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Ask on JustAnswer Now Access database password recovery full version free download Password recovery for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook Free Download Center - Password Recovery Software Password-recovery - Full Version Free Downloads

Password Recovery Software

Provide the best software to recover passwords for
Windows, SQL Server, PDF, Word, Excel, Outlook, FTP, Email, etc.

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All our products are available here for evaluation before purchase. The trial versions are fully functional but with some limitations. If you want to remove the limitations, please consider buying the full version.

Most Popular

Product Download Size Product Download Size
Password Recovery Bundle
All-In-One password utility to recover over 60 types of passwords.
Free Trial 36.2 MB
KeyFinder Plus
Find, recover and backup your lost product keys (CD Key) instantly.
Free Trial 727 KB
Video Converter Assist
Convert video and audio files between various formats with ease.
Free Trial 8.2 MB
Recover Lost iTunes backup password for iPhone, iPad and iPod.
Free Trial 3.15 MB
Reset forgotten Windows password with a bootable CD/DVD/USB.
Free Trial 30.1 MB
Protect My Folders
Protect your folders / files from being accessed, modified or deleted.
Free Trial 665 KB
Lock My Folders
Lock and encrypt your important folders / files with password.
Free Trial 962 KB

Email Password

Product Download Size Product Download Size
Outlook Password Recovery
Recover Outlook mail password and unlock .pst file.
Free Trial 676 KB
Email Password Recovery
Recover forgotten mail password from any email client.
Free Trial 1.13 MB
Outlook Express Password
Retrieve email account password stored by Outlook Express.
Free Trial 556 KB

File Password

Product Download Size Product Download Size
SQL Server Password Changer
Reset lost SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014/2016 password.
Free Trial 1.3 MB
PDF Password Recovery
Recover PDF file password & remove PDF restrictions.
Free Trial 1.7 MB
Excel Password Recovery
Recover password for Excel document (xls, xlsx).
Free Trial 1.92 MB
ZIP Password Recovery
Recover lost password to your encrypted ZIP archive.
Free Trial 1.92 MB
Access Password Recovery
Unlock MS Access database (mdb, mdw, mda).
Free Trial 548 KB
Word Password Recovery
Recover Office Word 97-2010 password.
Free Trial 1.92 MB
PowerPoint Password Recovery
Recover password for PowerPoint presentation.
Free Trial 1.92 MB
RAR Password Recovery
Recover forgotten password for RAR/WinRAR archive.
Free Trial 1.95 MB

Messenger Password

Product Download Size Product Download Size
MSN Password Recovery
Quickly recover MSN & Hotmail account password.
Free Trial 552 KB
AIM Password Recovery
Recover AOL login and password for AIM 6, 7, Pro.
Free Trial 584 KB
Miranda Password Recovery
Recover all types of passwords from Miranda.
Free Trial 617 KB
Paltalk Password Recovery
Recover passwords for Paltalk, PaltalkScene and SuperIM.
Free Trial 614 KB
MySpace Password Recovery
Recover MySpace messenger password.
Free Trial 624 KB
Google Talk Password Recovery
Recover Gmail account password stored in Google Talk.
Free Trial 613 KB
Trillian Password Recovery
Recover passwords saved in Trillian & Trillian Astra
Free Trial 615 KB

Browser Password

Product Download Size Product Download Size
IE Password Recovery
Recover IE saved passwords & remove Content Advisor password.
Free Trial 555 KB
Opera Password Recovery
Recover logins and passwords stored by Opera browser and Opera Mail.
Free Trial 905 KB
Firefox Password Recovery
Recover all types of passwords saved in Firefox & Thunderbird.
Free Trial 726 KB


Product Download Size Product Download Size
Asterisk Password Recovery
Reveal the actual password behind the asterisks.
Free Trial 482 KB
Dialup Password Recovery
Recover Dial-up, RAS and VPN logins and passwords.
Free Trial 541 KB
Take ownership of your folders or files with ease.
Download 561 KB
FTP Password Recovery
Recover lost or forgotten passwords for any FTP client.
Free Trial 987 KB
Burn ISO image to CD/DVD and USB flash drive.
Download 901 KB