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对风暴英雄的建议 先说一句,风暴英雄是良心游戏,被DOTA和LOL害了。 贯穿整局比赛,唯一的资源就是经验,目前的经验分配方式就是全队贡献。这很好的体现团队合作的理念,但是最大的问题是滚雪球。只要有劣势,基本就会被滚雪球到死。反观DOTA和LOL,即使在劣势下,队伍中发育最好的人在团战中被保护好,还是能反推一波。我想了一下倒是是有一个建议。 在单人模式下(组队未满4人),击杀英雄或小兵获得的经验,按击杀该单位的伤害输出、技能控制时间、承受的伤害、治疗量等综合评定后按一定比例分配给参加击杀的玩家。在团队模式下(组满4人),队长直接决定经验的分配方式,这需要系统预设几套分配方案给队长选择。如1号位获得30%,2号位… 39 minutes ago 21 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Tropical (35 seconds ago) 3 21
Chromie is ABSOLUTELY useless (for her own team) Q that never hits? Check. W that always misses? Check. E nobody walks in on time? Check. R that everybody walks around? Check. No, i understand that some top Master can actually make plays with her, but then he can also kerry with Kerrigan. And, of course, a mandatory disclaimer: she can hit station… 57 minutes ago 63 Views / 13 Replies Last Post by UrWelcome (1 minute ago) 13 63
Is Chromie the worst hero ever at release? Lunara was also awful but I think Chromie is the weakest. 30% winning percentage is so low that you cant even say its a matter of Skill cap. First buff will probably be her health and regen. What do you think? 22 hours ago 881 Views / 64 Replies Last Post by Lithary (2 minutes ago)
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64 881
Which hero is the most satisfying to kill? Something about killing a Li Ming with a Sunder that sends her flying offscreen with her scream is oddly enjoyable. 11 hours ago 199 Views / 27 Replies Last Post by Airensillion (2 minutes ago) 27 199
Shared experience seriously rocks, ppl! When you cannot grind your enemies (because your team is n00bs) you can leech off your team ez (because your team is n00bs). Win-win! 2 minutes ago 3 Views / 0 Replies 0 3
will Medivh be a 60% winrate hero? Seeing that Chromie is a 30% hero, it feels like Blizzard was holding back for Medivh. They can't have both heroes flop at 30-40%. 43 minutes ago 26 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Fawxkitteh (2 minutes ago) 2 26
Blizz plz put in the invisible protis sniper No one will ever see it comi- 2 hours ago 33 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by DrBoom (3 minutes ago) 3 33
What hero will be reworked next? I'm really hoping for Tyreal or Kerrigan. 15 hours ago 114 Views / 16 Replies Last Post by DrBoom (5 minutes ago) 16 114
Cheatings are first place ha. ha. ha. Totally not FREAKING CHEATER "hero" right dudes? Nothing about them being a broken exploit as well. All adore Blizzard maskot! 50 minutes ago 33 Views / 7 Replies Last Post by BanAgainSrs (5 minutes ago) 7 33
Make patch notes more available Seems like the past few patches, while the update is going I've had to run off searching every crevice of the internet for the patch notes, and Blizzard only makes them available once the patch is done. Just make this available - and easily accessible (this site, client) - once the updati… 1 day ago 127 Views / 14 Replies Last Post by Hearty (6 minutes ago) 14 127
New hero Can we get a new stealthy hero any time soon, kind of tired of these boring champs =( 2 hours ago 33 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by DrBoom (10 minutes ago) 2 33
HOTS is dying largely because of stupidity Stupidity on the part of players whining about "toxicity" for being criticized that they should not run in 1v5. Stupidity on the part of Blizzard continually ignoring community requests and often doing the complete opposite. Stupidity above all else of the horrendous Game Masters who don't understan… 4 hours ago 160 Views / 14 Replies Last Post by Daegas (10 minutes ago) 14 160
!@#$ blackhearts bay get rid of that !@#$ty map and bring back cursed graveyard 2 hours ago 35 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by BanAgainSrs (12 minutes ago) 4 35
GG Blizzard Has anyone ever noticed that troll picks and people screwing off in hero league never seems to get punished. You can nicely ask people to not pick a character because it is not useful for that map or the rest of your team comp. The troll gets to basically say screw you and pick the worst hero possib… 5 hours ago 104 Views / 14 Replies Last Post by VanBust (12 minutes ago) 14 104
Just had a guy ditch the draft because I picked Chromie Why do people do this? She's good? I know not to run in and get three shot 10 hours ago 209 Views / 17 Replies Last Post by NotPrepared (18 minutes ago) 17 209
Why was Leoric ninja-nerfed so hard? 30 HP/sec is nothing. I was consistently getting 50-100+ HP/S by endgame before, which reduced his revive time more than the 10 second flat bonus that he gets when finishing his quest now. He doesn't even get a buff to HP like other heroes when he finishes his quest. His sustainability late game has… 6 hours ago 120 Views / 8 Replies Last Post by BanAgainSrs (20 minutes ago) 8 120
And Rexxar is second. Get rext, scrubs! 48 minutes ago 24 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by DrBoom (33 minutes ago) 1 24
Chromie is balanced, but here is why she has low win rate currently Because she has only been released for few days. People need time to learn to play her. Imagine she's like Greymane, not-very-high-win-rate at release because people misunderstand his role. They focus on Worgen talent & melee form, but nowadays we all know most Worgen talents sucks. Chromie is simil… 3 hours ago 133 Views / 8 Replies Last Post by shortrange (42 minutes ago) 8 133
So... Chromie turns out to suck? 31% win rate which is the worst I've seen out of all the hero releases. Not even Lunara went that low. I don't think she's good. She's as squishy as Li-Ming but without the escape, and both her abilities are too easy to dodge. I love how noobs complain about Chromie, thinking she's OP without realiz… 8 hours ago 343 Views / 31 Replies Last Post by BanAgainSrs (44 minutes ago) 31 343
parity with toxicity penalties I see folks getting auto silenced for very SUBJECTIVE reasons, yet every game is a vile toxic troll screaming, blaming, basically millennials doing what there parents taught, blame everyone else. What I don;t see is a minority of such players. Such conduct erodes game experience and gameplay. 5 hours ago 28 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Hearty (46 minutes ago) 5 28
Please Bring Back The Queen! Kerrigan is one of the most iconic, headline figures Blizzard has to offer. Even if you don't play Starcraft, you know Blizzard, you know who she is. Not only is she eye-catching, but a total boss, !@#, $%^-! I feel as though Kerrigan, and her kit undermine her Starcraft importance, and power. She … 5/1/2016 450 Views / 32 Replies Last Post by Timemaster (1 hour ago) 32 450
if you say Chromie is balanced & L2P Then it simply means you're terrible and don't dodge her easily dodgeable Q. You think you are a tough guy but it really means you suck at the game. 2 hours ago 87 Views / 6 Replies Last Post by MetalDtector (1 hour ago) 6 87
I present to you, Vega, master of Chromie ._. Well, Chromie has made her debut with 30% win rate, but that's not the cases I'm talking about today, I'm talking about her master, Vega. Vega, the tiny master of Evil His Q ... WHAT? WHAT?????? Oh, except his apprentice Chromie needs 1s to charge kamekameha, and it only damages heroes. The rests ar… 4 hours ago 94 Views / 11 Replies Last Post by Timemaster (1 hour ago) 11 94
Malfurion in College Malfurion was pretty much the best at everything in College; the only subject he struggled with was Math. He could never figure out the square root. 3 hours ago 46 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by PYUM (1 hour ago) 2 46
I will never get that "free" wolf mount. I keep trying going solo ranked. I lose EVERY game. I'm at rank 40 and soon it'll get even lower. I can never find people for team league, and when I do, I LOSE EVERY GAME. I dunno when preseason ends, but looks like it'll be soon. Trying to get one of the two wolf mounts and failing so miserably is… 1 day ago 675 Views / 103 Replies Last Post by Rhizomes (1 hour ago)
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103 675
Nova got nerfed? Her decoy can be seen as a hologram now if revealed. Wouldn't it be a better idea for Nova players to be able to control it? Once we put it the decoy down, don't let it shoot immediately, just let it not shoot so that the enemy will think that's the real Nova and unload every skill on it. Either way… 6 hours ago 91 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Rhizomes (1 hour ago) 5 91
Hots system requirements is it's barrier it's the reason it can't get up there with Dota/League which can be played on toasters. When technology catches up and you can play heroes on a toaster its playerbase will increase. that's why blizzard isn't trying to "force" heroes to be successful because they're completely aware of this problem. 1 day ago 187 Views / 20 Replies Last Post by TheFez (1 hour ago) 20 187
New Diablo Charge into Flip You need to Q and Shift + E to guarantee the flip. 11 hours ago 131 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by disaC (1 hour ago) 4 131
It's not even a Week and Chromie at 59% winrate @hotdogs According to hotdogs, chromie's HL wr is already 59% and has been growing. For comparison, Li Ming's wr was 55.3 in her first week. For Li Ming, Xul and Dehaka win rate in HL in the 2nd week has always been higher than in the 1st week after release as people master the hero. I cannot confirm this fo… 5/5/2016 656 Views / 31 Replies Last Post by Kuuja (1 hour ago) 31 656
Next Overwatch Hero If you could choose the next Overwatch hero to come to HoTs who would it be? Personally I want to see Genji, I think they could make a really cool kit built around his mobility. Basic abilities I quickly brainstormed for him: Ranged Assassin Passive: Deflect Activate to deflect all incoming basic at… 5/10/2016 934 Views / 162 Replies Last Post by Zenrix (1 hour ago)
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162 934
For the Love of God.. If the enemy team bans Tracer first... Stop banning Chromie 2nd. In what alternate reality is giving them KT or Li Ming better than Chromie? The lowest win rate hero in the game vs. one that actually has carry potential. 5 hours ago 150 Views / 10 Replies Last Post by Thundermark (2 hours ago) 10 150
HL requirements changed?? I took a long break from HOTS and suddenly I don't fulfill the HL requirements. Did they change the number of heroes one has to own before allowed in HL? 2 hours ago 21 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Thundermark (2 hours ago) 3 21
Rune Tap I see a lot of people in favor of death coil heals instead of rune tap healing, which I agree with. Maybe rune tap should be added as an extra bonus to the Eternal Hunger quest instead. 3 hours ago 42 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by JeanFrancois (2 hours ago) 3 42
So, Am I really toxic? -/-/- In this world, there are three (four) ways of telling someone to not run in 1v5. Let's use this generic scenario from mmr hell. Once upon a time, a Illidan was running into a lot of 1v5, baited into enemy backline where the Tyrande shrinked him to a peaceful death. Your warrior is a Muradin, a… 2 hours ago 44 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Egwyn (2 hours ago) 2 44
What is Dehaka? So I haven't played the last few hero releases. What's the best way to play Dehaka? Does he have have a go-to build or can you build him different ways? Must. Collect. Essence. 3 hours ago 30 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Arachnofiend (2 hours ago) 2 30
Out of the last 11 heroes, 6 were assassins. Counting Cho Gall as 2. There are 9 supports in the game. Total. This is ridiculous. Most matches are 4 assassins and a specialist. And release a squishy mage with no health? Seriously? I'm starting to regret spending money on this game. If the next "in development" video has another assa… 8 hours ago 119 Views / 12 Replies Last Post by Yokihiro (2 hours ago) 12 119
Odd match making My buddy and I are lv 28 and 35 in HL and we got paired with 3 lv 1 vs 3 lv 1 and 2 lv 2. How is this possible?? 2 hours ago 13 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Slade (2 hours ago) 1 13
A hero has left the battle.... 100% always someone on my team. Does the game not tell you when enemy players leave? 6 hours ago 63 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Slade (3 hours ago) 5 63
"rate the co-operation of your team mates" I've been getting this every game. and I really really wanted to have a decent game show up so I could give it a good rating, but it sure took a while. got it eventually. 3 hours ago 17 Views / 0 Replies 0 17
Is this game really dying? Twitch numbers is sooo low, No famous streamers supporting it. Even with the big money of Blizzard-Activision and their brand couldn't save it? Is there really no future for this game any more? How is this possible?? 3/18/2016 826 Views / 57 Replies Last Post by KNNBCCB (3 hours ago)
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57 826
Chromie It's all about the sand traps. Really. If you want to improve on her this should be your focus. You should be constantly setting up traps and trying to capitalize on them. Also note that your traps can also help your teammates. So they are not the best escape ever, but they can help teammates. At le… 3 hours ago 30 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Dickawesome (3 hours ago) 3 30
Chromie buffs Make her far sight baseline. Let's be honest, no one is going to pick that level1 talent. But she could use something to reveal some areas when needed. To balance you can make the cooldown high so the extra ability has 'impactful' Sand Traps should be like Murky's Fish. Can only be destroyed by … 3 hours ago 19 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Dickawesome (3 hours ago) 1 19
Are you missing the Spring 2016 Global Championship Portrait? Are you missing the 2016 Spring Global Championship Portrait reward after watching the Spring Championship on Twitch? If so, please post below by May 13 and we will look into it! • Spring Championship: Dates: March 31, 7:00 p.m. PST. April 1, 7:00 p.m. PST. April 2, 7:00 p.m. PST For future events a… 4/8/2016 2,841 Views / 633 Replies Last Post by zer0crew (3 hours ago)
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633 2841
Potential Chromie change Chromie's Sand blast ability is very easy to dodge mainly do to watching what direction she is facing. I think a nice change would be like a sand swirl covering Chromie when she start the cast hiding what direction she is aiming at giving her a better chance at hitting her target. I mean it is alrea… 10 hours ago 86 Views / 5 Replies Last Post by Ugot2BkidNme (3 hours ago) 5 86
Last patch impressions Overall, another great patch by blizzard. Is it just me, or Arthas and Anubarak are once again so good to pick. The long awaiting rework finally made them viable without actually having to change the other tanks. Falstad rework looks a little weird, but still early to tell. I wish Kerrigan's maelstr… 6 hours ago 34 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Cavemole (3 hours ago) 2 34
abathur why do ppl get mad when i use this character? i can see why its 4v5 team fight might make someone a lil mad but im kinda there with the hat on them and at ten i get evolution and its actually a 5v5 so why everyone so mad at me for picking? its not even hero league jus qm 2/9/2016 411 Views / 35 Replies Last Post by EpickiTroll (3 hours ago) 35 411

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