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Datanamic Data Generator for PostgreSQL 2011.4

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Posted on 2007-05-04

Leiden - May 4, 2007 - Datanamic Solutions B.V. has released DB Data Generator V1, a tool to generate large amounts of test data for database testing purposes.

DB Data Generator V1 is a simple, powerful data generator that allows developers to easily populate databases with thousands of rows of meaningful and syntactically correct test data for database testing purposes. DB Data Generator V1 reads your database and displays tables and columns with their data generation settings. Only a few simple entries are necessary to generate comprehensive test data.

DB Data Generator V1 was designed to be easy to use, automating the complex and labour-intensive tasks for you. For a good analysis of your database structure we used our many years' experience with our data modeling tool "DeZign for Databases". DB Data Generator V1 automatically determines the best default data generation settings when creating a new project. Foreign key constraints are taken into account to prevent referential integrity violations when inserting test data.

DB Data Generator V1 is available in 7 Editions: A MultiDB edition which supports Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, InterBase/Firebird, MySQL and a single DBMS edition for each supported database.

Pricing for DB Data Generator V1 starts at E195 (EURO)/5 (USD) for a single DBMS edition and E295 (EURO)/5 (USD) for the MultiDB Edition. DB Data Generator V1 is available from the Datanamic corporate Web site at

Comprehensive product details are available at

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