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2013-02-04 08:56:25 / Posted by Michael Eric to MS Office
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Lost Microsoft Office 2013 activation code while setting up a new laptop? Missed Office 2013 product key during the process of transferring all files to the newly installed operating system? Reinstalling operating system is always a hassle. If you lost product keys then it really turns to a nightmare. The worst thing is you have to spend more than 0 to retrieve the serial code. However, is there any other better and cheaper way to get Office 2013 activation code and activate Office 2013?

Good news to you is you can scan your PC with SmartKey Product Key. It can report any product keys it finds. Office 2013 is no exception. This tool will search for the key through the whole PC hard drive and find them out. The article below tells you how to how to find Office 2013 serial code and use it active your Microsoft Office productivity suite.

How to Find Office 2013 Product Key?

1Step 1. Install Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Finder

Download Office 2013 product key Finder, and install it in Windows computer. This program is suitable for Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. and Windows server 2008, 2003, etc.

2Step 2. Scan PC

Launch the program, in the main window, click "Get Key" button. The program will scan your hard drive automatically. Within several minutes, you will see all found license key displayed in the task list.

3Step 3. Backup Your Serial Code

When you find the code successfully, you can install Office 2013 with the serial code. You can also click "Save" button to have a backup of your key in other further usage.

Additional Information:

SmartKey Office Product Key Finder is completely independent with no annoying adware included, making it convenient to find Office 2013 Product key. It is highly recommended among this type of software.

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