ISO Source

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