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1. One personal registration key (receive it instantly)
2. One year of upgrades and technical support
3. Unlimited use of the version you purchased
4. Encrypted secure order process
5. Recoverable license (if you lose it, just ask us)
6. Lowest price guarantee (you find cheaper, we refund the difference)
7. Optional: we ship you the CD in a DVD box. Make sure you check the box 'Contenta CD' during order.
Totally risk free
30 days money back guarantee after purchase. See refund policy.

License terms:

Single license is for one user only for personal or business use. Can be installed on up to two computers owned by user

Family license is for personal use only. Can be installed on up to five computers owned by user and/or his or her family members

Commercial license is for personal or business use. Can be installed for up to 10 computers for 10 different users that belong to the business

Preview of the 'Contenta CD':

How to register?

When you have your download link and registration code, do the following:
  • Download and install Contenta Converter
  • Run it
  • Select in menu: Register->Register
  • Paste your email adress and personal registration key
  • Click on the button 'Register'
  • You are done. Your software is successfully registered!