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Bring Your Own Phone Which Barcode Scanner Interface is right for me? TALtech QR Code Barcode reader - Android Apps on Google Play VIN Barcode Scanner - Android Apps on Google Play

Here is the list of 10 best free barcode scanner software for Windows.

Barcode contains some secret codes that are used regularly in our daily life regardless of our occupation. To decode them, you can use barcode reading machine which can scan them very quickly. But, for decoding barcode images in or from computer, the barcode reading machine is not a good idea as compared to software.

You can use these free barcode scanner software to decode barcode images from most of the popular image file formats easily (except kamkode, it decodes them with the help of webcam). Most of them have the ability to scan multiple barcode images from a single file and can also scan different types of barcodes. Few of them can also scan barcode from webcam or video.

Lets see all of these software one by one.

You can also try these barcode generator and USB encryption software.

ByteScout BarCode Reader

ORPALIS Virtual Barcode Reader is a very different barcode scanning tool. It uses computer mouse to scan the barcode image. When you open this tool, it will create a Red ring around the computer mouse icon. Whenever a barcode image comes inside the ring then the ring will turn Green and a barcode text will be generated. You can copy barcode text by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C key and resize the scanning ring by pressing Ctrl+Shift and scrolling mouse wheel. It can decode different type of barcodes, such as: UPC-A, EAN 13, DataLogic2of5, BcdMatrix, etc.

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ZBar bar code reader

kamkode is Java-based barcode scanner and generator software. It can scan barcode image from the webcam attached to your computer. So, you need to have webcam to use it. It can detect 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional type of barcodes. You can also use it for creating some popular type of barcodes. Apart from Windows, it is also available for Linux and Windows OS.
Note: You need to have Java software already installed in your computer to run this scanner.

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IBscanner Free

BarCoder by Image Components can scan up to 9 different types of barcodes belonging to 1-dimensional type category. Using this software, you can load image containing multiple barcodes from various input image file formats, such as: GIF, TIF, PNG, JPG and BMP. It gives information which includes barcode type and text. It also provides some other useful barcode image viewing features.

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Katanshi Barcode Reader

VidikonReader is an Aztec, DataMatrix, PDF417 and Small Aztec barcode scanner. It can scan a barcode from barcode image and camera. You need to select the barcode from Code menu in the menu bar of this tool, open or scan the image and then it provides the barcode text. It is a small tool which is also available in portable version and comes as downloadable zip file. Its size is less than 1 MB.

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Barcode Labels Scanner is a 1d and 2d barcode scanner which supports more than 15 types of barcodes. You can scan barcodes by selecting its type and loading the image from its interface. It can scan multiple barcodes from a single image. This free barcode scanner is a very small and standalone application. Its executable file size is less than 100 KB.

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