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You are Here: Home > Tips & Tricks > How to Forward Multiple Emails at Once in Gmail using Google Docs

Gmail is one of the most widely used web mail by people across the world. It certainly does provide amazing set of features that makes our digital life much easier. But if you had noticed it does lag some basic and useful features that most of its competitors seem to provide. For example you cannot sort your messages by date, sender, etc.

You can see number of people requesting features like these on various official Google forums. Out of the many requested features in Gmail, forwarding multiple messages at the same time is one of the most demanded. Possible solutions that are currently available for this are creating filter and setting up auto forwarding in Gmail. Another option is to use desktop email clients. Some problem with these solutions are that not always you can create such a complex filter criteria to select required emails as your needs might change dynamically. Your desktop client might not be available across different devices.

So, here is an alternate solution I came up which does not involve any third party apps. In this post we are going to see how to use Google Docs to help you forward multiple emails at once to many recipients. It works with text as well as HTML mails, even your attachments will be sent along with email body.

Below are step by step instructions on how to set it up. It will just take few seconds before things are up and running.

Forward Multiple Emails at Once in Gmail with Google Docs

1. Log-in to Google Docs.

2. Click here to make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet. Then click Yes, make a copy.

3. Once the doc has been loaded, wait for few seconds for the menu Forward to appear just next to help menu.

4. Authorize the script by selecting Forward->Authorize. Click OK and then Accept button.

5. Now select Load Emails from the menu and wait for a while for your emails to load.

– Only your 50 most recent messages will be loaded. If you want to know how to increase the limit or require some customization then let me know through the comment section below or request support.
– When a function is still running, by default it is indicated by Google on top via running message, always wait till it disappears. Also do watch out for more descriptive status alert messages at right bottom corner.

Bonus Tip: How to Forward Multiple Gmail Emails by Label at Once

6. Now you have to select which emails you want to be forwarded. Selection here is made by changing the cell (Subject Column) text background color to Green.

– Select the cell in subject column then change background color to green. Access the background color option by clicking paint bucket icon on top. You can mark multiple cells which indicates those emails are to be sent.

7. Once you have made the selection enter the email id of receiver in cell B3. You can enter multiple recipients’ email ids separated by comma.

8. Finally click Forward select emails from the menu. It might take some time for all the messages to be sent.

Note: You can use Refresh email list option from the menu to refresh the list in case new emails have arrived. Use Clear canvas option to empty the sheet.

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Video Demo of Google Docs in action:

So, did it work for you? Have any suggestions, queries, clarifications or found any bug feel free to drop in your comments. Hope you found it useful. Do share it with your friends. No more worry of forwarding emails one by one on Gmail!

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