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The Yacht Harbour Association is established to develop the marine industry by specifically supporting Marina members of British Marine. We help boat users find good quality marinas and help marina businesses improve their services and operate to high, modern standards.

We offer expert advice in a range of issues, marketing & promotional tools, specific training for marina management and the opportunity to work with other businesses to find the best way to address problems. These services work together to save money and valuable time. The development of marina standards is at the heart of our work, this is supported and recognised through the Gold Anchor global marina accreditation scheme which TYHA are proud to administer and deliver (see map below).

If you would like to join The Yacht Harbour Association and are a UK based company, please contact the British Marine Membership team on 01784 223765 or email .

If your company is registered outside the UK, then contact Libby Gordon on +44 (0)1784 223817 or email . International Membership application forms can be found on this website under Downloads.


TYHA Gold Anchor Award Scheme

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Marina of the Year Awards
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