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MS Word Insert Lines In Multiple Files

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Removing Extra Lines in MS Word - CodeJacked
Insert an Excel Worksheet into a Word Doc - Online Tech Tips

Microsoft Word is a commercial word processor designed by Microsoft.

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Copy word document with files in command prompt

I have a Winword file, .htm extension (web page format), which is linked with a folder containing possible images included inside the document. For example, I have "document.htm" with the folder "...

php command-line ms-word command-prompt


How do you specify <requirements> in the manifest?

I'm deeply frustrated and hoping someone can help. My Word Add-in requires 1.1, and (as a newbie) I've found the MS documentation and submission process ambiguous/confusing. They take 2 days, then ...

ms-word office-js


Render html on MS Word in winforms c# application

I have to render html file on ms word and display word file to user in windows c# application. Can anyone suggest how can I achieve this?

html ms-word


Long operations crash Office addin (JS)

I just created a (JS) Word Add-in and found that long synchronous operations can make it crash. In these cases, the following error is displayed - [ADD-IN ERROR Sorry, we had to restart because this ...

javascript ms-word office-js


How to edit existing pdf file in node?

I found solutions in Java, But I did not find solution using JavaScript. I found this HummusJS, But it wasn not useful on manipulating the PDF much. so Is there a library to edit an existing PDF in ...

javascript node.js pdf ms-word


Excel formula to output line breaks to word document

I have an Excel spreadsheet that is linked to a Word document. This word document is a letter. I have a field in Excel that is optional for the user to enter data into, but if something is present ...

excel ms-word excel-formula


How can I preserve hyperlinks when saving as pdf? [MS Word for Mac 2011]

Situation: Im using Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 (Version 14.7.1) and want to save my document (which includes hyperlinks) as a pdf. When I open my pdf, the mailto: feature is working, but my ...

pdf hyperlink ms-word ms-office


How to call word macro in java [on hold]

I am currently building a program that will call the macro i've created in my word template using java.

java vba ms-word word-vba


word document styling and formatting options [on hold]

After going through the Rmakrdown online course with Datacamp and the rmarkdown reference document I can see that there are very limited options available for reporting with word document formatting(...

r ms-word rmarkdown styling


VBA Macro for MS Word to Ignore Spelling Errors in Selected Block of Text

VBA Noob here. I take my python programming notes in a word document since I can import images into it and align/format text quickly. Any code pasted into this document comes up as a spelling error. ...

vba ms-word ms-office


Word Macro virus

I'm trying to help a friend who has a word macro virus. Almost everyone of his.doc files are infected, I'd like to delete the malicious macros without deleting the word files. Since my friend never ...

vba ms-word word-vba


Counting words per section in MS Word using a VB script

I have been using this script to count words per section in MS Word, and to show the result on a message box. Message boxes are limited in space, though. For a document with a big number of sections I ...

excel-vba ms-word


MS Word get reference (REF) number of appendix headline

Is there a way to get the number of the reference from a headline? My document structure is something like that: 1 First Chapter 1.1 First section Appendix 1: Table of ... Appendix ...

indexing reference ms-word ref fieldcodes


How do numbering of page in word file by JAVA

How do i numbering of pages in word file by Java. I am using Apache POI driver to interact JAVA and word . i want border and page number as well in my word file while i am creating file from JAVA. ...

java ms-word numbers apache-poi border


Replace hyperlinks inside Word documents from outside Microsoft Word

Suppose I have a standard Word document called document.doc. Inside this document, there are hyperlinks to some server which no longer exists. I wish to replace the link with the aproper one, and ...

linux ms-word

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