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PST files are very well known by all the Microsoft Professionals. Still if you have any doubt regarding PST files, let me clear it.

Email client Microsoft Outlook is used widely across the globe, and different users configure and use it to access different email services. The email data in MS Outlook is stored in a single PST file. In one word, PST file is the database of MS Outlook.

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Why Do we need to Merge Multiple PST files into a Single file?

This requirement is not often raised by normal or home users, but when MS Outlook is used in large organizations where email is the basic source of any communication, the requirement pops up rapidly. This is because:

  1. The size of PST file is limited (i.e. 2 GB for ANSI and  20 GB for Unicode)
  2. Single user accesses multiple emails on different computers
  3. Employee resigns and you have to handle its previous emails

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These are the basic three reasons why we need to combine multiple PST files into one single PST. As of-course, it gives an ease to access all the emails in a single interface.

Combine or Merge Multiple PST Files

How to combine multiple PST files into one

There are many tricks and methods mentioned over internet to combine PST files but I always suggest my readers to reach their goal using a manual technique. Also, if you have few PST files, manual merging is the best option rather then opting an automated tool. Many times, it is seen that users have protect their PST files with passwords. If you forget the password, you can unlock password protected PST file by following simple steps. It is often seen that people try unusual tricks to do manage PST file and their PST file gets corrupted, in that scenario you can read the complete steps to repair Outlook PST file.

Steps to Merge Multiple PST files Manually

Open your PST file(s) in MS Outlook. All the Outlook versions allow to open additional PST file(s).

  1. In Outlook 2007, Go to File ⇒ Open ⇒ Outlook Data File
  2. Locate the PST file you want to open in MS Outlook and select it
  3. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 for multiple files

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In order to view the PST file imported in Outlook, changing the navigation pane to a folder or Mail view is what i recommend. The Folder List button can be located at the bottom left of MS Outlook. You can easily move your email list to another folder by simple drag and drop or by move option, which you get when you Right Click on the selected content. All you email files or content will be transferred to the destination you chose.

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P.S:- Sometimes the process hangs up if the PST size is large. Consider applying the above steps partially(Move emails in parts).

Steps to combine PST files using third party tool

If you have hundreds of PST files, that you want to merge or combine, i suggest you to go for a third party tool. There are many third party PST merge tools available in the market and may perform a Google search for that. I would personally recommend an inexpensive tool i used for my organization. You may consider using PST Merge Tool by SysInfoTools. I would recommend you to try a demo version of this tool before you purchase it.

I hope your doubts are clear on how to merge or combine multiple PST files manually and using an automated tool.

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