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Active Query Builder VCL Edition 1.21.4 Cracked

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  • Your users need data, but it’s hidden in the interior of your relational database,
  • You want to give the end-user a bright idea how he can find the right data and get it with ease,
  • You need means for programmatic analysis and creation of SQL queries.

Active Query Builder - the visual SQL query builder, SQL parser and text editor.

Active Query Builder is an ad-hoc SQL query builder component for different development environments: WinForms .NET, ASP.NET and WPF, Java and Delphi/C++Builder.

  • Active Query Builder provides the end-user with highly productive environment to work with SQL queries: displaying relevant metadata for the user, visual query designer to build and analyze SQL queries, professional SQL text editor, SQL text formatter and many other options.
  • Active Query Builder is essential assistant to work with data: entering of query parameter values, previewing of sub-query results, applying filters, sorting and grouping to result datasets, computing of totals.
  • Active Query Builder has powerful API to work with queries: SQL query parsing and analysis, limit access to tables and fields, or even to specific data records, programmatic correction and creation of new SQL queries.
  • Active Query Builder offers powerful means to tune the presentation of database schema to simplify complex database structure for the end-users.
Free versions for non-commercial use and trial versions for commercial use are available for different development environments:
Active Query Builder for WinForms
   » Windows Forms .NET 4.0+ component
Download free trial now
Active Query Builder for WPF
   » WPF .NET 4.0+ component
Download free trial now
Active Query Builder for ASP.NET
   » ASP.NET MVC (Razor, ASPX) component
Download free trial now
Active Query Builder for Java
   » Swing-based Java bean component
Download free trial now
Active Query Builder for Delphi
   » Delphi and C++ Builder component
Download free trial now

Visual Query Builder

Active Query Builder lets design most complex SQL queries with unions and sub-queries visually by drag'n'drop. Visual query builder represents each single sub-query on a separate tab. It allows to browse the structure of sub-queries in a tree-like form.

SQL Query Builder

Active Query Builder is a true two-way SQL query builder. It allows for combining visual query building with direct SQL text editing. The user can switch between SQL query builder and text editor at any time. Changes made in the SQL query text will be reflected in the query building UI.

Data retrieval assistant

Active Query Builder isn't just an SQL query builder. It helps to organize the query execution and data browsing in your application. It provides full information about the query parameters and helps to fill their values. The easy-to-use SQL filter builder, ability to change sorting, add aggregates and apply pagination to your queries helps to create professional data browsing environment for end-users.

SQL Parser and Analyzer

Active Query Builder's SQL parser is capable to parse any arbitrary query designed for vast majority of popular database servers. The complete information about database objects and fields used in the query is instantly available after SQL query parsing. Active Query Builder lets analyze SQL queries to deny execution of unwanted queries, ability to change SQL queries programmatically allows for preventing unauthorized access to data.

Active Query Builder is all you need to work with SQL queries!