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The Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management platform simplifies the challenges of managing the software development lifecycle of web applications. Now you can seamlessly design, develop, and test complex web-based applications and deliver the right user experience, on the right screen, at the right time.

Sencha Platform for Web Application Lifecycle Management

The Sencha portfolio of products and services forms an integrated, modular platform for managing the lifecycle of your web applications. Sencha products can be deployed separately or together to form an end-to-end solution for managing the cross-platform web application lifecycle. With the Sencha Platform you can theme, prototype, develop, debug, and test your web applications on any device running any browser.


The Sencha platform helps you accelerate your web application development efforts with out-of-the box theming capabilities across all applications. We can help teams:

  • Design visually compelling web applications using pre-built and pre-tested components.
  • Improve agility and the overall design process with tools and resources, including Ext JS Stencils, that make it faster and easier to mock up, style, prototype, and evaluate interface designs.
  • Enhance collaboration between line-of-business and IT teams to move apps quickly to the development phase.

Learn More: Sencha Ext JS | Sencha Architect


The Sencha platform offers powerful JavaScript and Java frameworks to help developers do their best work. We can help teams:

  • Build better applications faster with an enterprise-ready framework.
  • Improve development efficiency by automatically handling critical issues such as rendering and cross-browser testing.
  • Build higher quality applications with tightly integrated and well-tested libraries and components.
  • Develop once for multiple platforms and devices.
  • Improve productivity with JetBrains, Visual Studio, and Eclipse IDE plugins
  • Code and debug web applications just once for multiple device types — desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Learn More: Sencha Ext JS | Sencha Test | Sencha GXT | Sencha Touch


Sencha makes it easy to perform unit and end-to-end functional testing of Ext JS applications. We help developers and QA teams:

  • Write unit and end-to-end functional tests in JavaScript.
  • Run tests on any or all browsers on a local machine, connected mobile device, or on a browser farm.
  • Maximize testing efficiency through automated test runs.
  • Review results from automated and manual test runs.
  • Identify and rectify code coverage gaps.
  • Perform visual screen comparisons across test runs.

Learn More: Sencha Test

An Open Platform

We provide an open platform that integrates into your current IT environment. It integrates with back-end systems such as SAP and integration with Single Sign on, LDAP and more. Products in the Sencha Platform can be purchased individually.


The Sencha Platform is backed by expert support and services that round out the solution. Our dedicated team of engineers and consultants provides deep technical training, customized implementation, technical support, and professional services that include:

  • Enterprise Mentoring and Architectural Planning
  • Dedicated Development Experts
  • Code Review and Best Practices Knowledge Transfer
  • Custom Component Development
  • UI/UX Design Assistance
  • Test Development and CI Integration