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  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 255 – Double Sleeving

    Do you practice ‘safe decks’?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 254 – Pork Pie

    Game of Thrones, Game of Boards & Bored of Games.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 253 – Beadle Biscuits

    The perfect Chocolate Digestive? On the other hand…

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 252 – The Division Bellend

    Statistically challenged, but 100% entertainment!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 251 – Milk Maid

    Pull the udder one!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 250 – Two Fiddy

    Red hot three way action. It’s all sex, drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll here!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 249 – Go FAQ yourself

    aka Matthew’s internet rabbit hole.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 248 – Baubles Deep 2015

    aka The Phallic Chocolate Santa Show.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 247 – Bada Bing it!

    And we ain’t horsin’ around.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 246 – I Love Bob

    A happy little podcast.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 245 – Home Invasion

    Four guys, one love.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 244 – Cupid Stunt

    All done in the best possible taste!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 243 – Pixelated Penis

    or: Daren’s delight over digital ‘dad’ dong.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 242 – Saucegate

    Tackling the condiment conundrum head on.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 241 – Straight Outta Gamescom

    Beer, meat & video games… Cologne style!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 240 – Comfy Slippers

    Gaming in the comfort zone.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 239 – Tramp Glamping

    Straight out of Matthew’s third drawer, it’s a big one!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 238 – E3 2015

    A boozy view of the greatest video game show on earth!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 237 – Little People

    Like us, a great British export, & never short on talent.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 236 – The Confession

    One of the hosts harbours a secret…

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 235 – First World Problems

    Tales of woe, bromantic chat and other gubbins.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 234 – Alcosexual

    Exploring the dangers of addiction. Also beer.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 233 – Electric Sex Pants

    Powerful, penetrating, podcasting pleasure. All the P’s!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 232 – The Riker Effect

    Set phasers to stunning!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 231 – Full Digby Chicken Caesar

    The gamification of beer, and other great news.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 230 – Friends with Nerds

    Also featuring tales of the mucky internet.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 229 – Jesus Comes First

    Holy balls deep!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast – 2014 Christmas Special

    Go Baubles Deep!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 228 – Gentlemen’s Agreement

    Say no more!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 227 – Motability

    Vroom, Vroom!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 226 – Mucky Gusset

    Letting it go, down below.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 225 – Midlife Crisis

    or: A StreetKa Named Desire

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 224 – Loot-a-licious

    Destiny promises crate-ness.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 223 – Painter’s Radio

    It’s okay, we’ve got it covered!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 222 – Straight Outta Gamescom

    Adventures in Cologne and soiled gaming pants.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 221 – Fur Coat and No Knickers

    Does Destiny have the density?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 220 – Rusty Trombone

    Depravity carries a tune with a ring to it.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 219 – Sorry Georgie

    Major events & minor corruption!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 218 – Yiffing

    Oh for fox sake!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 217 – Because The Internet

    Is it the root of most modern day problems?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 216 – Pork Sword +1

    Praise the sun… you naughty boy!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 215 – Dirty Colossus

    Game boss or Sexual act? Listen & find out…

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 214 – Three in a Bed

    But who ended up beating the meat? Listen & find out.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 213 – Window Licker

    We’re back!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 212 – Seal Clubber

    Daren wields a heavily armoured baton.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 211 – Grind Pants

    or: Douche: Matt’s feeling flush and treats himself

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 210 – Double Bagger

    or: Every Doge has it’s day. Wow! Such Podcast.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 209 – Meat Shield

    Someone’s taking one for the team.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast – Christmas Bonus 2013

    Happy Xmas (Console war is over)

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 208 – Tough Love

    Separated at birth?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 207 – First Impressions: PlayStation 4

    We’re done with awaiting greatness. Do Sony deliver?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 206 – First Impressions: Xbox One

    Microsoft’s new shiny gets Fista’d.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 205 – Meat Spin

    You spin me right round baby!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 204 – Noob Tuber

    or: Get Methylated. That’s the spirit!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 203 – Big Spoon

    Tales from MLGX. My mind’s telling me noooo…

  • The YoS Challenge – The Aftermath

    Did they make it?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 202 – Double Dipping

    Is it the onset of old age, or alcohol abuse? You decide.

  • YoS Challenge September 2013 – Are We There Yet?

    How about a penultimate show foursome?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 201 – Lego Haircut

    Matt & Daren are back, with both style and security missteps.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 200 – Balls Deeper

    Our milestone podcast extravaganza!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 199 – Hot Lunch

    Your hosts return, bursting with natural flavour!

  • YOS Challenge August 2013 – Land Ahoy!

    Emerging from the gaming wastelands

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 198 – Hodor


  • YoS Challenge July 2013 – Independent Enabler

    Do we make you do it?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 197 – For Ryan

    Rest easy duder.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 196 – The Swingers

    Has someone thrown their keys into the bowl?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast – E3 2013 Special

    Your hosts discuss all things E3 in their own inimitable way.

  • YoS Challenge June 2013 – E3 Quarters Done

    The finish line is…..nowhere in sight

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 195 – Ten Grand Deeper

    We’re suckers for money. What’s your price?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 194 – Xbox One

    In depth and alcohol infused reaction to the reveal.

  • YoS Challenge May 2013 – InTerrygation

    Forgive me father for I have sinned…..

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 193 – A Stench of Geeks

    Kings of Pong!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 192 – Guyliner

    Does mascara maketh the man?

  • YoS Challenge April 2013 – Are The Boys Starting To Crack

    Polyfilla Required?

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 191 – Stroke ‘Em Up

    Beating a game has never been so much fun!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 190 – Smell The Glove

    Join your hosts for some five fingered fun.

  • YoS Challenge March 2013 – Halfway There!

    Halfway and still horsing around

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 189 – Portal Master

    We’ve been raiding tombs and toy shops!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 188 – Splosh!

    It’s all getting a bit messy & we’re loving it!

  • YOS Challenge February 2013 – Where’s Wally?

    Someone’s Missing

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 187 – Horse’s Arse

    Looking for meaty gaming chat? You know where to “Findus”.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 186 – Scratch and Sniff

    The fragrant friendship continues…

  • YOS Challenge January 2013 – New Year, New Outlook

    There’s more than one way of skinning a cat

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 185 – Super Hard-On

    New Year. New console. Same bromance!

  • A Midlife Gamer Christmas Video

    A gamer’s alternative to the Queen’s speech.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast – 2012 Christmas Special

    ‘Tis the season to go Baubles Deep.

  • The YOS Challenge December – Reality Bites

    Real life can both suck and blow

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 184 – Mother Trucker

    That’s a big Ten Four, Rubber Duck.

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 26-11-2012

    The end of days are coming!

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 18-11-2012

    There’s Nor-way you’ll want to miss this show!

  • The YOS Challenge November – Feeling the pain already?

    The latest episode of the boys pain

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 05-11-2012

    You hosts have a quickie ahead of a Nordic adventure.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 183 – The Acropalypse

    Your hosts are back & sowing their gaming seed.

  • The YoS Challenge October – The Long Road Ahead

    The boys return

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 182 – Gundam Style

    Two hosts, two Expos and twelve inches of hot meat.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 181 – Butcher’s Slab

    Your hosts prepare for #MLGX, learning something new along the way.

  • The Greg Giddens Show

    A new, awesome podcast.

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 16-09-2012

    Video Games & sploshing, would you expect anything less?

  • The Year of Shame Podcast September – The Journey Begins

    Welcome to the September 2012 Episode of the Year of Shame Challenge Podcast .

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 180 – Bacardi Geezer

    Matt & Daren return after a brief hiatus with a bang!

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 20-08-2012

    Pinballs Deep or: How to stop worrying and love Sambuca

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 12-08-2012

    Matt & Daren talk games!

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 29-07-2012

    James Effing Bond!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 179 – ‘Fingers’ Moore

    Someone’s been touching cloth…

  • Midlife Gamer Let’s Spoil: Dawnguard

    The Spoiler Alert podcast returns with a new name.

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 16-07-2012

    The joy of sex, and other hirsute happenings.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 178 – Slender Man

    Filling your gaming pants… and ours.

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 01-07-2012

    Ebony and Ivory??

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 177 – Missed Bump

    The bromance is back!

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 176 – Juxtaposed

    Tongue tied & twisted, your hosts discuss E3 2012.

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 03-06-2012

    Two’s company, three’s a charm(er).

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 175 – 50 Shades of Matt

    The restraints come off & your hosts are unleashed. Insert ‘gag’ gag here.

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 20-05-2012

    Remote ramblings from Matt & Daren, and the return of the #MLGQ

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 174 – It’s a Game!

    Two men in a room with flapping tongues. Giggidy giggidy!

  • Midlife Gamer Conference Call – 07-05-2012

    A triumph of technology brings Matt & Daren together.

  • Midlife Gamer Podcast 173 – Bingo Wings

    Two fat hosts? Eyes down & ears open!

  • Midlife Gamer Spoiler Alert Podcast: Mass Effect 3

    The Spoiler Alert gang and friends discuss Mass Effect 3.

  • Midlife Gamer Late to the Party: Borderlands

    LTTP is finally back.

  • Podcast Episode 172 – Sex Tape

    Matt & Daren take the biscuit, or is it a cake?

  • Podcast Episode 171 – Guitar Wker

    He gave his love a chicken…

  • Podcast Episode 170 – Black Lace Assassin

    Wield a mohawk, climb a tree?

  • Spoiler Alert – MGS HD Collection

    MGS HD gets the Spoiler Alert treatment.

  • Podcast Episode 169 – No Yoko!

    Modern arcade antics, Valentine’s Day mis-adventures and Daren has a little rant.

  • Podcast Episode 168 – Non Sequitur

    Bondage gear confessions, 80′s action heroes & 90′s dance music. Oh and games too…

  • Spoiler Alert – Saints Row The Third

    Saints Row gets the Spoiler Alert treatment.

  • Podcast Episode 167 – The Drop

    We present DVD Screensavers, music genre confusion and a miracle… in Comic Sans.

  • Late to the Party: Bayonetta

    The Game of the Month Podcast but with a different name.

  • Podcast Episode 166 – Stayin’ Alive

    Your hosts reflect on the highs & lows of their gaming in 2011.

  • Podcast Episode 165 – I, Lobot

    We bring you a festive show, live from another country!?

  • Game of the Month Podcast – Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

    We talk about our horrible time with November’s Game of the Month, Kane & Lynch.

  • Podcast Episode 164 – The Gibb-Factor

    It’s just our jive talkin’…

  • Spoiler Alert Podcast – Skyrim

    We are Dragonborn.

  • Podcast Episode 163 – Ooh Shiny!

    Listen to this lovely newness in all its glory, before something else gets your attention.

  • Podcast Episode 162 – Nordgasm

    or: Matt & Daren Thu’um it in.

  • Midlife Gamer Late to the Party Podcast

    Late to the Party Archive

  • Game of the Month Podcast – Batman: Arkham Asylum

    October’s Game of the Month Podcast.

  • Podcast Episode 161 – Bullet Point Central

    Half-arsed podcasting at its finest!

  • Podcast Episode 160 – Money Hats

    Who said money can’t buy you happiness?

  • Podcast Episode 159 – Cunning Linguist

    Having a way with words is great, unless the wrong person reads them!

  • Podcast Episode 158 – Heavy Petting

    You can’t ignore the signs, this must be underwater love!

  • Game of the Month Audio DLC: Assassin’s Creed

    The Game of the Month podcast crew discuss September’s title, Assassin’s Creed.

  • Podcast Episode 157 – Budgie Smugglers

    Good things come in small packages…that bulge!

  • Podcast Episode 156 – Glory Hole

    Matt investigates Daren’s aperture…. for science!

  • Podcast Episode 155 – Ooh Friend!

    Your hosts have a man-date with the promise of some awesome gaming…

  • Game of the Month Audio DLC: Mirrors Edge

    Polished to a mirror shine.

  • Podcast Episode 154 – Let’s Connect!

    We present two of the least talented performers in the UK…. and Jedward.

  • Podcast Episode 153 – Golden Sample

    LARPing and Mills & Boon confusion. Where else but here!

  • Podcast Episode 152 – OM NOM NOM!

    The boys commit a cardinal sin of podcasting by eating food while recording…. yummy!

  • Podcast Episode 151 – Cincinatti Bowtie

    Fitness, cooking tips, DIY, submissive tendencies… we’ve got it all here!

  • Game of the Month Audio DLC: Overlord

    Domination has never felt so meh.

  • Podcast Episode 150 – One Fiddy

    Another milestone reached. Listen, and enjoy the celebrations with your beloved hosts!

  • Podcast Episode 149 – Mellow Bird

    Join your hosts for a show filled with memorable games & forgettable names.

  • Podcast Episode 148 – All Aboard!

    Your beloved hosts reflect on another week of gaming, with a liberal splash of adult fun.

  • Podcast Episode 146 – Stirring the porridge

    Two gamers, a wedding and an ice cream van. Your week just got awesomer!

  • Game of the Month Audio DLC: WET

    Is it worth getting soaked for?

  • Podcast Episode 145 – The Wink

    Those naughty boys bring you another dose of cheeky gaming chat.

  • Podcast Episode 144 – Barber’s Sandwich

    Gaming chatter, lost memories and stag nights await you this week.

  • Podcast Episode 143 – Geek Boner

    Gaming chat, geeky goodness and community tales from the zombie apocalypse.

  • Podcast Episode 142 – E3 2011

    For the most comprehensive E3 coverage, we’re up there…ish.

  • The Inside Guys Podcast Post-E3 Special

    Greg Giddens and Steve Peacock share their thoughts on E3.

  • Podcast Episode 141 – Super Injunction

    For legal reasons we’re not able to tell you how awesome this show is.

  • Podcast Episode 140 – Delirium

    The boys are back, but something’s not right with one of the hosts…

  • Game of the Month Audio DLC: The Darkness

    Is The Darkness worth embracing?

  • Podcast Special – The Inside Guys

    New voices, same shenanigans.

  • A Midlife Gamer Abroad

    Some bonus Matt and Daren for your ears

  • Podcast Episode 139 – Glandular Glee-ver

    Holiday gaming, designing a new console and pre-internet porn. It’s all here!

  • Podcast Episode 138 – Duck Butter

    It’s an extra day Bank Holiday bonanza show. Royal Weddings FTW!

  • Podcast Episode 137 – And then?

    Another delicious helping of gaming chat and the other stuff that you love.

  • Podcast Episode 136 – The Bad Touch

    Mostly accurate gaming chat, mispronunciation & masturbation marathons. All in a day’s work for Matt & Daren.

  • Podcast Episode 135 – Reverse Cowgirl

    We’re back in the saddle and riding it hard. So mount up for a rootin’ tootin’ boot scootin’ show!

  • Podcast Episode 134 – Covered in Win

    Close your eyes, open your ears and allow us to unload!

  • Podcast Episode 133 – iFap

    It’s not what you think….. or is it?

  • Podcast Episode 132 – The Colonel

    Welcome to the podcast blog post simulator!

  • Podcast Episode 131 – Too Sexy

    Many words have been used to describe your hosts. Sexy is some way down the list!

  • Podcast Episode 130 – Cuddle Him!

    The boys are back, and they have words to say about games.

  • Podcast Episode 129 – Pretty Ridiculous

    Never in the history of podcasting has one word been uttered so often.

  • Podcast Episode 128 – Subliminal

    Close your eyes, relax and listen to the soft soothing tone of their voices…

  • Podcast Episode 126 – FAQ Off

    The guys have been gaming games, with mispronunciation aplenty & awkward subliminal messaging.

  • Podcast Episode 125 – Waheystation!

    Phwoar, what a corker! Get your weekly podcast load, shot all over your ears!

  • Podcast Episode 124 – Terry Worgen

    Epic gaming ‘bosses’, a coked-up pope and a pair of lovely ladies come to play with us.

  • Podcast Episode 123 – Year of the Rabbit

    Another fun filled show jammed with gaming chat, KFC gravy & hair salon fail.

  • Podcast Episode 122 – GOTY 2010

    Your hosts see in the New Year with a look back at their, and the community’s favourite games of 2010.

  • Podcast Episode 121 – Vajazzled

    The last show of the year, so celebrate with us & go decorate a vajajay!

  • Podcast Episode 120 – Soggy Biscuit

    The boys are gearing up for Christmas, let them fill your stockings!

  • Podcast Episode 119 – Badly Packed Kebab

    Hot topics this week – Suspiciously named recording artists, dodgy gifts & Lady Gaga.

  • Podcast Episode 118 – Moose Knuckle

    Hot topics this week – Advice from the future, dealing with young musicians & spandex cycle shorts.

  • Podcast Episode 117 – Dropping a deuce

    Hot topics this week – Terribly good games, near death driving, man-flu and toilet techniques.

  • Podcast Episode 116 – Fish Sticks

    Hot topics this week – Who’ll buy Harmonix? Pub DJs, a recycled South Park joke and a little MLGlee.

  • Podcast Episode 115 – Bro’mo-sexual

    Hot topics this week – Games, a historical podcast moment & sex-toy bewilderment.

  • Podcast Episode 114 – Master Baker

    Hot topics this week – Backseat gaming, scary games, fancy dress & a little Star Trek digression.

  • Podcast Episode 113 – Uncle Vader

    Hot topics this week – Money-Hats, Halloween considerations, Star Wars toys & Veet.

  • Podcast Episode 112 – Friends with benefits

    Hot topics this week – Videogame F@k Buddies & Matt’s drunken bondage failure.

  • Podcast Episode 111 – Some Like It Hoth

    Your hosts return with gaming chat, geeky gadgets & tales of hair removal cream.

  • Podcast – Eurogamer 2010 Special

    Tune in to our Eurogamer 2010 show, with views and impressions on what the Expo had to offer.

  • Podcast Episode 110 – High Five!

    The bromance is in full effect with some ‘together’ gaming and preparations for Eurogamer 2010.

  • Podcast Episode 109 – Freddie Chief

    Who on earth could compare Halo Reach to rock gods Queen? Three guesses…

  • Podcast Episode 108 – Crafty Butcher

    The “It’s a host’s birthday” episode, with special contributions from members of the community.

  • Podcast Episode 107 – Fat back

    Another week in the life of your esteemed hosts, captured as audio, for your ears.

  • Podcast Episode 106 – Tuppence World

    More delightful gaming chat from your hosts, including nightmares, MMO addiction & genitalia oriented theme parks.

  • Podcast Episode 105 – Dwarf Mania

    There’s a distinct RPG vibe to this week’s show. But don’t worry. We’re still l33t in RL….J/K ;)

  • Podcast Episode 104 – HPW

    Your weekly fix of gaming chat, revelations surrounding female anatomy & the pitfalls of online dating.

  • Podcast Episode 103 – Is it safe?

    Your lovable hosts return with gaming chat… and tales of dentistry.

  • Podcast Episode 102 – May contain nuts

    Your weekly dose of gaming chat, with a little domestic male advice thrown in.

  • Podcast Episode 101 – Dos dedos…

    Matt & Daren return after a brief hiatus, easing themselves back into the podcasting swing of things.

  • Podcast Special – MLG Meets Richard Garriott

    We speak to the legend behind Ultima, Tabula Rasa and Portalarium.

  • Podcast Episode 100 – Balls Deep

    The boys bang out an epic and expanded 100th show, with help from the community.

  • Podcast Episode 99 – Wizard’s Sleeve

    Your weekly edition of gaming goodness & fun, featuring a super ‘geek’ prologue. D20 at the ready!

  • Podcast Episode 98 – Wave ‘em up

    It’s the E3 hangover show & the boys have things to say beyond the joys of flailing in front of your console.

  • Podcast Special – E3 2010: The Big Three

    Matt & Daren come together to record a special E3 2010 show dedicated to the press conferences from Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony.

  • Podcast Episode 97 – Sunbed Hero

    The last show before E3 and the burning question is…which one’s Ant & which one’s Dec?

  • Podcast Episode 96 – Biddy Fiddler

    This week’s show is better than a hot mature woman… but only just!

  • Podcast Episode 95 – Red for Dead

    You weekly dose of gaming chat peppered with small amounts of confusion and innacuracy. Par for the course really!

  • Podcast Episode 94 – Spray on pants

    The boys are making ‘aerosols’ of themselves this week, chatting about all things gaming and beyond.

  • Podcast Episode 93 – Electric Boogaloo

    No body popping or windmills from the boys, just good wholesome freestylin’ gaming chat.

  • Podcast Episode 92 – General Erection

    The votes are in and exit polls indicate a huge swing in favour of the MLG party.

  • Podcast Episode 91 – Old Spice

    The boys are back with your weekly dose of gaming chat, Marmite & The Spice Girls!

  • Podcast Episode 90 – Pant Moustache

    Your hirsute hosts are back with another batch of gaming chat.

  • Podcast Episode 89 – Teabagging

    Your weekly gaming aural fix from Matt & Daren, lowered gently onto your face.

  • Podcast Episode 88 – Welease Woger

    Matt & Daren serve up another portion of gaming chat and confused waffling.

  • Podcast Episode 87 – Heavy Wayne

    The boys knock out an early show this week, with it being Easter and all that.

  • Podcast Episode 86 – Munter Hunter

    The boys return with another portion of entertaining and mostly accurate gaming chat with a liberal sprinkle of near-knuckle topics.

  • Podcast Episode 85 – Oh Tiger!

    Your weekly slice of gaming entertainment, with a little sexting on the side.

  • Podcast Episode 84 – Steak & BJ Day

    So as well as being Mother’s Day it’s Steak & BJ Day, although it’s probably best that the two are not combined!

  • Podcast Episode 83 – Chat Roulette

    Can you guess what Matt’s been up to all weekend?

  • Podcast Episode 82 – You’re motoring

    Murdering songs and a little teabagging. All in a day’s work for your beloved hosts.

  • Podcast Episode 81 – How to look good naked

    Can you believe that Matt has no idea who Gok Wan is?

  • Podcast Episode 80 – Fap-Off

    Another fun filled show saddened somewhat by a console bereavement. One minute silence please!

  • Podcast Episode 79 – Epic Fail

    We’re back with another show, with some heated discussion over Heavy Rain. There’s only one way to resolve this…FIGHT!

  • Podcast Episode 78 – Banjo String

    There’s a certain ‘twang’ to this week’s podcast, and it’s our new favourite show ever!

  • Podcast Episode 77 – Blue Oyster

    On this week’s show we give you the low down on the new site which, if you’re reading this, meant it works!

  • Podcast Episode 76 – Bleaching Uranus

    Word! Its our best show since the last one, for realsies!

  • Podcast Episode 75 – Me so horny

    Check the latest MLG Podcast bitches!

  • Podcast Episode 74 – Hey you guys

    Need more stuff for the front page to look full

  • Podcast Episode 73 – Bukkake Gland

    Rock Band 2, Sony Home, Tales of Monkey Island, Assassins Creed 2, Osmos, Blue Toad Murder Files, Forza 3, Left4Dead 2, Battlefield 1943 and Uncharted 2, News discussion – UK game sales eclipse film, psychology of gamers, Blizzard still to return to console development and the public MAG beta The retail round-up -Modern Warfare 2 at number ...

  • Podcast Episode 72 – Constant Craving

    Coming off the back of 2009 MLG Xmas party – Gran Turismo 5 time trial, Rock Band 2, The Beatles, Sing Star, Noby Noby Boy, Flower, Assassins Creed 2, Tales of Money Island and Osmos News discussion – VGA 2009 announcements, possible PSP 4000, PSN subscription survey, Mass Effect 2 DLC, Heavy Rain DLC / Collectors ...

  • Podcast Episode 71 – Hello Computer

    Borderlands online multiplayer, Assassin’s Creed 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Torchlight. News discussion – Official Little Big Planet content coming, Modern Warfare 2 patch, Forza 3 stats, possible Splinter Cell demo, AVP retail packages, Activision counter sue No Doubt, Christmas Xbox Live deals, Harmonix layoffs, America’s Army development costs, next Borderlands DLC, PS3 firmware update, ...

  • Podcast Episode 70 – Sitar Hero

    God of War, Gravity Crash, The Beatles Rock Band, M.A.G, Bayonetta, Assassins Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2,Noby Boby Boy and Super Mario Galaxy. News discussion – Dragons Lair coming to iPhone, download gaming trends, Andy Murray loves Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 2 bigger than DVD, Borderlands success, Max Payne 3 delayed, Gran Turismo 5 demo, ...

  • Podcast Episode 69 – The stink bridge

    Assassins Creed 2, God of War Collection, Borderlands, Everybody’s Golf, 1 V’s 100 Winner, M.A.G and Modern Warfare 2. News discussion – Afterburner, Final Fight and Magic Sword coming home, Little Big Planet online level creator, Uncharted 2 title update, Rock Band now has over 1000 songs available, female gamers love the Wii and the Microsoft ...

  • Podcast Episode 68 – Han Solo Shot First


  • Podcast Episode 67 – Neverending Story

    Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands and Guitar Hero 5. News discussion – Modern Warfare 2 sales figures, Final Fantasy XIII release details, Facebook and Twitter general release, Project Natal leaked details and Sing Star is broken. The retail round-up -Wii Fit Plus tops the charts, Assassins Creed 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 coming out this week, DLC, ...

  • Podcast Episode 66 – Something something something Dark Side

    Geometry Wars 2 challenge, Forza 3 details and Borderlands. News discussion – World of Warcraft pet store, Nintendo Gameboy in the Hall of Fame, iPhone app store hits another landmark, No Doubt next in line to sue Activision and Braid coming to the PS3. The retail round-up -Modern Warfare 2 out this week, Football Manager 2010 at ...

  • Podcast Episode 65 – Boingy boingy

    Left4Dead 2, Ballad of Gay Tony, God of War 3 and Borderlands. News discussion – Change4Life embracing Wii Fit, DSi XL detailed, Microsoft banning more modded consoles, Xbox Sky Player failure, Demon’s Souls gets harder and IBASS sales figures. The retail round-up -Dragon Age and Ratchet and Clank out this week, Pro Evo 2010 still at number ...

  • Podcast Episode 64 – Hippo’s Yawn

    The completion of Uncharted 2, Abbey Road Beatles DLC, GeoWars 2 high score, Lost Odyssey, Noby Noby Boy, Axel and Pixel and Borderlands News discussion – Modern Warfare PC minimum spec, Queen ARE coming to Lego Rockband, Civilization and Atari coming to Facebook, Black Wii on the way and mans best friend eats Microsoft points. The retail ...

  • Podcast Episode 63 – Fighter pilot’s thumbs

    Uncharted 2, Uno, E4, GeoWars 2, LittleBigPlanet and the completion of Batman. News discussion – AMD and NVIDIA possibly powering the next Microsoft and Nintendo systems, Blur in Lego Bockband, Sky on Xbox Live dated, Left4Dead 2 demo dated, possible party chat on PSN and new Sony mobile / PSN compatibility. The retail round-up – Borderlands and ...

  • Podcast Episode 62 – Dropped your ring?

    blah blah you stink

  • Podcast Episode 61 – Awesome Ruler

    Need of Speed Shift V’s Forza 3, Demon’s Souls, The Beatles: Rock Band, Buzz TV Jungle Party, Uncharted 2 and Afrika News discussion – Issue with Nintendo Wii update, further Left4Dead 2 boycott dousing, Epic 360 development, Super Street Fighter 4 and Queen on Rock Band. The retail round-up – Starwars out this week, Halo ODST at ...

  • Podcast Episode 60 -The late show

    Age of Booty, Demon’s Souls, Forza 3, United Gamers League Grand Final, the death of Hackcess and Afrika. News discussion – Sega and Sony in bed together, ODST midnight launch, 250 Gig PS3 Slim bundle, wireless N 360 adapter, new Nintendo Wii bundle, Rock Band 2 patch and Nintendo looking for Britain’s best gamer The retail round-up ...

  • Podcast Episode 59 -Do the Bartman

    Uncharted 2, Batman, Age of Booty, Trials HD, Katamari Forever, Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty and LittleBigPlanet News discussion – Sony Playstation 3 V’s BBC Watchdog, no Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia, Bioshock 2 release date, The Longest Journey available again, ngmoco hiring Myspace president, Forza 3 Xbox pack, pirates in WOW, Freeralms dated ...

  • Podcast Episode 58 – Fudge packer

    The Beatles: Rock Band, Hackcess, Demon’s Souls, Batman and Dreamcast love News discussion -PS3 movie bundle, PS3 Slim sales, Forza 3 demo coming, backlash aginst Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5, another Pacman record broken, Lucasart’s new intellectual property, Rocksteady have a new weapon against pirates, Batman DLC coming, Sega working on a HD 2D sonic ...

  • Podcast Episode 57 – Thumb in a sock

    PS3 love with Everyday shooter, Flower, Echochrome and Killzone 2, Demon’s Souls and Batman. News discussion – Playstation Firmware 3 features and issues, Sony pushing 3D gaming, more games coming to PSN, free wed browsing on the Wii, GTA’s future, the best selling week 1 XBLA game, Rock band bar nights, free LOTRO expansion, Lego Rock ...

  • Podcast Episode 56 – Super ‘Fro Guy

    Wet demo, Shadow Complex, Demon’s Souls, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Ghostbusters. News discussion – Xbox 360 price changes, bookies taking bets on Microsoft next advert, video game age restriction laws, further Sony PSP Mini’s details, Modern Warfare 2 getting a big name for its score, resurrected rocker for Guitar Hero 5, Ghostbusters PS3 ...

  • Podcast Episode 55 – Boob Physics

    United Gamers League week 1, Trials HD, Shadow Complex and Demon’s Souls. News discussion – PS3 slim details and prices, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, downloadable Fable 2 and Fable 3 announcement, PS3 3.0 firmware and Home 1.3 details, PSN Point cards and Video store coming to Europe, Sony PSP Go Minis, PS3 PS2 backwards compatibility decided, ...

  • Podcast Episode 54 – To Me, To You!

    Red Faction Guerrilla, WOW update, Wanted and Trials HD. News discussion – Fans voting on the next Genesis XBLA game (with Streets of Rage, not Street Fighter), MAG launch date, Army of 2 Multiplayer demo, more The Beatles Rock Band album DLC, Lionhead front page portraits, more PS3 slim details, Left4Dead 1 and 2 details and ...

  • Podcast Episode 53 – Uno? Oh no!

    Gears of War 2 Dark Corners, Terminator Salvation, Red Faction, Splosion Man, Flow, Sam and Max, Monkey Island, IL 2 Sturmovik, Shatter, Fallout 3, Prototype, updated XBox Dashboard, Batman Arkham Asylum and Uno. News discussion – Games For Windows 3.0 coming, Brutal Legend’s legal issues resolved, Simon the Sorcerer in iPhone, new Left 4 Dead campaign ...

  • Podcast Episode 52 – Not the A-Team

    Ghostbusters, completion of Wolverine, N+, World of Warcraft, Dead Space, 1 vs 100, Battlefield 1943, Splosion Man and Monkey Island SE. News discussion – Free Realms hits another milestone, The Force Unleashed special edition, 2 Alice in Wonderland games due, Bungies plans for Halo, Xbox Indie games pricing structure, WOW movie in the works, Plants vs ...

  • Podcast Special Episode – Why we WOW

    “Why we WOW” is a look into all that’s good and bad about World of Warcraft. With the help of a two members of the Tree Hugging Hippies we delve into what makes this game so popular and addictive along with its future along side other MMO’s. Even if your a level 80 hardcore raider or never ...

  • Podcast Episode 51 – Afternoon Delight

    Wolverine Uncaged, FUN times with Gears of War 2, more Battlefield 1943 with the new map, second week of 1 V’s 100, Killzone 2 and Secret of Monkey Island. News discussion – New store coming to Rock Band, Modern Warfare 2 limited edition and standard pricing, Guitar Hero 5 track list and hardware, details of Xbox ...

  • Podcast Episode 50 – Fiddy

    Afro Samurai, N+, Everybody’s Gold World Tour, 1 V’s 100 and Battlefield 1943. News discussion – Official music charts looking at including DLC, Left4Dead cross play potential, 2009 Summer of Arcade, Mechwarrior due for a reboot, Fighting Fantasy story coming to the DS, Lucasart titles available on Steam, Little Big Planet back on the shelves and ...

  • Podcast Episode 49 – Tooled up to the nuts

    Flight Control and iPhone love, further inFamous, Everybody’s Golf and Red Barron Arcade News discussion – Hardware sales charts, PS3 Slim, iPhone 3GS tech demo, Twitter coming to WOW, Left4Dead 2 multiplayer demo, Last FM details, old Lucusarts game coming, Syntax Era coming to the BBS this year and cross dressing anti heroes. The retail round-up – ...

  • Podcast Episode 48 – Pirates of Mens Pants

    The completion of inFamous and Fahrenheit, Xbox Live downtime and issues, Everybody’s Gold World Tour, Magic the Gathering, Sam and Max Save the World News discussion – New standardised games rating system, Top Trumps going 3D and a tax on broadband users. The retail round-up – Guitar Hero Greatest Hits, Fight Night 4 and Overlord 2 all ...

  • Podcast Episode 47 – 2 guys, 1 mic

    The completion of inFamous and Fahrenheit, Xbox Live downtime and issues, Everybody’s Gold World Tour, Magic the Gathering, Sam and Max Save the World News discussion – New standardised games rating system, Top Trumps going 3D and a tax on broadband users. The retail round-up – Guitar Hero Greatest Hits, Fight Night 4 and Overlord 2 all ...

  • Podcast Episode 46 – Steak drapes

    Killzone 2 online with party system, further into inFamous, Midnight Club LA, more Fahrenheit, Wipeout HD and Vidzone. News discussion – Valve respond to the Left4Dead2 boycott, Xbox Community games being rebranded, Americas Army 3 on Steam, Greenday coming to Rock Band, potential Neverwinter Nights MMO, EA talking smack about the 360, THQ smashing promotion for ...

  • Podcast Episode 45 – Boy Band Baby Oil

    Mortal Kombat, Tony Hawk Project 8, Bionic Commando, Flower, inFamous, Uncharted 2 beta and Fahrenheit. News discussion – Left4Dead 2 boycott, Activision suing EA over Brutal Legend, Apple’s next iPhone taking games to the next level, Metal Gear Solid dated for PSN, Nintendo finally painting the Wii, Top 10 buzz from E3, Sony Home allowing photo ...

  • Podcast E3 2009 – Nintendo & Sony

    Reaction of the Nintendo & Sony press briefing at E3 2009. Nintendo - New Super Mario Brothers, Wii Motion Plus, Wii Sports Resort, Tiger Woods, Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis, Red Steel 2, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Golden Sun, Women’s Murder Club – Games of Passion, Style Savvy, DSi Ware, Facebook, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Wii ...

  • Podcast E3 2009 – Microsoft

    Immediate reaction of the Microsoft press briefing at E3 2009. The games – The Beatles Rock Band, Tony Hawk Ride, Modern Warfair 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Shadow Complex, Joyride, Crackdown 2, Left4Dead 2, Splintercell Conviction, Forza 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Metal Gear Solid Rising and Alan Wake The tech - Sky TV, Zune Video Marketplace (1080p HD ...

  • Podcast Episode 44 – PSP Go is erm…. go

    Guitar Hero Metallica, Shadow of the Colossus, DS love, Gears of War, Demon Souls, Free Realms and Rock Band. News discussion – PSP Go is all systems go, The Matrix Online closing, PS Home getting Buzz, The Joker exclusive to PS3, Microsoft recruiting for big server changes, another reason to get Wolfenstein 3D, Sky TV on ...

  • Podcast Episode 43 – Rusty Ringstinger

    UFC 2009, Godfather 2, inFamous, Xmen Wolverine, Red Faction Multiplayer, Shadow of the colossus completion, Free Realms, Rhythm Paradise and Demon’s Souls. News discussion – Fuel making its way into the Guinness book of records, Monkey Island coming back to consoles, new video content coming to Xbox Live, Fallout 3 DLC due to PS3, MS trying ...

  • Podcast Episode 42 – Pinball Wizard

    Desktop tower defence, Lord of the Rings Conquest, You’re in the Movies, Siren Blood Curse, Shadow of the Colossus and Zen Pinball. News discussion – Tony Hawk: Ride peripheral, free MMORPG for the whole family, Guitar Hero 5 details and initial tracks, possible evidence of the new PS3 slim, ever increasing PC software piracy, video games ...

  • Podcast Episode 41 – Back sack and crack

    Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, completion of GTA Lost and the Damned, WOW, Halo 3, Fallout 3 Broken Steel, completion of Resistance 2, Folklore and Space Invaders Extreme. News discussion – Apple looking at the gaming market, Broken Fallout 3 on the PC, Sony Home getting SceneSet, new gaming television program coming to the UK, Gears of ...

  • Podcast Episode 40 – Reach Around

    Halo 3, Halo Wars, Warhammer Battle March, Fallout 3, Fable 2, Outrun Arcade, Xmen: Wolverine, UFC, Bionic Commando, Buzz Quiz, Resistance 2 and Home. News discussion – No new console cycle until 2013, Capcom titles coming to PC, Prince not digging Guitar Hero, more Guitar Hero Greatest Hits tracks, Fable 2 DLC date and price, Marvel ...

  • Podcast Episode 39 – Ginger Stink

    50 Cent completion, Red Faction demo, fun times with Gears of War 2, more Poker, Halo Wars, Halo 3, Topple 2, Outrun Arcade broken, 5 mins of Resistance 2, Folklore demo and Penny Arcade. News discussion – Change4Life letting us play games, Peggle comes to World of Warcraft, more Guitar Hero Smash Hits tracks, Fable 2 ...

  • Podcast Episode 38 – Getting wiggy with it

    James Bond, WOW post patch, 50 Cent, Singstar. Pinball FX, Desktop tower defense and Outrun Online. News discussion – Fight Night 4 demo, Bethesda trademark for TV and movie rights, next Burnout update dated, Street Fighter 4 Championship DLC, more Guitar Hero Greatest Hits revealed, Rock Band Beatles bundle details, Bionic Commando demo due, Killzone 2 ...

  • Podcast Episode 37 – Pump it up

    Hands on with Overlord 2 and Fuel at the M Festival, Guitar Hero 2, Heavenly Sword, Resident Evil 5 completion, Buzz junior jungle party, Singstar, Killzone 2 behind the bullet and Kingdom Hearts. News discussion – DSi sales figures, Will Wright leaving EA, RE5 DLC details, Outrun Online exclusivity, Wii Sports 2 dated, more leaks of ...

  • Podcast Episode 36 – Side Boob

    Resident Evil 5 love, Word Fu, red ring of death, God of War, Rock Ban, Buzz TV Quiz and Texas Holdem. News discussion – Guitar Hero / Rock Band / Lips microphone compatibility, Fallout 3 DLC issues, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, Donkey Kong champion at E3, PS3 firmware update, Bethesda have a sense of humour,  possible PSN ...

  • Podcast Episode 35 – Throbbing Vein

    Gears of War 2 title update, Scene It, Samba de Amigo, Silent Hill Homecoming, XI in Home, Uno Rush, Hasbro Family Gaming and Left 4 Dead against Sanctuary 4 Gamers News discussion – GDC 2009 updates (OnLive, Sony’s methods for exclusivity, more spaces in Home, game announcements, trailers and leaks), Left 4 Dead sales figures, downloadable ...

  • Podcast Episode 34 – Ding

    Stars Wars The Force Unleashed, Ninja Gaiden 2, The Bourne Conspiracy, Peggle, Guitar Hero Metellica, Gran Turismo Prologue, Singstar and Resident Evil 5. News discussion – Lost and the Damned analyst figures, physical retail copies v’s downloaded content, Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 next year and no solid PS3 release, Resident Evil selling more ...

  • Podcast Episode 33 – Thumbing it in

    The completion of Killzone 2 and multiplayer, Pure not as impressive after Motorstorm, Darens first Undead Tuesday, Crystal Defenders, Wanted demo and Peggle. News discussion – Further details on the Change4Life campaign, new Megadrive coming, potential Wii price increase, Resident Evil 5 online DLC, Microsoft deals of the week, Wallace and Gromit dated, Gears of War ...

  • Podcast Episode 32 – Tight Spandex

    New World of Warcraft content, Street Fighter 4, Killzone 2, Motorstorm 2, The Wheelman demo, Peggle Nights, GAT4 and The Watchmen. News discussion – DSi possibly replacing the DS Lite, Xbox Live gold price cut, details on The Beatles game, Pac Man turning 30, games hitting the media for the wrong reasons, Days of Arcade for ...

  • Podcast Episode 31 – Dude…Sweet

    House of the Dead Overkill, Endwar, Civilization Revolution, Killzone web game, father and daughter Little Big Planet, Super Stardust HD, Heavenly Sword, more Hawx and Rock Band. News discussion – Sam and Max seasons 1 and 2 coming to XBLA, potential price drop for PS3, gaming release schedules looking at the movie trend, Lost Planet 2 ...

  • Podcast Episode 30 – Frank and Beans

    Skate 2 in all of its online glory, Undead Tuesday (along with Hangover Wednesday), Death Tank, GTA4 The Lost and Damned, Flower almost changing lives, Lego Indiana Jones, Chrono Trigger, Flow, Little Big Planet and House of the Dead. News discussion – Left4Dead sales up 3000%, wireless mics coming to Singstar, Nintendo DSi UK release date ...

  • Podcast Episode 29 – Sweet Transvestite

    Further Oblivion action, Skate getting us juiced for Skate 2, HAWX demo impressions and Matt gets to try Mario Kart Wii. News discussion – Writers Guild awards goes to? Capcom announced Dead Rising 2 coming to PS3, 360 and PC, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics? Godfather 2 delayed until early April, FIFA09 online stats ...

  • Podcast Episode 28 – It’s on

    Unemployed WOW and Peggle addiction, Little Big Planet being super family friendly, games taking a cue from movies for cinematics, Halo Wars keeping its promises as a solid console RTS, comfort Uno, Superman Returns, FEAR, R-Type Dimensions, new love for Resident Evil 5 and Oblivion. News discussion – Halo ODST shipping with all Halo 3 map ...

  • Podcast Episode 30 – Frank and Beans

    Skate 2 in all of its online glory, Undead Tuesday (along with Hangover Wednesday), Death Tank, GTA4 The Lost and Damned, Flower almost changing lives, Lego Indiana Jones, Chrono Trigger, Flow, Little Big Planet and House of the Dead. News discussion – Left4Dead sales up 3000%, wireless mics coming to Singstar, Nintendo DSi UK release date ...

  • Podcast Episode 27 – Feed the pony

    A love and hate relationship with Mirrors Edge, more Left for Dead, Gears of War 1 and 2, Fallout 3 not as fun at level 20, restarting Banjo Kazooie, Funtown Mahjong, the Resident Evil 5 demo and why you should go over to News discussion – UK Gaming market close to eclipsing the Japanese, Gears ...

  • Podcast Episode 26 – Internally Grateful

    Gears of War 2 post patch thoughts, Farcry 2 has come and gone with good impressions where Kingdom Under Fire has come and gone forever, more love for Skate 2, Dinging in World of Warcraft, more fun with Lips and Peggle, FEAR 2 demo impressions,  the end of Fallout 3 and looking forward to the ...

  • Podcast Episode 25 – Hotdog Surprise

    The end of Prince of Persia, terrible games coming through the post, Left4Dead steps it up a notch and impresses even more, Fable 2 DLC, hidden object games on XBLA and why Fallout works for one and not for the other SPOILERS. News discussion – Rockstar making use of their engine to continue the GTA story, ...

  • Podcast Episode 24 – Going Commando

    Further thoughts on Prince of Persia and initial love for Left4Dead, EA forcing registration for LOTR Conquest but pleasing us with the demo of Skate 2. Plenty more Fallout 3, hidden object games and Castle Crashers. News discussion – The demise of EGM and the sale of 1UP, Eidos cutting staff from Crystal Dynamics and the ...

  • Podcast Episode 23 – Freudian slippage

    Seeing in the new year with Rock Band and World of Warcraft, rental action with Prince of Persia and Left 4 Dead, old school fun of Beneath the Steel Sky, Castle Crashers and the almighty Fallout 3. News discussion – Rave on with new Xbox Avatar clothing, Microsoft cutting 15,000 job cuts, 2K games global president ...

  • Podcast Episode 22 – INXS of 2008!

    Christmas gaming with Metal Gear Solid 4, Fallout 3, Rock Band, Castle Crashers, Peggle, Street Fighter 2 and some old school NES action with Zelda and N64 action with Golden Eye. News discussion – Free Xbox Arcade game available, more country songs coming to Rock Band, Halo original download price cut, Zavvi going into administration and ...

  • Podcast Episode 21 – Christmas Special 2008

    Matt gets himself Fallout 3 along with some tasty 360 accessories along with a faster ISP, pornography having its hand and fist in the need for extra bandwidth and further Home frustrations. Daren enjoys some Gears of War 2 gets free Gamer Points with Dash of Destruction, begins the descent into Peggle addiction and continues ...

  • Podcast Episode 20 – Auto Asphyxiation

    Matt finishes off Uncharted and Dead Space as well as calling Epic out for a poor show with Gears 2 online issues and another fun weekend with World of Warcraft. Daren hits up the latest XBLA games, more old school Banjo Kazooie fun, the good lady trying Uno online and a good few hours on ...

  • Podcast Episode 19 – Built in Fleshlight

    Matt goes back to World of Warcraft as well as falling in love with Uncharted. Gears of War 2 Horde and its glitches. More Uno love from Daren along with Battlefield Bad Company, Banjo Kazooie and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!!! News discussion – Amazon undercutting Apple with digital music, Activition pimping future guitar hero’s, Tony Hawks and ...

  • Podcast Episode 18 – Post Nuclear Horse Armour

    Very little Gears of War 2, plenty of PS3 love with Dead Space and Pixel Junk Eden, Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band 2, Uno and Boom Boom Rocket. News discussion – Xbox 360 “Jasper” chip, Professor Layton shortages in the UK but adding traditional gaming into brain trainers, Capcom’s shares being the highest in 5 ...

  • Podcast Episode 17 – Bring out the gimp

    A second week of Gears of War 2 and more Horde success, New Xbox Experience, Big Game hunting, Guitar Hero World Tour and World of Goo. News discussion – Upcoming content for the New Xbox Experience and easter eggs, Bethesda patching Fallout 3, class action against Harmonix over their Rock Band kick pedal, Tabula Rosa shutting ...

  • Podcast Episode 16 – Modesty McDowell

    A week of Gears of War 2 and all of its glory, first impressions of Fallout 3, Boom Blox, the life span of the Xbox 360 and Daren gets the New Xbox Experience AND plays with Guitar Hero World Tour. News discussion – Xbox Live issues over the weekend, Street Fighter 4 release date and the ...

  • Podcast Episode 15 – Beoch Blackberry

    Fable 2’s ending with its emotional attachment and achievements, Gears of War 2 love-fest and more Dead Space. News discussion – Activition pulling user songs from Guitar Hero, less chance of a Heroes game, Sonic Ultimate Megadrive Collection and Cliffy B’s next title. The retail round-up – Fallout 3 storms in at number 1, the biggest release ...

  • Podcast Episode 14 – Prosthetic Leg Hero

    Fable 2, Saints Row 2, Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge. News discussion – What a stand alone Beatles game means to a MidLife Gamer, the Nex Xbox Experience and Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit issues and solutions. The retail round-up – Little Big Planet, Guitar Hero World Tour, Gears of War 2, Left4Dead and Prince of ...

  • Podcast Episode 13.5 – Emergency Broadcast

    Misogyny sits in for Daren and has a nice chat with Matt – mostly about World of Warcraft and the differences between online and offline games. Usual retail roundup showing PES 2009 knocking FIFA from the top spot and looking at this weeks new releases.

  • Podcast Episode 13 – Arr-Type

    Age of Booty, Muchos PS3 goodness with Wipeout, Motorstorm 2, Resistance and old school Shadow of the Colossus. News discussion – Little Big Planet’s recall, Microsoft community promise, Soul Caliber 4 dry fisting fans and will Metal Gear Solid 4 reach the Xbox? The retail round-up – Halo 3 back with the big boys! Fable 2, Dead ...

  • Podcast Episode 12 – The Spoon Ninja

    MLG get PS3, Rock Band Pedal Metal, Beat’n Groovy. Shadow Assault Tenchu and Daren the New Romantic. News discussion – TGS 2008, New Xbox Experience, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Game buying from Sainsbury’s, COD5 beta, PS3 Alone in the Dark and Fallout 3 already leaked. The retail round-up – Fifa at the top with PES coming next ...

  • Podcast Episode 11 – Haddock and Chips

    Welcome to the new blog, Rock Band kick pedal reinforcement, Mega Man 9 – the a pure slap in the face, not enough mech games and the end of Spore? News discussion – Details of the upcoming Nintendo DSi, KOTOR MMO, the likelihood of a console MMO, Fable 2’s not so pimped limited edition and further ...

  • Podcast Episode 10 – Enjoy Responsibly

    New Rock Band DLC, Viva Pinata, Weddings in WOW, Peggle on the Xbox, Rock band 2 UK release date, Crazy upcoming release list and Spores space stage News discussion – Another classic games outlet, Xbox 360 Slim?, Fable 2’s lack of out of the box co-op, Halo 3 major expansion and our Developer of the year ...

  • Podcast Episode 9 – Fap fap fap

    Gears of War, Rock Band and Texas Hold’em along with demo impressions of Mercs 2 and Fracture News discussion – PS3 Video DRM, Guitar Hero 4 v’s Rock Band 2 and Bejewelled 2 coming to World of Warcraft The retail round-up with Mercs 2 still on top, TNA Impacts first weeks sales, new releases including Pure, Duke ...

  • Podcast Episode 8 – Beadle Juice

    New titles Spore and Eternal Sonata. News discussion – Spore DRM, Retail stores taking advantage of local offers, Xbox 360 UK price drop, Blueray Lifespan and Wipeout HD. The retail round-up with our first week without WOW in the top 5 and Mercs 2 straight in there. With The Force Unleashed and Crisis Warhead coming next week.

  • Podcast Episode 7 – Spiderman

    Usual games Gears of War and GTA4 along with Matt’s full thoughts on Too Human and the older game Ultima Online. New discussion – Sony’s exclusive Mirror’s Edge DLC?, Mercs 2 petrol give away, supermarket bargains, Jeff Greens departure from 1UP, PS3’s tweaked Alone In The Dark and Xbox 360 DLC price cuts. Daren predicts Rock Band ...

  • Podcast Episode 6 – The musical

    New games Castle Crashers and Too Human along with part 2/2 of of our history of gaming and the community GTA night News discussion – Gears of War 2 achievements, Dead Space coming a week early, USB heated gloves for gaming, new albums announced for Rock Band and a Guitar Hero movie?

  • Podcast Episode 5 – Talc up baby

    Community Gears of War night and dreams of a MLG Rock Band 2 band along with Part 1/2 of our history of gaming News discussion – Leipzig Games Convention overview with Heavy Rain and Killzone 2, Sony PSP 3000, another PS3 SKU and the PS3 Chat pad.

  • Podcast Episode 4 – Your mom likes sports…

    Community Bomberman and Gears of War. New games Lego Indiana Jones and Bionic Commando Rearmed along with the biggest Mario pervert on the web News discussion – Star Wars The Force Unleashed demo coming soon, Guitar Hero kid drops out of school, Xbox 360 outselling Wii in Japan and Matt’s recap on his love for Max ...

  • Podcast Episode 3 – Warm Hammer

    New game Braid and why it could change your life! More Rock Band action with added DLC. Geometry Wars 2 scores, community Gears of War and Matt’s inability to communicate with international gamers. News discussion – Rock Band 2 US release dates, Warhammer Online and GTA 4 pulled from stores in Thailand. How World of Warcraft changes ...

  • Podcast Episode 2 – Rusty Jello-mould

    Community nights kick off with Gears of War, the epic release of Geometry Wars 2 and its subsequent MLG leaderboard News discussion – The effect the credit crunch could have on gaming, rumours of GTA4 coming to the PC thanks to the ESRB, new Call of Duty 4 playlists being tested and The Daily Telegraph’s greatest ...

  • Podcast Episode 1 – Lemon Party

    Matt’s first play on a PS3 with Super Stardust HD and Daren whores himself to GTA for achievements. News discussion – Bungie not being at E3 2008, Microsoft making Games For Windows free and the hand held 16 bit Megadrive.

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