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越不写blog就越懒了.换了系统,装个octopress环境都弄了半天,发现ruby真是折腾. 然后octopress升级到octopress3了.结果Pygments插件出问题了.发现Pygments的词法分析有bug. 如果上一行结尾是"‘“,接着就是高亮代码,肯定出错,中间多空一行就没问题了.真是蛋疼.又没有很友好的提示. 快速定位方法是: 搜索错误提示 1 Pygments can't parse unknown language 在提示后面把code显示出来 1 raise "Pygments can't parse unknown language: #{lang}.\n#{code}" 通过出错的code来搜索定位文件,然后把高亮代码前多加一个空行就ok了. 不得不说,octopress3的编译时间快了好多,到了能接受的范围内了. 这次重新回归得感谢老同学Yokide提供的空间服务. 因为版权问题,Blog空间被GitHub屏蔽之后,就懒得折腾.其实不怪GitHub,有打算移除不符合GitHub政策的文章,然后在GitHu... 这次回归不知道能撑多久. 恩.最后最后…没了.感谢您的观看……. 为了提高ShakaApktool的兼容性,需要订制一个aapt,我称它为ShakaAapt.这篇文章主要是记录ShakaAapt的编译过程,... 为了编译aapt你需要下载一份Android源码.最好是最新的.你可以完整编译Android源码来得到aapt.但是这不是我的目的.我的目的... Linux/Windows版本的ShakaAapt都在ubunut下编译.Mac Os的版本我在虚拟机上安装的YOSEMITE上编译. 先来假设几个条件 : $RootDir/ : 整个环境的根目录 $RootDir/android-last/ : 最新版本的android源码目录.repo下载的源码就是这个目录. $RootDir/ShakaAapt/ : ShakaAapt相关源文件,配置文件,等等. $RootDir/ShakaAaptBin/ : 用来存放编译好的ShakaAapt二进制文件,也就是用到ShakaApktool里面的文件...
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SAP Explore - BlogsOracle and Sun Microsystems Strategic Acquisitions OracleBibMe: Free Bibliography Citation Maker - MLA, APA As a part of Project Training it is important for SAP consultants to know about Interfaces and IDOC s. This session is applicable to all module consultants. All...
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EPS To PDF Converter Software 7.0 Serial

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The AutoImager software features a powerful PDF converter feature that can convert PDF to AWD, BMP, DCX, DICOM, EPS, EXIF, FAX, FPX, GIF, IOCA, JBIG, JPG, MODCA, PCX, PNG, PSD, SCT, SGI, TIFF, TGA, WFX, WPG, and more! The software can also convert any of these formats (and many more) to PDF just as easily. Conversion can be performed in batch mode, either via an easy to use interface or extensive command-line support. Multi-page PDF files are fully supported by the PDF converter software. AutoImager can also edit PDF files, such as auto-trim, deskew, flip, mirror, rotate, shear, hole punch remove, border remove, line remove, dot remove, despeckle, invert, and much more...all in batch mode (of course, you can also process only one PDF file if desired). The software's PDF conversion process is very fast and easy to use. Advanced options are available for those who want to take advantage of them, though they are completely optional, making AutoImager the perfect PDF converter software for users of any experience level. Click here for more information on AutoImager and its PDF converter feature or download your copy now.