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Join Multiple Lines Into One Software 7.0

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I have a multiple standard text files that follow this format, with varying numbers of lines in each file:

Line1 Line2 Line3 Line4

I want to merge every line into one, with a space in between each set of characters, so the text file would look as such:

Line1 Line2 Line3 Line3

...and so on. This needs to work with any given number of lines, due to the fact that each text file contains a different number of lines. My intention is not to merge the lines in the text files; I want each text file to remain separate. All the solutions I have found online either don't quite fit this or work exclusively with UNIX. I am running Windows 7. This can be done in Powershell, VBS, Batch, a particular program, doesn't matter, it just needs to work with Windows.

Much appreciated!

Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple Lines Into One Software 7.0 Merge PDF files online for free! Combine PDF files online! How to combine multiple lines in a single text file into