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There’s a variety of reports which can be accessed via the ‘reports’ top level navigation. These include, as follows –

Crawl Overview Report

This report provides a summary of the crawl, including data such as, the number of URLs encountered, those blocked by robots.txt, the number crawled, the content type, response codes etc. The ‘total URI description’ provides information on what the ‘Total URI’ column number is for each individual line to (try and) avoid any confusion.

Redirect Chains Report

This report maps out chains of redirects, the number of hops along the way and will identify the source, as well as if there is a loop.

The redirect chain report can also be used in list mode, alongside the ‘Always follow redirects‘ option which is very useful in site migrations. When you tick this box, the SEO Spider will continue to crawl redirects in list mode and ignore crawl depth, meaning it will report back upon all hops until the final destination. Please see our guide on auditing redirects in a site migration.

Please note – If you only perform a partial crawl, or some URLs are blocked via robots.txt, you may not receive all response codes for URLs in this report.

Canonical Errors Report

This report highlights errors and issues with canonicals. In particular, this report will show any canonicals which have a no response, 3XX redirect, 4XX or 5XX error (anything other than a 200 ‘OK’ response). This report also provides data on any URLs which are discovered only via a canonical and are not linked to from the site (in the ‘unlinked’ column when ‘true’).

Insecure Content Report

The insecure content report will show any secure (HTTPS) URLs which have insecure elements on them, such as internal HTTP links, images, JS, CSS, SWF or external images on a CDN, social profiles etc. When you’re migrating a website to secure (HTTPS) from non secure (HTTP), it can be difficult to pick up all insecure elements and this can lead to warnings in a browser –

Firefox insecure content warning

Here’s a quick example of how a report might look (with insecure images in this case) –

insecure content report

This report does not at this time does not consider canonicals, so if a HTTPS URL has a HTTP canonical, this will not be included in this report. However, these can be seen as usual under the ‘canonicalised’ filter in the ‘Directives’ tab.

SERP Summary Report

This report allows you to quickly export URLs, page titles and meta descriptions with their respective character lengths and pixel widths. This report can also be used for a template to re-upload back into the SEO Spider in ‘SERP’ mode.

GA & GSC Not Matched

The ‘GA & GSC Not Matched’ report provides a list of URLs collected from the Google Analytics API and the Google Search Console (Search Analytics API), that were not matched against URLs discovered within the crawl. Hence, this report will be blank, unless you have connected to Google Analytics or Search Console and collected data during a crawl.

The ‘source’ column shows exactly which API the URL was discovered, but not matched against a URL in the crawl. These include –

  • GA – The URL was discovered via the Google Analytics API.
  • GSC – The URL was discovered in Google Search Console, by the Search Analytics API.
  • GA & GSC – The URL was discovered in both Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

This report can include any URLs returned by Google Analytics for the query you select in your Google Analytics configuration. Hence, this can include logged in areas, or shopping cart URLs, so often the most useful data for SEOs is returned by querying the landing page path dimension and ‘organic traffic’ segment. This can then help identify –

  • Orphan Pages – These are pages that are not linked to internally on the website, but do exist. These might just be old pages, those missed in an old site migration or pages just found externally (via external links, or referring sites). This report allows you to browse through the list and see which are relevant and potentially upload via list mode.
  • Errors – The report can include 404 errors, which sometimes include the referring website within the URL as well (you will need the ‘all traffic’ segment for these). This can be useful for chasing up websites to correct external links, or just 301 redirecting the URL which errors, to the correct page! This report can also include URLs which might be canonicalised or blocked by robots.txt, but are actually still indexed and delivering some traffic.
  • GA or GSC URL Matching Problems – If data isn’t matching against URLs in a crawl, you can check to see what URLs are being returned via the GA or GSC API. This might highlight any issues with the particular Google Analytics view, such as filters on URLs, such as ‘extended URL’ hacks etc. For the SEO Spider to return data against URLs in the crawl, the URLs need to match up. So changing to a ‘raw’ GA view, which hasn’t been touched in anyway, might help.

Crawl Path Report

This report is not under the ‘reports’ drop down in the top level menu, it’s available upon right-click of a URL in the top window pane and within the ‘export’ option. For example –

crawl path report

This report shows you the path the SEO Spider crawled to discover the URL which can be really useful for deep pages, rather than viewing ‘inlinks’ of lots of URLs to discover the original source URL (for example, for infinite URLs caused by a calendar).

The crawl path report should be read from bottom to top. The first URL at the bottom of the ‘source’ column is the very first URL crawled (with a ‘0’ level). The ‘destination’ shows which URLs were crawled next, and these make up the following ‘source’ URLs for the next level (1) and so on, upwards. The final ‘destination’ URL at the very top of the report will be the URL of the crawl path report!

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