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Join Multiple MOV Files Into One Software

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Sometimes you may have several segmented MOV (QuickTime) files, which may be from the same movie or captured from your digital camera etc. In this case, you probably want to merge these MOV files into one for playback on the computer or other devices more easily and efficiently.

To join MOV (QuickTime) files, you need a smart MOV joiner. There are only a few MOV file joiners that can handle MOV format and help you resolve MOV's incompatibility problem. Because MOV is an Apple format, it is restricted to be used on lots of apps and devices etc. Fortunately, Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) (Filmroa for Mac(Originally Wondershare Video Editor for Mac)) can handle all your problems. It enables you to easily combine MOV files into one and play the video creation smoothly on different mobile devices. Read on to get more information about this MOV merger, and then follow the guide below step by step.

wondershare video editor

1. Import MOV files (QuickTime) to this MOV joiner

To import all MOV files you want to join together, just click "Import" menu to browse and select MOV files from the computer to the User's album of this MOV file joiner. Or if your local MOV files are at handy, you can directly drag them to this app's album.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

join mov

2. Join MOV files

In this step, we need to drag these added MOV files (QuickTime) from the album to the Timeline of this MOV merger. And you need to follow the two important things below:

  • 1. You'd better drag MOV files one by one so that these MOV files are arranged according to the play order.
  • 2. Don't drag one file to another file, or you'll split the latter.

After all your wanted MOV files have been arranged in the correct order on the Timeline, you can view the effect in real time by pressing the Play button in preview window.

join mov video

3. Add transitions (optional)

Video clips merged together may seem to be awkward without some necessary transitions. To solve this problem, this considerate video combiner provides rich free transitional effects for you to pick up. Click the "Transition" tab to select your favorite effect, and then drag between every two clips or right click "Apply to All". Double click the transition to further customize the time duration if needed.

join mov files

4. Export a big, new MOV (QuickTime) file

When everything is done, just click the "Create" button to select "MOV" format in the "Format" tab. In this way, you can get a big MOV file in the output folder. If you choose other formats instead, it means you convert the new video creation to the selected formats. Of course, if you want to save or share the video creation in other ways like, DVD, Devices etc, just select what you want here.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

how to join mov

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