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Bogart's Video Store 5.40.05 full version and activation
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LingvoSoft English-Turkish Dictionary 3.1.41 lifetime license included
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RoboCopyPlus 1.2.124 license key plus patch
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Fast Video Converter 1.0 License Key

International Computer Business Management Course 5.15 Serial number plus patch

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Yes, of course.

support output .xvid??

I tried it to convert my Full HD "M2TS" videos to Full HD "MP4" videos. I think it''s a very impressive converter. Nobody will believe me If I say: "I converted one Full HD video 5 GB in about 3 minutes", but it''s TRUE! :D You must know, your videos should be "High Speed Conversion Supported". Once you add a video to convert, notice if you can see a checkbox with a green check mark beside this phrase: "High Speed Conversion Supported", in this case, you''ll have a magical video converter, surely. However, if your video is not "High Speed Conversion Supported", it doesn''t mean the conversion will be very slow, on the contrary, it will be faster than most video converters, at all events. I think, If I can convert a Full HD video in 3 minutes, it''s amazing! As well if I can convert a Full HD video in 35-50 minutes, it''s very good, compared to the rest video converters. Good Luck all :)

Everybody is praising but no body says actual time it takes and HD quality in conversion for 160 minutes video file?

How much time it takes to convert 160 minutes iso video file to mp4 in HD 1080P?

Yes. You can download the free trial version to have a try first.

portable version is there???

oh men thank you...

does it work

Hi, iSkysoft Video Converter for Windows can be perfectly compatible with Windows 10. Download the Windows version to have a try please.