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DBForms from MSAccess to PHP PostgreSQL 1 with

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PGSQL_Login 1.0 - Daniel Afonso Heisler

PHP / Database Tools

PGSQL_Login is a PHP/PostgreSQL 'Login' class, to control users sessions.

DBForms from MSAccess to... - Dmitry Narizhnykh

PHP / Database Manipulation

DBForms from MS Access to PHP + PostgreSQL is an application to convert Microsoft Access databases (mdb) and MS Access Forms to AJAX based WEB page using PHP and PostgreSQL. Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to Web page, filling...

Free PHP MySQL Guestbook Script n/a - sam clarke

PHP / Guestbooks

This is a simple PHP MySQL guestbook script that allows you to easily delete posts, edit posts, block words and block ip addresses. You can also easily change the design of the guestbook by editing one of the templates.

PHP Form Mail Script 1.IX - Ralf Stadtaus

PHP / Form Processing

PHP Form Mail Script is a mailing programme used to send mail with protection. It prevents your email address from spammer to avoid from misuse. Fully customizable, you can preview the message which is optional. You can put one or more fix...

PHP Simple Gallery Script 1.0 - Dodo

PHP / Images and Graphs

The PHP Simple Gallery Script is an image gallery script written using PHP. With this script you can upload the pictures in PNG, GIF and JPG files into a folder or directories. This script saves your time in editing while you add, change or delete...

PHP Site Scheme Script 1.0 - MelodyMayberry

PHP / Content Retrieval

PHP Site Scheme Script is a simple php based script that facilitates users to switch between site schemes that is preloaded on your website. This script cannot work without cookies and so the user should enable cookies.Through cookie users can...

PHP Auto Classified Script 1.0.4 - vsj

PHP / Classified Ads

PHP Auto Classifieds Script is a wide-ranging web application for car dealers and who wants to start their stand alone car classifieds website. Use the car dealer script to build car sale platforms and auto dealership websites.
Our auto...

PHP Taxi Booking Script 1.0.4 - pinginfotech

PHP / Classified Ads / Vehicle

Open source taxi booking script is a successful business that has the potentiality to generate huge revenue if one can enhance the quality of service by streamlining and automating the processes. Our feature loaded and fast Taxi Booking...

PHP Bus Booking Script 1.04 - PHP Auto Classified Script

PHP / Software and Servers / Software

Advanced bus booking script helps you to begin your transport booking site in few minutes. This PHP bus booking script particularly intended for visit administrators and travel operators. It's a capable bus reservation script that helps you to...

PHP Auto Classifieds Script 1.0.4 - pinginfotech

PHP / Classified Ads

Start your own auto classifieds website in minutes with help of our Auto Classifieds Script. A PHP auto classified script that provides any dealership websites with a great car classified management platform.
You can Search car by any make,...

PHP Doctor Appointment Script 1.0.2 - Dexterity Solution

PHP / E-Commerce

We developed the portal for online Doctor Booking website to help them for entrepreneur start the business features with minimum cost, because the hospital industry is the most growing business.
Our PHP Doctor Appointment Script has more than...

PHPJabbers Member Login 1.0 - phpjabbers

PHP / User Authentication

You can install the Member Login script on as many websites as you want. Installation file will set up the Member Login script for you. Simple copy/paste to place webform on your web pages. Members details - create as many members as you want;...

PHP Web Poll (MySQL)  - phpjabbers

PHP / Polls and Voting

PHP Web Poll is php/mysql based script that allows you to quickly and easily put a web poll on your web site. It takes less than 3 minutes to have an online web poll on your site. We offer free installation support and also make custom changes to...

PHP Hangman Game 1.2.0 - 0php

PHP / Games

PHP Hangman Game script allows you to play the classic hangman game - guess the word or phrase without getting more than 6 letters wrong.

Non-alphabetic characgt;&nallowed, but filled in. The word list can easily be modifed in the...

ExplodingAccess (Invision Board... - Exploding Panda

PHP / User Authentication

ExplodingAccess is a simple login script written using PHP. It mainly supports only invision board forums. It uses MySQL as database. This script is very basic concept for any websites to keep their files secured. Users can be moved to any group...

fastLogin 1.III - boomdesign

PHP / Security Systems

This login script encrypts the password and submits it in a unique hash on each login. Don't let your passwords travel across the net unprotected. Commented php and shouldn't be too hard to write into your existing scripts.

FormMail Lite 1.0 - Sell Downloads

PHP / Email Systems

FormMail Lite is a free PHP form mail script. This allows you to put a contact form on your website. Download and create a variety of online forms using our easy form mail creator. FormMail Lite is 100% free. FormMail Lite includes a simple...

Shareasale Script for Scripts 1.0 - JCE Consulting Inc.

PHP / Internet Utilities

The Shareasale script is a PHP/MYSQL based script that can be used to import and display product data feeds from

The script comes complete with a default template to get you started, and complete backend administration...

URL Submit Script 1.0.0 - Anonymous

PHP / News Publishing Software

URL Submit Script is a PHP Open directory script which allows users to submit website to over 130 engines in one time only, no lost your time in one click your site are listed in most important engines.

Features of URL Submit Script:

PHP Enter 3.0 - Anonymous

PHP / News Publishing Software

PHP Enter is a free and Open Source PHP News Publishing script. It is an online news publishing system that features easy installation, user submission, and an admin panel for adding, editing and removing categories and news.

DBForms from MS Access to PHP PostgreSQL v.1.0 released
DBForms from MS Access to PHPP ostgreSQL - Software Informer