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  • 1. What are the features of Trendy Site Builder Software?

    Trendy Site Builder Features



    Total Pages



    Media Player

    10 Videos & 10 Mp3 Music

    Embed Videos

    Online Store (e-commerce)

    240 Products
    (Paypal Enabled!)

    Designs Included



    Image Gallery

    10 (500 Images)

    Unlimited Editing

    Access to Music Library

    Add background Music

    Access to Image Library

    Your Own Images

    Meta Tags

    Greeting Cards

    Contact Page

    Your Own Videos

    External Images

    Social Network (Facebook & Twitter)

    Book Marks (facebook, twitter, googlebuz, reddit, digg etc.)


    Text Effects

  • 2. How to install Trendy Site Builder?

    Once you purchase, the install file and license key is emailed to you. Save the install file to your desktop and unzip it to get "install.php" file. Upload the installation file "install.php" in the root folder of your domain name using ftp.
    Run the install.php file by browsing its location.
    Click "Run Installation" and Trendy Site builder will be installed on your domain. .

  • 3. How to open Trendy Site builder?

    Browse the following location in your browser
    Enter Username and password and log into your account for further editing.

  • 4. How does the Trendy Site Builder software work?

    The Trendy Site Builder enables users to generate and maintain a full multimedia Flash site with utmost ease. You can choose any of the animated designs from an exquisite collection of 30 designs. Once the animation is in place you can add your own,
    a) Title & Slogan and Bottom Text.
    b) Add your own logo from the Basic Content.
    c) Add a different image and text for each page.
    d) Select the background music using the "Select Music" option.
    e) Add Contact and additional Information.
    Once you have completed building the site you can publish the site with a single click.

  • 5. I need to make a few changes to the flash site I built using onlineTrendy Site Builder Software? How should I do it?

    You need to simply login to your account and click on "Edit Site" to continue editing your site. Once editing is done you need to just hit the Publish button.

  • 6. What all can I edit in my flash site ?
    You can edit,
    a) Basic content which includes Company title and slogan and Bottom text.
    b) Add your logo
    c) Total number of pages.
    d) Image per page.
    e) Add your Text
    f) Text Effects.
    g) Background music for the site.
    h) Contact information.
    i) Additional information,
    j) Organize Pages,
    k) Upload files (doc, docx, pdf, jpg, html, htm, txt)


    The Trendy Site Builder Software provides tremendous editing options to help you customize your site according to your needs.

  • 7. I need to insert my own images into the flash site. How can i do this?

    Login to your Trendy Site Builder account. Click on the "Edit Pages" button. Select the number of sub pages. Click on the page number to edit the content. Then Click on the Image to go to the "Image gallery" and click on the "My Images" button. Here you can specify the image of your choice by clicking on the "browse" button. Please note that the image can be in .jpg format only.
    Note: You can also have an option to add image directly by clicking on any image thumbnail in the builder.

  • 8. How often can I edit the flash site I built using the Trendy Site Builder Software?

    You enjoy unlimited editing access to the flash sites you create using the Trendy Site Builder Software.

  • 9. I still see the old flash site after hosting the modified site files. What should I do?

    After editing your site you need to hit the publish button so that changes will reflect online on your domain.

  • 10. I am a MAC user and am not able to view the flash sites published on the web. What should I do?

    Please download 'Safari browser' at the following link and install it on your MAC. You should be able to view the flash sites.

  • 11. Can I change the font of my text content?

    Yes, You can change the font and add text effects for each and every page content.

  • 12. I don't like the image gallery design can I change it?

    Yes, Login to your Trendy Site Builder account. Click on Edit image galleries then click on Select Gallery Design.

  • 13. Once I create a site with a particular animated design can I change it later?

    Yes. Login to your Trendy Site Builder account Click on "Select Design" and select a different design and publish the site.

  • 14. Do I get the .Fla sources files for the sites ?

    No. The .Fla source files are not a part of the flash software.

  • 15. I want to add my own logo. How can do this?

    Click on "Basic Content". Then click on "Add logo" button. Click on the browse button to navigate to the logo file on your computer to add it to the site.

  • 16. Can I have option to Bookmark links like facebook or Twitter on my site?

    Yes. Login to your Trendy Site builder account and click on Social Bookmarks option. There you will have an option to Bookmark links of Facebook and Twitter. You also have more bookmark option like Googlebuzz, Myspace, Reditt etc.

  • 17. Can I swap or alter my main pages or subpages?

    Yes, Login to your Trendy Site builder account. Click on "Organize pages" tool to organize pages as per your requirement.