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RadioCaster 2.0 with Product keys

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RadioBOSS 5.4.4

New features in RadioBOSS
  • Improved AAC/AAC+ encoding quality
  • Fixed the playback queue bug (switching to the active playlist)
  • Fixed event editor bug: incorrect font color
  • Fixed UAC bug: crossfade editor and track tool
  • Fixed overlay playback: stopped playlist playback on error
  • Fixed weather tags didn't work when overlay playback was used
  • Fixed TTS: sometimes didn't read from file
  • Increased maximum no-repeat time for playlist generator
  • Hot key for Ads Scheduler added
  • Updated translations
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4.4

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“Radio BOSS, you're my jewelry that I can not break It is strong, it is robust, he is performing. He definitely outperforms any other similar software. Technical support is incredibly good. Promptness and reliability in the extreme”
— Matei Mincu

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RadioBOSS 5.4.7
User interface improvements; minor bugs fixed.


RadioBOSS 5.4.4
Improved AAC encoding quality, updated UI translations, and fixed bugs.


RadioLogger 3.0
Major RadioLogger update. Reworked user interface, added styles support. Improved recording quality. Lots of bug fixes and improvements.


RadioBOSS 5.4.1
Performance and stability improvements. Bugs fixed.

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