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Minor well


4.0 stars 1/3/2016 by FoxK

by FoxK

First of all....i have years of VHS taps from 1990 when I worked in Alaska so I needed to copy them to DVD ASAP. I first bought their Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Combo which, like many reviews, did not work at would make a 10 GB movie from your VHS but one could only see the first 10 seconds. This new small unit is and worked fine unlike the other 5 unit. This you should know, use advanced easy mode, i asked it to make a MPEG-2 and and copied to a DVD but ended up with a .VOB file. In advanced mode, there are a couple of buttons that say BURN....ignore advanced mode on the interface you will see an icon appear when you stop recording...this is an .MPEG file and can be dragged to your DVD to copy. If you press the burn command instead, all i got was .VOB files which are harder to use than a simple mpeg. Lastly...MAKE sure you connect the honestech box to a USB 2.0 and NOT 1.0!!......Too much data transfer in 1.0 so it will garble and break up......use 2.0 and its fine. Good luck!

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